An analysis of the positions and relationships of planets in a Janampatri is remarkably deep and revealing, along with the strengths and weaknesses inherent in a person's natural character. Among other things, a birth chart tells about various aspects of a person's life, including what type of partner and relationship is best matched, what type of job or career is best suited for that person, and what obstacles need to be overcome.

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The most important thing in that person’s life is that the birth chart helps in understanding the desires, motivations, and overall personality of a person. For a Janampatri to be accurate, astrology takes into account the exact position of the stars at the exact date and time of one’s birth. An accurate Janampatri is prepared by our astrologers only on the basis of the birth time, and date of birth of an individual.

Birth Chart By Date Of Birth

The position of planets and stars in the Nakshatras at the time of our birth affects us throughout our life. Astrologer tells all the major events of life through our Kundli and decides what we can achieve in the present life. Birth charts are studied by astrologers to make predictions about the future events of the native.

All the necessary information regarding education, marriage, career, business, children, finance, foreign settlement, love life, health, and others can be successfully obtained from horoscope analysis.

Do you really want to make your present life hassle-free? Would you really like to know “what is Birth chart Predictions” and more precisely about yourself? Do you want to find out “Which stone should I wear”, “What does Manglik mean”, and facts? So the Birth chart prediction by date of birth our astrology is prepared according to which makes your life more optimistic and beautiful with astrology insight.

By Kundli, you can get business, love, marriage, family, career, health, and other related information. If you also want to get your horoscope made then call on +91 8141566266 or mail to info@chiragdaruwalla.com

Why is it important to get a Janam Kundali made?

A Janam Kundali is a way of getting clarity about your future to make better decisions and choices in life. It is a blueprint of the position of the planets and stars in the universe at the time of your birth based on which your future is predicted by astrology. There are many aspects in which your birth chart can help you in life.

  • Get better clarity about your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • It tells you about your career and can suggest you choose a profession according to your planetary position.

  • Learn how to make better financial choices and attract prosperity in life, Choose the right life partner for marriage by Kundli matching.

  • Know the favorable and unfavorable time periods of your life from the birth chart.

  • It provides you with information about your business, love, marriage, family, career, and health.

Get Your Birth Chart/Kundli Online in One Call

Due to technological advancement, it is now easy to get your own Online Jyotish Kundali and know about yourself. All you have to do is tell your birth details like date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth to the astrologer.

You will get your complete Kundli with Dasha Phal and many other things like Star lords and sub lords of planets, Vimshottari Dashas, and other Dashas are also included.

So you don’t need to go to any astrologer for a paper Kundli or a Kundli made on paper. You can Get your birth chart online in one call. This is the best way to get a Birth chart, you can trust its accuracy with your eyes closed. So why are you waiting? Call our astrologer at +91 8141566266 and get your Birth Chart.

Types of Janam Kundali

Kundali or Janampatri also known as the birth chart shows the positions of planets or celestial bodies that influence a person’s life. A special accurate assessment of a person’s Kundli can be done only by an experienced astrologer. According to Vedic astrology, the life of a person is predicted on the basis of the moon, sun, and planets.

Birth charts have traditionally been used in India to see a person’s future, as well as highlight events that will affect their life in a good or bad way. Through Janampatri online, you will be able to know your Nakshatra, Dasha, and Dashakaal, zodiac, and planetary positions that affect your career, finance, health, married life, and relationship. Know about the type of Kundli from astrologer.

Lagna Chart: Chalit chart must be seen while assessing the horoscope, because even if the planets are in Trikona or center in Lagna Kundli, if they move to the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, then there is a lot of difference in the fortune. Similarly, if an auspicious planet located in the eighth or twelfth house moves to the seventh or center, then the auspiciousness of the fruit increases. In the Lagna Kundli, the planet gives the results of the same house in which it Chalit.

Chandra Kundali: Chandra Kundali is of great importance in the predictions of a person’s achievements. A Chandra Kundali is prepared to keep the Moon as the primary determinant and the rest of the planets are placed accordingly.

Navamsa: Navansh in Sanskrit means “ninth part”, ‘Nav’ means nine, and ‘ansa’ means a division or planetary division. The Navamsa chart is the most important astrology chart for Vedic astrology predictions and interpretations after the zodiac chart or birth chart. By interpreting the Navansh Kundali, astrologers can get a lot of information about a person’s life and provide the right solutions to the person.

Chalit Chart: It is clear from the Chalit chart that at the time of birth, which house is under the influence of which zodiac sign, and which house is being influenced by which planet? Similarly when it comes to marking the planet in the value, it is seen that the house starts from which degrees and ends at how many degrees.

When You Can Use Birth Chart?

Your birth chart is the most important document of your life. Through this, some important aspects of your life like – education, career, business astrology, marriage, married life, children, property, health, and wealth can be predicted. If you show the horoscope to a knowledgeable astrologer and make amendments to your life by following his advice, then you can make your life successful and spend it without any problem.

Seeing your horoscope, the astrologer can solve many problems. Can suggest important measures to overcome. It is your horoscope that can help you find out the appropriate academic field and profession that can prove to be the best for you. It will help you to achieve your dreams and goals in your life.

Kundli Analysis Steps

  • Kundli analysis requires a basic understanding of astrology. Our astrologers analyze the Kundli as follows:

  • Analyzing a Kundli by preparing it from the time of birth and date of birth.

  • To carefully synthesize multiple interpretations using Kundli to arrive at any result.

  • To predict the events that will happen in one’s life by Kundli.

  • By removing the defects, suggest remedies for the problems coming in the person’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Janma Kundli?

Janam Kundli, known as Janampatri or birth char, is a map of the sky at the time of a person’s birth. A Kundli is important in predicting what a person’s future is going to be like. Remedies can also be taken by knowing about the problems coming in a person’s life from the birth chart.

How do I know if my identity is safe?

We keep the personal information of our customers confidential. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services and their information is not misused in any way.

Does Kundli matter in life?

After marriage, two persons spend their whole life together and hence it is necessary to know whether this match is good or not. The couple might not have known each other for a long time before marriage, but their Kundli matching can ensure a happy and successful married life for them.

What do I need to get my birth chart?

To find your birth chart, you’ll need three things: your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Once you have that information, contact astrologer Chirag Daruwalla at +91 8141566266 or mail him at info@chiragdaruwalla.com and he will prepare an accurate birth chart.

Who is the best Kundali prediction person?

Chirag Daruwalla is famous for his accurate and correct predictions and deep knowledge. Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla has a deep understanding of making horoscope predictions. Many people have been impressed by the things told him after analyzing the Kundli.

What is purpose of life from kundali?

Life purpose refers to those areas where a person needs to make continuous efforts to improve. These are the areas where a person may find very challenging events that can eventually shift his focus toward the balance of karma. The birth chart of a person gives a clear picture of these areas.


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