Palm Reading

Palm Reading


Palm reading can predict a person's character traits, health, wealth, knowledge, career, marriage, and many other aspects. If a person wants to know about palmistry then an online palmistry guide can help them. A palmistry astrologer can tell you better what your palm lines say about your future. They tell about your future by looking at the lines on your palm.

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Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is a method that exists in many forms and has been used around the world. Palmistry is an ancient art whose purpose is to inspire self-reflection in the mind. The line on our hands holds information about our personality. It is also called chiromancy.

Palmistry in Vedic Astrology

According to Palmist, the lines on the person’s hands tell about a person’s personality and future. Therefore, in palmistry, lines are carefully studied to know the character of a person and various aspects of their life. Palm readers study the signs created by palm lines and share information about good and bad times.

They study heart lines, mind lines, fate lines, marriage lines, and lifelines in palm reading to predict future insights. Also, they tell about diseases and physical disorders by studying the palm lines of a person.

It is believed that the positions of the planets on different areas of the palm of each person are fixed. These areas are called mounts and they appear either raised or flat.  According to Vedic astrologers, if the ascension is flat on the palm of a person, then the position of the birth planet is weak.

Such natives may experience obstacles and hard work to achieve success. If the ascension has emerged then the position of the planets will be strong. These people will get successful and their life will go on smoothly.

Types of Palms

Palm shape plays a very important role in palm reading. There are four types of palm lines based on the elements of astrology. These types of hands are important to know the characteristics of a person. Here are the types of palms to look for during a palmistry reading.

There are the following types of palm shapes in the hand:

Air Hands:

Air hands are square palms. These hands are thin fingers and bones. In palmistry, people with this type of hand are inquisitive, intellectual, and communicative. They are very smart, social, and rational. Such persons are inclined to form close and cordial relations.

They like mental stimulation and become anxious and irritable when they don’t get it. Their theoretical ability and debating nature make them natural. They have an open and inquisitive mind in need of order and structure in their lives.

Earth Hands:

Earth hands are square-shaped hands with short fingers. According to palmistry, the hands of such people have deep, thick, and clear lines. Their hands are hard and thick. They have some thick lines on their palm and are generally thin. People with such hands are practical, rational, and down to earth.

They are emotionally direct and creative. They have an attachment to nature and they are not afraid of hard work. These people get so caught up in the immediate realities that they face most of the setbacks in their long-term planning.

Fire Hands:

The fire hand is characterized by long palms with an abundance of lines and short fingers. These people have hard skin and round hands. People born with these hands are extroverted, creative, energetic, and impulsive.

They have great enthusiasm in life and the ability to lead and organize. These individuals like to multitask and get involved in competitive activities. They are known to be passionate, confident, and hardworking. Being restless, bored, or impatient is their negative side.

Water Hands:

Water hands are characterized by long palms and long fingers with tapered or sharp edges. These hands are soft and constricted to the touch. People with this type of hand are compassionate, imaginative, sensitive, and creative. These correspond to their feelings and psychic abilities.

They are quite spiritual, and patient by nature. Healthwise these people are weak and lack energy. Those persons suffer from stress and depression in their lives.

With the above information on palmistry, you can know about your future. Also, if you are facing problems in your career and relationships, or need financial success, palmistry can help you.

You can talk to reputed astrologers and get detailed information with the help of palmistry. You can learn about marriage compatibility by palmistry and get an insight into its future before marriage.

Palm Lines & Hand Reading

Palm line has great importance in astrology. It is believed that with the help of palm lines, a person’s future can be predicted. Palm lines are mainly classified into two types.

1) Major Palm Lines

2) Minor Palm Lines

Major Palm Lines

The fate line, heart line, head line, lifeline, and money line are the main lines in palmistry. With the help of these lines, many types of information about a person’s life are obtained.

Fate Line:

The fate line runs from the wrist to the fingers, but not everyone has it. The fate line shows how much energy we put into creating our destiny and how much willpower, determination, and focus we bring to life.

Heart Line:

This line is from the index finger to the middle of the smallest finger. If a person’s heart line is long, then that native is open hearted. In such a situation, a person becomes dependent on their life partner.


This line starts from the middle of the index finger and thumb and goes towards the bottom of the ear finger. If this line is moderately long, then the person has good memory power. Along with this, the person is the one who thinks again and again before doing any work.


The lifeline in a person’s hand starts from the middle of the index finger and goes forward.. If the lifeline is long, it means that the person’s health predictions make life better.

Money Line:

Want to know if you can earn enough money and live a prosperous life? There are many signs that tell whether you can be rich and earn a good amount of money by reading your palms. Follow the money prediction to know if there is a money line in hand.

Minor Palm Lines

Apart from Major Lines, there are some special lines, which are described below:

Sun Line:

This line shows the success of a person’s life. The person who has this line in their hand, that person is creative, self-confident, and the one who executes their action plan.

