Numerology Prediction

Numerology Prediction


Numerology Prediction Report helps to you take decisions regarding relationships, health, education, marriage, love, finance, etc. Numerology Services helps you to set goals, and make the best plans and directions to achieve them and also helps you to get out of complicated situations.

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The purpose of numerology prediction is to provide the person with the keys to exploring their potential and destiny. In numerology, your name and date of birth represent the path chosen by your higher, spiritual self. There will be some opportunities and special lessons for your own growth along these paths. Numerology is a way of knowing your inner self.

What is Numerology and What are its Indicators?

Numerology is an important Knowledge, through which efforts are made to know the life and future of a person. In numerology, an attempt is made to present a detailed description of various aspects of people, their ideology, the subject of life, etc. by making practical use of rules through the medium of numbers.

Numerology is also known as Ank Vidya or Numerology etc. In numerology, calculations are made on the basis of the characteristics of the nine planets Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and others. You can get your numerology report made by numerology.

Numerology studies numbers to find out these things:

  • Determine their life path and destiny.

  • What challenges they may have to overcome?

  • Identify peak moments in their lives.

  • Explore special talents and skills and learn how to use them wisely.

  • Discover their innate abilities.

  • Understand current issues in their lives.

There are different indicators in numerology for other aspects of your life. All these indicators used in numerology are explained below:

Life Path Number:

Of all the indicators in numerology, the life path number is the most important number in your numerology chart, drawn on the basis of your birth details. It brings out the strengths and weaknesses of a person. It also tells you about the obstacles, challenges, and events that the person will face in life. It basically acts as a life path for you to take advantage of your strong points.

Destiny Number:

Bhagyank is calculated on the basis of date of birth. It portrays the main purpose of your life. It takes into consideration your goals, your character, and how you are going to accomplish these goals. It also tells you what obstacles will be faced in life.

Personality Number:

The personality number is calculated using the consonants of the person’s first name. Personality number shows how others see you. Personality numbers help a person conquer misconceptions so that their dreams come true.

Marriage Numerology By Date Of Birth

According to numerology, numbers have a great impact on married life and relationships. Each number resonates with some other planetary energy. So they affect our life. Do you want to know how is your partner? Or what are the unique qualities that make them your life partner? With the help of Numerology consultation online, you can understand your partner more and know their unique love traits based on their date of birth.

Whether you have decided to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is very important to understand your partner and their personality. It can help you increase marital compatibility and improve your love relationship.

With the help of an Online Numerologist, you can know about your partner and your compatibility with them. However, gaining a little more knowledge about your partner never goes in vain.

You can learn about married life through Tithis which is very helpful in understanding the personality of the couple. It tells about your desires, characteristics, and priorities in love and marriage. marriage numerology by date of birth number tells what kind of partner you will be.

To know about your marriage by date of birth, first of all, know your numerology number or Bhagyank number. Check out the table below to know your numerology number as per your date of birth.

Date of Birth (any month) Numerology number or Bhagyank number
1, 10, 19, 28 1
2, 11, 20, 29 2
3, 12, 12, 21, 30 3
4, 13, 22, 31 4
5, 14, 23 5
6, 15, 24 6
7, 16, 25 7
8, 17, 26 8
9, 18, 27 9

Numerology Reader for Life Problems

Numerology is an important aspect of astrology. In this, the horoscope of the person is analyzed through numbers. With the help of numerology, many things can be determined about a person’s life, future, career path, married life, etc. Our numerology reader is special to solve your personal problems:

Propose Numerology:

Our famous numerologist helps you to know the exact time to propose when you should propose to your beloved and win their heart. It is very easy to know, for this you just need to know your date of birth and the date of birth of the person you are going to propose to. Call us to know the numerology prediction for proposing to your love partner.

When to get married:

Our numerology predicts your marriage and suggests the right date for marriage. Choosing the right date is essential to tie the knot with the right partner.

When to change jobs:

Are you upset with your current job and want to change your current job? So our numerology can help you with this. Know which is the right job for you from our numerology? When will you get a job?

When to invest:

Our business numerology can tell when to invest in properties and the right time to start a business. Consult our astrologer for investing in business and property and know your lucky date.

Types Of Numerology

Each type of numerology system conveys very specific, special, and unique information, which in turn helps people to know more about themselves. There are three types of numerology:

Chaldean Numerology:

Chaldean numerology is based on the principle that the universe is made of vibrations and vibrates with different frequencies and that each frequency attracts its equal. A balanced vibration attracts other balanced vibrations, and an unbalanced vibration attracts other similar unbalanced vibrations. Chaldean numerology is also based on the belief that everything is destiny. Our destiny can be known by the best astrologer.

Kabbalah Numerology:

Kabbalah numerology is one of the best-known types of numerology as well as the most widely used. There is an important difference between this system and the other two systems. Unlike other methods, the Kabbalah numerology method requires a person’s name in order to work.

Western Numerology:

The Pythagorean system of numerology is also called Western numerology. Pythagorean numerology uses 6 numbers to describe one’s personality and the answer provides a complete description of a person’s inner and outer identity.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number?

There are eleven life path numbers in numerology: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22. 11 and 22 are called key numbers, they have more power than the rest of the numbers.

To determine the Life Path Number, it is necessary to add the numbers in the date of birth and add the resulting result and also reduce it to a one-digit number. If, upon addition, the sum is 11 or 22, we discard this result.

Here we will calculate the life path number according to an imaginary birth description. Like:

11 March 1990

Now we will calculate the complete birth details in the following way:

1) Now adding month, day, and year, we will reduce it to 1 digit number.

Birth Month March (3)

3 = 3

Day of birth 11

sum 1+1 = 2

2) Add the above digit to get 1 digit

2 (Day) + 3 (Month) = 5

Year of birth 1990

sum 1+9+9+0 =19

Will get single digit 1+9 = 10


3) You can get your life path number by adding one number found at the end.


Thus the life path number based on the above birth details is 6.

If you are having trouble calculating the life path number, then talk to our astrologer and tell them your date of birth. Astrology will tell you the correct life path number calculated from your date of birth. By taking Numerologist report from astrology, you can know the exact things about your life.

Why Choose Our Numerology Astrologer Services?

  • A numerology astrologer Helps you make the right decisions about relationships and understand your insight toward life.

  • Transforms your life by helping you deal with complex issues successfully and taking you on a fruitful path.

  • Provides the ability to change your life by helping you make important decisions.

  • Defines your opportunities and challenges to ensure your progress.

  • Reveals your traits and helps you to take the right decisions regarding relationships, health, education, marriage, love, finance, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is numerology services?

Numerology services include the life purpose of the individual as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Difficulties and opportunities in a person’s life can be calculated in numerology.

What is numerology report?

Numerology guides your karmic path based on your date of birth and name. Your date of birth reflects the path you choose as you move forward in life. The Numerologist report can tell you all the facts about a person.

What is the importance of numerology?

Numerology can help guide a person to the unseen pitfalls of life by studying the birth date. Helps a person to understand their life better and achieve their goals in life.

Can numerology change your life?

It can change your life by finding your purpose and drawing you to the way that you can see someone substantial enough to have a personal or professional relationship. It can also bring you closer to opportunities by letting you know about the factors that can lead to positive results.

What are the benefits of numerology report?

Numerologist Report helps to you take decisions regarding relationships, health, education, marriage, love, finance, etc. It helps you to set goals, and make the best plans and directions to achieve them and also helps you to get out of complicated situations.


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