Cancer Compatibility

It is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first sign of the water trine, which is influenced and ruled by the planet Moon. This is a movable, feminine, and fruitful sign. People born in this sign usually have large upper bodies, thin limbs, broad faces,s, and dark brown hair. They are fair in complexion and have attractive features. They are quite dashing, commanding, dominating, kind, friendly, helpful, hypersensitive, considerate, and highly considerate. He is a reliable, honest, dedicated, responsible, and determined person. They are quick-tempered. Sometimes they become moody and aggressive too. They can also be short-tempered, rude, and irritable with anyone, sometimes without any good reason.

Cancer Aries Compatibility

Cancer Aries Compatibility

According to Vedic astrology, matching Aries with Cancer is not considered suitable. Therefore, it can be difficult for Cancerians to adjust to Aries. Aries people are very hesitant to express their love. Even they shy away from expressing their feelings in front of their partner. They want to bring intimacy in a love relationship with their partner but it is not easy for them. Cancerians, on the other hand, are just the opposite. They are full of love feelings and they want to get the same love from their partner. Read More About Cancer Aries Compatibility

Cancer Taurus Compatibility

In astrology, the combination of these two zodiac signs is considered very auspicious. Both these zodiac signs understand each other very well. Even if there is no physical union between these two, there is no dearth of love and intimacy between them. Taurus people pay more attention to the fulfillment of their desires. This also fulfills the love and romance of Cancerians. This is the reason why the combination of these two zodiac signs is considered an unbreakable match. They both are foodies and love to spend quality time with each other. Read More About Cancer Taurus Compatibility

Cancer Taurus Compatibility
Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is more interested in adventure and travel while Cancer is homely and likes to spend most of the time at home. People of both these zodiac signs have more faith in rational and intellectual conversation. In terms of sex life also, the coordination of these two is considered good.  Cancerians also like to listen to her talk and share their thoughts with her. Through constant interaction, the relationship between these two zodiac signs deepens and both become helpful in meeting each other’s emotional needs. Read More About Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Due to being of the same zodiac, the matching of people of this zodiac can be successful in some circumstances and unsuccessful in others. On the other hand, since both understand each other’s likes, dislikes, and desires, a good rapport can also be established between the two. However, due to the effect of Mars on Cancer, there can be problems in the relationship between the two. This can especially affect their sex life. Well, for Cancerians, it is more important to connect emotionally than physically. Read More About Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Cancer Compatibility
Cancer Leo Compatibility

Cancer Leo Compatibility

The combination of these two zodiac signs is considered very interesting because both are influenced by the Moon and the Sun. They stand absolutely on all the steps of being a perfect couple. Both of them are very emotional and this affects their life as well. They have their own unique way of loving each other. Leos are very sensual and this sometimes creates a feeling of suspicion in Cancers. Since Cancerians are very soft and sentimental, however, they are taken aback by the sensuality of Leo. Although naturally both are also attracted towards each other. Read More About Cancer Leo Compatibility

Cancer Virgo Compatibility

The matching of Cancer with Virgo is considered very good according to Vedic astrology. Both fit perfectly with each other without any difficulty. Giving each other a break is the only condition of their relationship. Virgo lacks emotions and focuses more on rationality, while Cancer is overly emotional. Virgo tends to over-analyze their relationship, which most Cancerians don’t like. This can create a rift in the relationship between the two. Cancerians find it extremely difficult to understand how someone can lack emotion. Read More About Cancer Virgo Compatibility

Cancer Virgo Compatibility
Cancer Libra Compatibility

Cancer Libra Compatibility

The relationship between these two zodiac signs is considered very good. The distance can be seen between these two, Librans try their best to overcome it and maintain the romance and intimacy in the relationship. While it may be a problem for them to implement this in a relationship, chances are that the two will sync well without any difficulty. Cancerians are influenced by water and Libra by air. It makes the person of the Libra zodiac gentle and the person of the Cancer zodiac impatient. Because of this, some problems can also arise in the life of both. Read More About Cancer Libra Compatibility

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Since both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, their union is considered quite unique. While Scorpio is known for sensual emotional attachment, Cancer is known for emotional attachment. Cancer understands all the needs of Scorpio very well. However, being hurt by Scorpio’s fiery nature, Cancer may end their relationship with them or a rift may arise between the two. If there is no anger or anger between the two, then the relationship between the two can prove to be very good. Love comes naturally between the two which they only need to acknowledge. Read More About Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility
Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

