Childbirth Astrology

Childbirth Astrology


Childlessness problems can be solved with the help of Childbirth Astrology. In this process, a complete study of the Kundali of both husband and wife is done and the obstacles that can prevent the woman from conceiving are found out.

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The birth of a child is the most important thing for a couple after marriage. Couples get immense happiness by becoming parents and raising their children. Soon after the child enters the couple’s life, they spend the rest of their lives raising it. But, do you believe that everyone gets the privilege of having a child easily after marriage? not actually! Child problem is a big problem in couples.

Many cases can be seen where in spite of having good physical strength as well as all the abilities to produce children, couples fail to produce children. Couples even go to the extent of spending crores of rupees on child-bearing treatment but in vain. In such cases, couples require astrology to find out their problems and get good solutions for the same.

Our astrologers have good ways to give solutions for childbirth problems. The childbirth prediction in Kundli is predicted by a thorough analysis of the Kundli of both husband and wife.

Astrology Childbirth Prediction

There are many factors of childlessness, and one of the reasons can also be the affliction of the fifth house. The ninth house in a person’s horoscope can suggest the ability to beget children. Using the seventh house, the progeny capacity of the couple is ascertained. Jupiter, the benefic planet, can deprive you of a child if afflicted.

Therefore, a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the 5th and 9th houses, their lords, and Jupiter is important to analyze the probabilities of progeny.

After analyzing the horoscope of man and woman, two possibilities have been depicted. The first is to check whether it is a case of childlessness, i.e. no child in the destiny, and the second is due to delay in childbirth. Planetary changes are also considered while making reports for childless couples.

Astrological remedies for childless couples include Dashas and planetary transits. Ascendant, Lagnesh, and moon signs are also analyzed. The yoga of the husband’s horoscope is also studied for the remedy of getting a child so that the couple can be given the right suggestion for childbirth problems.

An astrological report about a childless couple is described in detail as:

  • If there are other possibilities in the child as well as in the man and woman.
  • The number of children of a couple.
  • Miscarriage risk.
  • The potential for the risk involved in childbirth.
  • Remedies to reduce the effect of inauspicious planets.
  • Fruitful ways to make maximum use of auspicious planets.

Are You Troubled By The Problem Of Childlessness?

Childlessness problems can be solved with the help of an astrologer. In this process, a complete study of the horoscope of both husband and wife is done and the obstacles that can prevent the woman from conceiving are found out.

The report for getting pregnant by astrology can be prepared only by an expert astrologer but before that authentic details have to be submitted. If you are worried about the child and need guidance regarding childlessness problems, you can consult our expert astrologer.

There Is No Child In The Birth Chart, Our Expert Astrologer Will Help You

After a few years of marriage, the husband and wife want childbirth. But sometimes their wish is not fulfilled and they remain deprived of the happiness of children. The reason for this can also be that there is no child in the birth chart. Why some couples remain childless can be explained by studying the horoscope of the couple.

Childlessness is one such problem for which we provide expert solutions for problems faced by husband and wife. If you also want a quick and reliable solution then call our astrologer for this who can bring back the happiness in your life by providing you with the right solution.

Astrological Reason In Delay In Childbirth

  • These are some of the astrological reasons that can cause problems in pregnancy and childbirth

  • If the lord of the fifth house is weak or has an inauspicious effect on Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu, then the native will face obstacles in conceiving. The same thing will happen if the lord of the fifth house is situated in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house and is affected by malefic aspects of any planet.

  • If Mars is situated in the fifth house or in close proximity to the lord of the fifth house and simultaneously in the 8th or 12th house, the native will face various problems in conception and pregnancy.

  • If the Moon is the lord of the fifth house and is conjunct or aspected by Rahu, then the native may have to face multiple miscarriages.

  • The presence of Rahu or Ketu in the fifth house can cause problems in pregnancy and childbirth. If the lord of the fifth house is conjoined with Rahu or Ketu and situated in the second house, then it is virtually impossible to conceive.

  • If the lord of the fifth house is in the eighth or twelfth house and Mars is in the tenth house, then there will be a lot of delay in pregnancy.

  • If the lord of the fifth house is debilitated and the Sun is situated in the fifth house of the navamsa chart, then the native may have to face a delay in conception.

  • If Venus is debilitated and situated in the eighth or twelfth house, Jupiter is malefic and the fifth house is affected by malefic planets, even the best medical treatment may fail to produce a successful pregnancy.

  • If the lord of the fifth house is inauspicious and retrograde Mercury, retrograde Jupiter, or debilitated Rahu are placed together in the fifth house, then the native will face many problems during conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Our astrologers can tell about the problems in getting a child by looking at the horoscope of the husband and wife and also provide the right solutions related to it. Our astrology has removed childlessness from the lives of many people and brought happiness to their lives. If you also want to get the happiness of children in life, then talk to the best astrologer in India, he will remove the problems related to childbirth from your life.

How Can Astrologer Help You With Pregnancy Prediction?

If you are not blessed with child happiness even after a long time of marriage, then pregnancy prediction astrology can help you with this. Many experienced and skilled astrologers predict the birth of a child by horoscope and solve your problem regarding children. Some important measures are given by our astrology which help the parents to have a child.

There can be many reasons for not getting a child like Pitra Dosh, planetary position at the time of birth of parents, etc. Astrology is one such tool by which the true cause can be identified and resolved. If someone asks our astrologer whether they will have children this year, then our astrologers find out with the help of a birth chart which particular time there will be a pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the astrological reasons for the delay in having a child?

Malefic planets, Fifth House, Doshas, Mars, and unfavorable gemstones are behind the delay in getting childbirth. If you also want to understand the reason behind the delay in childbirth then you can talk to astrologers and get the best advice to solve this problem.

How do you predict when I will have a baby?

The fifth house in the birth chart is related to children. The presence of malefic planets usually causes problems related to conception or pregnancy issues. The prediction of pregnancy and childbirth in the Kundli is determined by considering the essential factors, planetary movements, and influences. The birth charts of a man and woman (couple) are analyzed to make predictions for the birth of a child.

Which house in Kundli is for child?

The fifth house is the main house for having a child in the Kundli. 11th house is seen as the fulfillment of desires through children. Based on the fifth house, astrology predicts the birth of a child.

Which planet is responsible for delay in childbirth?

Apart from Shani in the Kundli, inauspicious Rahu, Ketu, and Mars also create obstacles in getting a child, due to which there is a delay in childbirth.


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