Business Astrology

Business Astrology


If you are also thinking of starting a new business and want to know which business will be right for you, then Our business astrologer can help you with this. On the basis of planets and houses in the horoscope, astrology tells the person which business is suitable for him. If you also want to know which business is right for you, then a business astrology service can help you with this.

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Whatever business any person can do, there can be many options. The biggest thing is what kind of business you are interested in doing, how to do it, and whether the investment is to be made or not. Wherein astrology says that it needs to be verified from business yogas, transits, and Dashas while choosing or taking a decision on the suitable best business.

All professions may not suit everyone and a person cannot do all professions according to their choice. It is similarly important to know what is the right occupation or business according to the birth chart. It is essential to know which professional line the planetary positions in the horoscope support for you.

Astrology says that which business a person will do, is directly related to the person’s date of birth. Some people are born to lead. They don’t just follow a path that is set for them by other natives. They have ideas that work in a very different way, rather than following someone else’s. These are people who are exceptionally businessmen. Want to know, are you one of those people born to be a boss? Well, this business astrology has all such answers and more.

What is Business Astrology?

The most important house for business is the 7th house, 2nd house, and 9th house in the birth of Kundali. Mercury is one such planet that should be seen first for doing any business or occupation. According to business astrologers, the various combinations that create a prosperous business consolidation in Kundali are as follows.

Such a combination of planets indicates that you can start a business when the planets ruling the 2nd, 7th, and 9th house favor or aspect the lord planet of the 10th house, then this is a better time to start any business. Makes the best ascendant in the birth chart.

Planetary combinations that indicate that you will do well in business  Mercury should be in the 2nd house, 7th house, 9th house, or 11th house and Mercury should have a friendly relationship with the lord planets and ruling divinity of these houses.

The combination of planets indicates that your business may not grow when the lord of the second house becomes weak due to the inauspicious effects of enemy planets. It just means that there will be no progress in business.

Business Astrology By Date Of Birth

Every person has their own desire, some want to become a businessman and some want to do a job. The main difference between business and job is that in business where the income is invested is a mystery but in the job, the income is fixed. Job income is fixed but business income is completely different. The question is how to decide which business is right for me. Business astrology by date of birth can answer this question through your birth chart details.

If you have business yoga in your horoscope then you can be a successful businessman. Let us know which planetary yogas are there which make a person a famous and successful businessman. In fact, business depends on the position of planets in different houses in the Kundli which represent income, finance, fortune, etc. The success or failure of any business depends on the position of the planets, lords of houses, and houses.

Planet Which is Responsible For Business

Mercury is the main planet that represents the business. If the exalted Mercury is situated in the 7th, 2nd, 11th, or 10th house and is associated with the lord of the 10th, 9th, or 2nd house in the birth chart, then the native is inclined towards business.

Mercury is able to invest in shares or make huge profits. If Mercury conjunct with Moon aspects the 2nd house or the lord of the 2nd house and also forms a relationship with the lord then the native does good business.

Partnership in Business as per Business Astrology

Some people do better as exclusive masters of a business while others do better in a partnership. To know this part, the predictions according to Astrology for business are mentioned below:

Combinations of planets that suggest against the partnership in business

If the ruling planets of the second house and seventh house become weak due to the malefic effects of energy planets, then it is a strong indication that you will never be able to do well in partnership. Even if the ruling planets of the 2nd house and the 7th house are similarly powerful in your Janam Kundali, you can never do well in business partnerships.

Planetary Combinations That Favor Business Partnerships

  • When either Jupiter, Moon, or Mercury is situated in the 2nd house and is powerful, you may consider partnering with your marrow spouse or a friend.

  • When the masters’ planets of the 2nd and 7th house are not equally powerful, it is also an indication that you may start a beneficial business partnership with your spouse.

  • When Mercury is in the 2nd house or 7th house, if both houses are similarly strong, you will do good business in a partnership.

Why Do You Need A Business Astrology Report?

We are well aware that reports are the medium of communication in any organization and it gives a clear picture of the upcoming business scenario. Business astrology reports can tell you the future of your business. In turn, this can help you decide the direction of the business or any advancement in your business.

As a business report is very important to transmit information from one person to another person or from one level to another, the same business report can help you to achieve height with the proper decision as this report will help you to understand the importance of your business.

Business Astrology Report by Date of Birth

You must consult an astrologer before taking any final decision regarding your business. If your business astrology includes favorable combinations in your birth chart as per your date of birth, then you are definitely successful in your business. But if not and yet you have chosen your vocation, chances are it will not do well. So, think carefully and contact us today for an online astrological consultation to know your business luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose business according to astrology?

If you are also thinking of starting a new business and want to know which business will be right for you, then business astrology can help you with this.

How to improve business according to astrology?

Many times people start a business but are not able to succeed in it. If you also want to know which business is right for you and want to improve your business, then you can talk to astrologers at +91 8141566266 or mail

Which business is good as per astrology?

On the basis of planets and houses in the horoscope, astrology tells the person which business is suitable for him. If you also want to know which business is right for you, then astrology can help you with this.

Which planets help for business?

Mercury is the main planet for business. By looking at the position of Mercury in the horoscope, astrology tells which business is right for the person. If the position of other planets in the Kundli is not correct, then astrologers give business-related advice keeping that in mind as well.


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