Refund Policy

Customers are requested to care while ordering any astrology reports, as once the reports are given to the astrologer for processing, no refund requests will be entertained. Reports are delivered within 72 hours after the required inputs are provided by the user. The delivery times shown on our website are approximate, but we make an effort to strictly to them. Since these reports are generated manually by our astrologers, sometimes human delays may be unavoidable. Minor delays considered reasonable will not be considered grounds for a refund. Also, refund requests for incorrect data provided by customers will not be entertained. So you are requested to double-check the data before providing it to us.

There will be no refund on your canceled order after the order has been placed. We will exchange the product if the product is damaged in shipping. We take care to ensure that customers are kept informed about the order process of products. We have multi-level inspections of the products before shipping and make every effort to ensure that you receive the product as per your expectation and product description. In case of any discrepancy, please contact us before sending the product back.

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