Gemstone Recommendation By Date Of Birth

Gemstone Recommendation By Date Of Birth


It is important that you use your favorable gemstones as it is believed that the position of the planets at the time of birth affects our lives. Gemstones should always be used as per the birth chart. For gemstone recommendation, we will need your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and some information related to your present.

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It is important that you use your favorable Gemstone Recommendation by Date of Birth as it is believed that the position of the planets at the time of birth affects our life and all aspects of it. Gemstones should always be used according to the auspicious planet according to the birth chart. You can find out your lucky gemstone through our Gemstone suggestion.

For gemstone recommendation, we will need your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, and some information related to your present. The beneficial effects of the respective planet can be enhanced by wearing the right gemstone as the right gemstone enables only positive energy to enter the body of the wearer.

Stones by Date of Birth

Gemstones exert their power to have beneficial or harmful effects on our lives – depending on how they are used. Gemstones emit vibrations and frequencies which have a strong effect on our entire being. Each planet, combined with a specific gemstone, helps to balance the good and bad effects of that planet on us.

Gemstones are nature’s gift to bring happiness and light into people’s lives. Good quality gemstones worn after consulting a good astrologer can save you from many problems and increase positivity in your life. Gemstones have a specific frequency, and by placing them in our aura field we can benefit from them. Gemstones can work for wealth, studies, love, marriage, health, career, and business, etc.

The beneficial effects of the respective planet can be enhanced by wearing the right gemstone as the right gemstone enables only positive energy to enter the body of the wearer.

Lucky Stone According to Date of Birth

It is most important to wear the most effective and suitable gemstone as per your birth chart because if you wear a gemstone that is not always suitable for you, it can bring unhappiness and problems in life. Wear a Lucky stone according to date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. After getting your horoscope analyzed by our Pandit, you can choose your recommended Gemstone.

When astrologers tell you about your planetary positions and which planet is positive for you and which is negative then you can easily choose the gemstone as per your gemstone recommendation, a recommended gemstone will give you a good result.

Finding lucky stones by date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth, a brief introduction of the current working details is quite useful. It can help a specific astrologer to get the details of your birth chart and provide a person with:-

  • We will help to determine your lucky stone through the detailed analysis of
  • Planetary positions in your Kundli birth chart
  • Effects on the ascendant, moon sign, and other Planets
  • Astrological Analysis of Your Situation
  • Specific Answer to your query
  • Some remedies include gemstones, yantra, or other suggestions.
  • The future will have a significant planetary impact.

If you have any queries then you can email us: or call on +91 8141566266 for more information on this. Our best astrologers will analyze your Kundli and suggest you the right gemstone.

Get These Types Of Gems According To The Birth Chart

Gemstones fall into two categories:

  • Precious Gemstones
  • Semiprecious Gemstones

Precious Gemstones

Gemstones which are highly valued due to their hardness, quality, and rarity are called Precious Gems. Precious stones are costlier than semi-precious stones. Because of its hardness, it is used for jewelry. Ruby, diamonds, Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, etc. are some of the most precious and hardest gemstones.

Semiprecious Gemstones

Pearl, hessonite (cat’s eye), turquoise coral, turquoise coral, onyx amber, quartz, and turquoise are just a few of the beautiful semi-precious stones that can be used in jewelry, although they are slightly more than precious stones are delicate.

To make your life more successful our astrologers will suggest you the right gemstone which will help you to make your life better.

Blue Sapphire / Neelam: Blue Sapphire is a precious, Blue colored gemstone that is ruled by the powerful planet Saturn. Blue Sapphire is known to be the most powerful and Fastest acting gemstone in astrology. Sapphire brings wealth and success to the life of the wearer.

Ruby / Manik / Manikya Gemstone: Ruby gemstone is worn by the Sun to improve life relationships. Ruby is known to have strong spiritual qualities. Ruby can bring positive changes in the life of the wearer. Ruby is worn for growth in career, social status, and love and power.

Emerald / Panna Gemstone: The bright green colored emerald is a symbol of immense precious stone beauty. Panna is one of the most coveted gemstones worn for professions, intellectual pursuits, and seeking knowledge. Emerald is a highly precious gemstone due to its rarity and green color. Emerald is one of the admired gemstones which represents Mercury.

Pearl / Moti Gemstone: Pearl is a white to the brown colored gemstone. Pearl is worn to pacify the Moon. Pearl is worn to attain peace and prosperity. According to astrology, the planet moon has the most effect on the brain and mind. That’s why Moti is worn to make the mind calm and stable.

Red Coral / Moonga Gemstone: Red coral is a gemstone worn to ensure success in leadership roles, sports, business, and health. Red coral gemstone is a Red colored precious stone that represents Mars. Wearing red coral gemstone provides many benefits including improving strength, stamina, confidence, and good health.

Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Gemstone: Pukhraj Gemstones which is also known as Yellow Sapphire. Pukhraj is worn for professional prosperity, happy marriage, and healthy progeny. Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter which is the most auspicious of all the planets.

Diamond / Heera Gemstone: Diamond represents Venus. Diamond represents the positive qualities of Venus. Diamond generally has the power to remove an inferiority complex. Diamond is worn to ward off negativity and maintain good health.

Hessonite / Gomed Gemstone: Hessonite gemstone is worn to remove the negative effects of Rahu. Hessonite gemstone is also known as Gomed. Its impressive energy makes this gemstone extremely rare and revered among the Navratnas.

Cat’s Eye “Lehsunia” Gemstone: Lehsunia gemstone represents Ketu. It is worn to give mental peace as well as to gain wealth, social prestige, self-control, and spiritual awareness.

Each stone represents one or the other planet. To strengthen the position of planets in the Kundli, astrologers recommend wearing gemstones related to that planet. Due to the malefic effects of the planets, the work being done often gets spoiled. These gemstones are worn according to the rules and regulations. Because its effects become adverse if worn without rules.

If you also want to know which gemstone you should wear by getting your Kundli analyzed, then you can take the gemstone recommendation by Kundli.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are gemstones recommended?

Astrologer thoroughly evaluates the position of planets at the time of birth by looking at the Kundli and recommends Gemstones.

Why are gemstones recommended?

Gemstones are recommended to strengthen a weak planet. Wearing a gemstone transmits positive energy in a person’s life and destroys negative energy coming from external sources.

What gemstone should I wear Astrology?

If you also want to know which gemstone you should wear, then you can know from our online astrology consultation. Our astrologers will suggest to you the right gemstone.

What is Gemstone Astrology?

By wearing gemstones with the help of an astrologer, one can avoid the side effects of the planets and get rid of the troubles in life. The gemstone is worn on the basis of the planets in the Kundli.


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