Bracelet Lines:

These lines are on the wrist of a person. If this line is clearly visible on the wrist, then the person’s life is healthy. If the second bracelet line is clear in a person’s hand, then the person’s life is financially successful, and the person enjoys all kinds of happiness in their life.

Children Lines:

These lines are usually under the smallest finger of the hand. Through this line, it can be understood how responsible a person will be towards their children. Childbirth predictions can be made from this line.

Girdle of Venus:

The line that starts from the base of the index and middle finger and ends between the little finger and the ring finger is called the Girdle of Venus. This line shows the nervousness and excitement of the person.

Health Line:

This line starts from the bottom of the smallest finger of the hand and goes down. The health line gives information related to the nervous system of a person. Health Predictions of a person can be made from the health line.

Intuition Line:

The Intuition line usually originates downward from somewhere near the lifeline and runs diagonally to the left through the palm. The intuition line shows the intensity of a person’s instinctive nature.

Relationship Line:

This line is located under the smallest finger. This line can be one or more than one in a person’s hand. The relationship line is useful to know the relationship and marriage prediction.

Ring of Jupiter:

If there is Jupiter Valaya in the palm, then the person has a deep interest in supernatural subjects. They are also of investigative nature. If the person’s headline is well developed then the auspiciousness of Jupiter’s ring is maximum.

Ring of Apollo:

Apollo’s ring line is at the bottom of the finger after the ring finger. This line makes a person creative. Although there is a lack of positive attitude in the person due to this, there is no need for the person to be disappointed.

Ring of Saturn:

This line is below the ring finger. It is generally not found in the hands of any person. The person in whose hand this line is found has a more serious personality.

Simian Line:

The simian line is formed where the heart line and head line meet. The Simian line shows the mixture of mental and emotional forces in the individual. People who have this line in their palm are considered to be intelligent, shrewd, and self-confident. Such people are known to take clear decisions in all aspects of life.

Mounts & Their Meanings

The position of the mountains in the palm, their elevation, and their presence at certain places can reveal the physical, mental, and moral disposition of a person. Mountains are said to be the keys to the secrets of the human soul. There are 8 types of these mountains. Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Sun, Mount of Mercury, Higher Mount of Mars, Mount of Moon, Mount of Venus, and Lower Mount of Mars.

Mount of Venus:

This mountain is located under the thumb in the palm of a person. This mountain represents love feelings and affection. The well-developed Mount shows a sympathetic, gentle, and charming nature. In the matter of love, they get the support of luck.

Mount of Jupiter:

It is located below the index finger of the person. Mount Jupiter represents authority and willpower. The person in whose palm this Jupiter mount is properly developed shows that the person is minded, honest, and reliable in nature.

Mount of Saturn:

It is located below the middle finger in the palm of a person. This mountain is related to the intelligibility and integrity of things. A properly developed mount represents an independent, honest, intelligent, and hardworking person.

Mount of Sun:

This mountain is located below the ring finger in the palm of a person. A person who has this mountain in their palm in a developed form has the qualities of being clever in most situations, loves art and literature, and is able to accept others’ opinions.

Mount of Mercury:

It is located under the little finger in the palm of a person. This mountain represents knowledge. A person with a fully developed Mount of Mercury is good at his work, manages things properly, is witty, and has a high thinking capacity.

Mount of Moon:

It is located under the little finger in the palm of a person. This mountain is associated with fantasy and mystery. The person developing this mountain is an imaginative, creative thinker who likes to live in freedom.

Mount of Mars:

Mount of Mars is of two types

1) Mount of Inner Mars:

Inner Mars Mount is called positive Mars because the person in whose palm this mount is well developed is courageous and full of adventure.

2) Mount of Outer Mars:

This is called negative Mars. Fully developed natives of this mountain are fearless and do not take risks in earning money.

Why Choose our Palm reading online?

Want to see your future? Well, it’s in the palm of the hand! Yes, with the help of palm lines, you can know about your future. Our palm reader evaluates a person’s future life by reading the palm of their hand. The various lines are suggested by their relative sizes, properties, and intersections.

Our palm readers also examine the characteristics of fingers, nails, finger and palm patterns, hand flexibility, and palm shape. Our Palm reading astrologer tells you accurate things about your career, love, marriage, business, health, and wealth by looking at your palm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which website is best for palm reading?

The most reliable services for Plamistry Reading are available at Our palmistry astrology tells all the accurate things related to a person’s life by studying the hand.

Which palm line is lucky?

The money line, also known as the fate line, is the line that extends from the wrist to the middle finger. It reflects one’s fortune and career. If the money line and the lifeline start at the same point, the person is usually ambitious and has strong self-confidence.

What your palm lines say about your future?

A palmistry astrologer can tell you better about what your palm lines say about your future. They tell about your future by looking at the lines on your palm.

Which hand gets read in palmistry?

Which palm should you read? Well, ideally, you should read both. The principle is that the left hand shows the ability, while the right hand shows what you have done with that ability.


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