According to Vedic astrology, their combination is not considered suitable. Sagittarius’s attitude towards the relationship is a bit lax, which Cancer doesn’t like. Cancerians look for emotional security and stability in a relationship. To establish intimacy with each other, it is considered very important for both of them to trust each other. If seen, the relationship between the two can become better only when the feelings of love will expand between them. Sagittarians, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining romance and laughter in a relationship. Cancerians look for depth in the relationship which they cannot get from Sagittarius. Read More About Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

There is a deep attraction between these two zodiac signs. Because of this, it does not take long for an intimate relationship between the two. Both are very comfortable with each other and are also very serious about their relationship. Along with this, both Cancer and Capricorn are the family type to a great extent. Cancerians like the attitude of Capricorns to establish a spiritual relationship. While the shyness of Cancerians can be the reason for the dislike of Capricornians. Many times Cancer people fail to fulfill the love that Capricorn people are looking for. Read More About Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility
Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

The relationship between these two remains very tense. Cancerians like to move slowly in the relationship while Aquarius try to reach the second phase of the relationship with haste in this matter. Because of this also there is no coordination between the two. In order to maintain balance in their relationship, Cancerians need some patience, while Aquarius people should give some time to their relationship. Only by doing this, the mutual relationship between the two can be strengthened. Apart from spending more time with each other, they should also share their life experiences with each other. Read More About Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer Pisces Compatibility

The relationship between Cancer and Pisces is considered very romantic. A strong emotional love relationship is established between the two. Pisces are very possessive about their partner. Due to this, Cancer people do not have any special problems, but they feel deep love. Both these zodiac signs feel very safe in each other’s shelter. Pisces are very gentle and artistic about their relationship. He gives full respect to his partner and respects their feelings. This makes these two zodiac signs a powerful couple. While Cancerians take a traditional approach towards their relationship, Pisces are modern in this matter.  Read More About Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Cancer Compatible Signs

Best Matches for Cancer – Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces

By the way, Cancerians are able to build relationships with people of any zodiac because of their emotional nature. They may also have to struggle for the continuation of the relationship. Based on the principles of compatibility, we can say that Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces people are more compatible with Cancer people. Cancerians feel safer and more secure with the people of the above zodiac signs. Cancer can easily spend their challenging times with Taurus, while Taurus can also expand their social circle with complete freedom. Cancer’s emotional connection with Virgo and Scorpio will serve to make them more comfortable with each other. On the other hand, the open-mindedness of Pisces signs people help you in achieving the necessary compatibility with them. Overall, Cancer’s relations with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces people are sweet and pleasant.

Cancer is the Least Favorable Zodiac Sign

Unfavorable signs for Cancer – Aquarius and Leo

Establishing a relationship with the water element Cancer can be extremely easy and accessible. But due to their merits and demerits, the relationship between Cancer of some zodiac signs is not as smooth and favorable as that of other zodiac signs. Keeping in mind the compatibility level, Aquarius and Leo’s relationship with Cancer is never friendly and normal. Because the ambitions of Aquarius and Cancer are very different. Aquarius and Cancer are vastly different in ambitions as well as in their core qualities, where Cancer seeks comfort and security, while Aquarius values their independence more, which can create a rift in their relationship. does work On the other hand, if we talk about Cancer’s relationship with Leo, then both of them are opposite to each other in every sense, where Cancer is a water element, while Leo is related to fire. Leo wants to dominate in their relationship, while Cancer needs safety but does not accept anyone’s dominance, that is what sours their relationship.

Cancer Friendship Compatibility

The water element Cancer is a domestic sign and their number of friends is also very limited. They are very careful in choosing their friends and prefer to have useful and stable friendships. Cancer often likes to spend some quality time with his friends. But on the basis of friendship compatibility, we can say that Cancer’s friendship is more likely to be better with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Because Pisces is a bit of an introvert and have a tendency to be selective, they want to have as much fun as possible with their limited number of friends.

