Personalized Predictions

Personalized Predictions


An astrologically designed and accurate personalized prediction that helps you to take the right decisions in your daily life and achieve your desired goal successfully. Get detailed information about your future through our personalised predictions and personalized horoscope astrology.

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Our personal horoscope contains the details of your personality. This means that our Kundli is completely based on the study of the current movements of the planets in the sky and their position in our Janam Kundli at the time of birth.

Personal details include your natural instincts, life goals, and other information related to your life. Also called personal horoscope predictions, such a horoscope is an integral part of astrology that predicts your life cycle and associated moments.

Personalized Horoscope by Date of Birth

our personal horoscope is your guide, your friend who you can always have with you. Want to know how? Want to know what it’s all about? Your date of birth personalized horoscope holds the information about your future through which you can know how the coming days can be for you.

Our astrologers can give you an accurate future prediction by date of birth, such as relationships & creativity, career, auspicious and inauspicious times, and many more. Have a glimpse of these below mentioned features in our ‘Personalised Kundli’.

  • You will have a forecast for a whole year in front of you.

  • The best thing about the personalized horoscope is that it provides monthly predictions.

  • With the Personal Horoscope, calculate your monthly prospects according to the running planet of that month.

Why Personal Future Predictions Based on Date of Birth are Important?

Personal future predictions based on date of birth are a comprehensive guide to the year ahead packed with useful advice and insight into what to expect in the coming days. Personal predictions provide insight into everything from career decisions to romantic relationships so you can make solid, informed choices about your future. You can be fully prepared for any opportunities or challenges that may arise in life.

Get Your Personal Horoscope Prediction/Future By Chirag Daruwalla

There are many events in your life that you have no control over while there are others that you can control through your actions and thoughts. Our best astrologer Chirag Daruwalla can foretell the inevitable with reliable timing of the event, and moreover, predictions regarding love, relationships, marriage, children, money, vehicle/property related purchases, career, etc.

Only your date of birth, time, and place is enough to make a personal horoscope prediction. You can also send pictures of your palm if you want to get your personalized horoscope. We will provide complete details about your monthly horoscope. It will help you to lead a more joyful, successful, peaceful, and prosperous life today as well as in the future.

If you have any queries about the personalized Prediction, please send an email to: or call on +91 8141566266 for the solution.

Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla is the person who guides you in the right direction toward positivity. Our experienced and world best astrologer will provide you personalized horoscope. This will give you an idea about your life and take necessary decisions on time to avoid any kind of negativity. You will be able to analyze the major areas of your life as well as many other aspects.

Accuracy Of Personalised Astrology Reading

Many such predictions have been made by astrology, about which no one can even guess. There is a unique relationship between human life and the planets that are associated with the birth of a person. With the birth of a person, everything about their life is decided, which astrology can help you to know. Get a personalized astrology reading if you want to find the right answers to your questions.

Get The Best Journey Of Your Life Through A Personalized Horoscope Prediction Report

Astrology analyzes the root cause of why you are facing difficulties. personalized Horoscope Prediction Report can certainly help you find the right balance in your life. personalized Prediction report helps you to overcome your problems.

The Following Points Will Be Included In The Annual Report Of The Individual Horoscope As Per Date Of Birth

The annual report of the individual horoscope as per date of birth depicts the life of the person. It is divided into 12 houses in astrology. These houses have their own significance and reveal different aspects of life. We can say that everything can be depicted in the birth chart if accurately predicted by an astrologer.

  • Birth and divisional chart
  • Your questions
  • One Year – Dasa-Bhukti Prediction

Let us understand below how all the 12 houses are governing the different aspects of life:

  • 1st House: Shows your inner world and physical stature
  • 2nd House: Represents money, finance, and family
  • 3rd House: Represents communication, skills, and siblings
  • 4th House: Shows land and property
  • 5th House: Shows education, knowledge, entertainment, and creative side
  • 6th house: Shows debt, disease, and enemies
  • 7th House: Shows the qualities of marriage and life partner
  • 8th House: Indicates the longevity of the person
  • 9th House: Shows beliefs, higher education
  • 10th House: Shows career and profession
  • 11th House: Shows income and profit
  • 12th House: Shows the expenditure
  • Raja Yoga
  • Effects of Rahu – Ketu
  • Divisional – 10 charts Analysis
  • Karma Remedies
  • Gemstone Suggestions to Increase Luck
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your Well Being
  • Havan and Puja Recommendations
  • Mantras for remedy

Personal Prediction is a personalized guide for anyone wishing to learn more about their life path. Personal Predictions are more of a soul-searching and reassuring method. By getting personalized prediction reports from astrologer Chirag Daruwalla, you will uncover many important factors that will have an impact on your life.

You will get the necessary guidance to change the aspect of your life. You will also come face to face with different aspects of your life. Personal predictions help individuals to recognize their inherent potential. This will give you the courage to move forward with your life.

We will need some information about your life

  • Date of birth,
  • Birth time,
  • Birthplace,
  • What are you currently doing
  • Questions you ask

You can also send pictures of your palms. We will give you personalized predictions and suggest remedies

  • Which Gemstone / Rudraksha to wear
  • Which god to worship
  • Yantra
  • Puja

Astrologer will give you 100% accurate personalized answers based on your personal details.

Delivery Policy:

We will provide you with personalized predictions in 2 to 3 days. Once you get the predictions, and have any queries regarding the personalized predictions, you can email us back and you will be replied to accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personalized horoscope?

A horoscope is the interpretation of a star chart by an astrologer based on the movement of planets. Your personal horoscope will depend on your birth chart and provide guidance on how the current movements of important planets are affecting you. By showing your Kundli to the astrologer, you can know about the movement of planets in your horoscope.

Who provides accurate personalized prediction reports?

Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla has many years of experience and based on this he provides accurate personalized prediction reports that will help you move forward in life and make the right decisions.

Who is the best prediction astrologer?

Chirag Daruwalla is one of the best personalised prediction astrologers who have given many accurate predictions like his father. If you are also worried about your life and want proper guidance then astrologer Chirag Daruwalla can help you.

How to find horoscope by date of birth?

Based on your date of birth of you, astrology can tell you what is your zodiac sign. Based on your zodiac sign, astrology can tell you what your horoscope tells about you.

What is the most accurate online horoscope?

The most trusted horoscope site is If you want to read horoscopes then we provide horoscopes according to your zodiac sign. If you want to move ahead in life in the right way by getting your Kundali match matching, then our astrologers can help you with this.


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