Planets in Astrology

While analyzing a person’s birth chart, nine astrological planets, are referred to as Navagrahas. Every planet has an effect on a person’s life, both good and bad. Through an astrology phone consultation, you can learn more about your planets.

These nine planets are:

Sun in Astrology

One of Astrology’s most important planets, also known as “Surya” or “Ravi,” is the sun. In Hinduism, it is revered as a divinity and regarded as the ruler of all planets. Read more Sun in Astrology

The Sun is a symbol of the soul or the self and is connected to energy, willpower, leadership, and power. Moreover, the ego, the parent, the government, and the heart are thought to be under its control.

A person is described as being self-assured, aspirational, and prosperous if the Sun is strong in its birth chart. If the Sun is weak, the person may experience issues with their self-worth, health, and profession.

Moon in Astrology

The Moon also referred to as “Chandra,” is regarded as one of the most significant planets. It is linked to the female energy, mother, home, and the mind and emotions.

The Moon is another planet whose influence on a person’s life and well-being is said to be important.

The psychological state of a person, their capacity to care for others, and their sense of safety and comfort are all thought to be influenced by the moon.

A person is seen to be emotionally stable, intuitive, creative, and nurturing when the Moon is powerful and well-positioned in their horoscope. Mood swings, emotional instability, and a lack of comfort and security in life may be brought on by a weak or troubled Moon. An astrology phone consultation might provide you with solutions. Read more Moon in Astrology

Mars in Astrology

Mars, also referred to as “Mangal” or “Kuja,” is a potent planet. It is linked to vigor, bravery, power, desire, and ambition.

Mars’s placement in a person’s birth chart can provide insight into their aggressiveness, bravery, and drive. A person with a powerful Mars is seen to be more able to act, make choices, and be successful in their pursuits. Yet, a weak Mars might lead to impulsivity, violence, and conflict.

Marriage and other intimate relationships are also connected to Mars. A positive placement of Mars in the horoscope is thought to make a person passionate and sexually active, while a poor placement of Mars can lead to arguments and difficulties in relationships. Read more Mars in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury also referred to as “Budha,” is seen as a beneficial planet. It is related to learning, communication, and intelligence.

The placement of Mercury in a person’s horoscope can give insight into their intelligence, interpersonal skills, and capacity for learning.

A person with a strong Mercury is thought to be intelligent, witty, and analytical, with excellent memory and effective communication abilities. Nonetheless, a weakened Mercury might make it more difficult to learn, communicate, and make decisions.

A strong Mercury is thought to promote success in trade and business, while a weak Mercury can lead to monetary issues and misunderstandings in relationships. Read more Mercury in Astrology

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter, also referred to as “Guru,” is said to be the most advantageous planet. It is linked to prosperity, spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom.

A person with a strong Jupiter is seen to be wise, knowledgeable, kind, and possess a strong sense of morality and ethics. It is also thought to bring luck and financial success. Even so, problems in these areas, such as a lack of intelligence and financial issues, might be brought on by a weak Jupiter.

Jupiter’s placement in a person’s birth chart can provide insight into their level of prosperity, spiritual propensity, and approach to learning. Read more Jupiter in Astrology

Venus in Astrology

Venus is said to as the planet of harmony, beauty, and love. It is connected to romance, beauty, fun, and luxury. Venus is also thought to be in charge of creativity, music, art, and interpersonal connections.

A person with a strong Venus is seen to be charming, attractive, creative, and devoted to luxury and beauty. Yet, a damaged Venus can lead to relationship issues and a lack of appreciation for the arts and the beautiful.

A well-placed Venus in the horoscope is thought to bring financial wealth and abundance. Venus has also been linked to money. Read more Venus in Astrology

Saturn in Astrology

Saturn also referred to as “Shani,” is regarded as a malefic planet. It is linked to hard effort, responsibility, discipline, and karma.

A person with a powerful Saturn is seen to be disciplined, accountable, and hardworking, with a strong sense of responsibility and a dedication to justice. Yet, a Saturn affliction might bring about issues in these areas, such as delays, despair, and money problems. Read more Saturn in Astrology

Rahu in Astrology

The North Node of the Moon is a shadow planet by the name of Rahu. It is regarded as a bad planet.

A person with a strong Rahu is thought to be ambitious and driven by a desire for material prosperity, notoriety, and success. Rahu, on the other hand, can become confused, deluded, and obsessed with material things. Read more Rahu in Astrology

Ketu in Astrology

The South Node of the Moon is a shadow planet by the name of Ketu. It is seen as a malefic planet linked to mysticism, spirituality, and detachment.

In fact, karma from previous lives and spiritual development are linked to Ketu. One’s spiritual development is thought to be hampered and delayed by a Ketu that is ill in their horoscope. Read more Ketu in Astrology

Wrapping Up

Each of these planets is believed to have a specific influence on a person’s life and character, as well as on global events and natural phenomena. Their positions and interactions in a person’s birth chart are analyzed to provide insight into their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and prospects. To remove adverse effects, you can also take an astrology phone consultation.

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