Cancer Love Compatibility

You are the kind of person who will stay away from the person you like and analyze whether he is good for you or not. Before getting into a relationship, you need assurance in your mind that you can have a relationship with that person. They are extremely talented and once they are sure of their feelings it will not be difficult for them to take things to the next level. If pursued, their first reaction is to be defensive. Individuals belonging to the Cancer Club are very good lovers as they have all the qualities one looks for in a partner. They are generally loving, caring, and sensual and they make their partner feel special. If there is any special occasion, they take full responsibility for making it memorable for their partner. The only bad thing about them is that they are very prone to mood swings and it is difficult to know when they will be in a good mood and how they will behave.

Cancer Marriage Compatibility

A marriage where Cancer natives are involved was never their idea, to begin with, a fact worth knowing. Since they are very fierce and want freedom above all else, it would do them no good at all to confine themselves to something as boring and exhausting as marriage. Therefore, this time, Virgos will most likely have to force their partners to accept a compromise, since they themselves have already made enough sacrifices to follow in the wrong steps of the twins. As far as establishing a family in the truest sense of the word, which means having children, that would be the next logical step, and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for these two. Each has its own role, with Cancer being the cranky and childish parent figure who will fool around and make the kids laugh, while Virgos actually do a lot to look after the little ones.

Cancer Compatibility Percentage

Cance People love to cook and eat, so you’ll probably consider taking care of yourself when they make dinner for you. Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon and has a water element in addition to grabbing claws. Because they never give up on love, Cancerians understand how to win over their love partners. Like other zodiac signs, these individuals have compatibility extremes at both ends. Be it friendship or a relationship, a Cancer man will make sure that you are the center of his attention because you are his significant other. Cancer men and women are independent and never show their true identities. According to astrology and Cancer compatibility with other zodiac signs indicates that these people choose to live in durability and security. You need to get a high matching score for this based on your zodiac sign. Cancer’s relationship with other zodiac signs for their friendship, love, marriage, and sexual compatibility can be said to be 69% accurate.

Cancer Compatibility Chart

Friendship Love  Marriage Sex Overall
Cancer – Aries Low Medium Medium Medium Medium
Cancer – Taurus High High High High High
Cancer – Gemini Medium Medium Low Medium Medium
Cancer – Cancer High High High High High
Cancer – Leo Low Low Low Low Low
Cancer – Virgo High High High High High
Cancer – Libra Medium High  Medium Medium Medium
Cancer – Scorpio High High High High High
Cancer – Sagittarius Low Low Low Medium Low
Cancer – Capricorn Medium Low Low Medium Medium
Cancer – Aquarius Low Low Low Low Low
Cancer – Pisces High High High High High

Wrapping Up

They have more determination and stamina than any of the other zodiac signs. They will always take the project started to its logical conclusion and will not leave it midway. They will always be bound by personal relations and enjoy command at their workplace. They do not like interference in their work and cannot tolerate criticism. They will get a lot of respect in society. They are highly talented and will perform remarkably well if given the opportunity. You can learn in detail about Cancer compatibility through Astrology Phone Consultation.



What is Cancer compatibility?

In general, the sign companions most suited for Cancer friendships and romantic relationships are the Water signs, Pisces, and Scorpio, as they will “get” the emotional language Cancer speaks in relation to them.

Who is the enemy of Cancer?

There is no doubt in the fact that the name of Aquarius is among the enemies of Cancer.

Who is the life partner of Cancer?

As per astrology, women of Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio zodiac signs prove to be better life partners for Cancer men. She supports them like a good friend. At the same time, both their love and disputes with the natives of Leo, Virgo, and Libra would remain.

How are Cancerians in love?

You love people who behave opposite to you. You are more attracted to those people who are successful, confident, and strong, however, due to your inner behavior, you fail to express your love and that is why your love mostly remains one-sided.

Which is the best match for Cancer?

Cancer and Capricorn: These are powerful partners. Capricorns are future-oriented, as Cancer’s emotions fuel their actions. They both keep their personal matters private and they would make good business partners. Both are highly passionate about working to build a partnership.

What zodiac sign is Cancer attracted to?

Cancerians like the company of Capricorn and Taurus people the most. Both of these grounded signs have a lot of stability in their lives and are compatible, which are traits Cancers look for in their partners. Taurus is able to understand Cancer’s introverted tendencies, and they may both like to relax at home.

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