Kundali Match Making

Kundali Match Making


Kundli matching is a traditional approach to marriage. Astrologers analyze the birth chart or Kundli of the boy and girl for marriage. Horoscope matching is said to be important for a happy married life. Based on the planetary Dashas and duration of Gunas, Jyotish provides the right guidance based on Kundali match matching.

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Kundli matching is a traditional approach to marriage. Astrologers analyze the birth chart or Kundli of the boy and girl for marriage. According to spiritual texts, horoscope matching is said to be important for a happy married life. Based on the planetary Dashas and duration of Gunas, Jyotish provides the right guidance based on Kundali match matching.

It not only tells about the compatibility of the couple and marriage but also about the spiritual, physical, and emotional compatibility of two different people getting married. Kundali Match Making gives you an in-depth insight into the stability and longevity of a relationship.

Kundali Matching is Important

Kundali matching is the first step to proceeding with the marriage proposal. How much difference is there in the nature of the future bride and groom due to the effect of planets on them before getting married? How will the life of both be spent in the coming married life? How much will they be able to understand each other? Horoscope matching can predict future events.

The aim of Kundli matching is to maintain harmony in married life without differences. Kundli matching is important as it is said to be a way to a happy married life. This is a way of knowing the compatibility of the bride and groom and their happy and prosperous future.

Kundli matching helps you to know about the stability and longevity of the relationship. Similarly, the Kundali Match Making process can help to find out whether the girl or boy is Manglik or not, and if one of them is, it helps to tell how being Manglik in one person will affect the other.

What are the problems in getting married without Kundli Match for Marriage?

Sometimes it happens at the time of marriage that the horoscopes do not match, still, the boy and the girl get married. Many people believe that if there is any kind of rift, then they themself are capable of solving it. Still, we cannot ignore the increasing number of divorce cases. But if there is any Dosha in the horoscope of either of the two or if the Guna is not a match, then it is very important to know what problems you may have to face.

  • There can be problems in physical relations.
  • Constant fighting and arguments in married life.
  • Loss in business and money.
  • Children don’t get happiness, even if both are healthy.
  • There can be problems in career progress.

Why Gun Milan is Important For Best Kundali Matching?

Gun Milan is the first step in finding out about marriage compatibility. In Vedic astrology, there are 36 Gunas that are considered for marriage compatibility. The total number of digits under Ashtakoota Milan makes 36 Gunas. Thus the total number of Ganas is 36.

  • Nadi: 8 points

  • Bhakoot: 7 points

  • Gana: 6 points

  • Graha Maitri: 5 points

  • Yoni: 4 points

  • Tara: 3 points

  • Vashya: 2 points

  • Varna: 1 point

Significance of the number of matched properties:

  • Attributes less than 18: Poor match, very rare chance of success

  • 18 to 25: Good match for marriage

  • 25 to 32: A very good match for marriage

  • 32 to 36: Excellent match

If a person wants to make their marriage successful, then he must get Guna Milan or Kundali Match Making done. It will predict the future relationship of two persons in married life. Guna matching is based on the position of the Moon planet in the Kundli of both the boy and the girl who are bound to marry each other. Astrologer can help you prepare your Guna Milan report by Kundali matching for marriage.

Which 36 Gunas are favorable for best Kundli Milan?

Kundli Milan or Guna matching before marriage is called Ashtakoot matching. In this, mutual equality, friendship, and the relationship between the birth planets and constellations of the bride and groom are considered. Two differences between Melapak have been told in the scriptures.

One is the planet Melapak and the other is the constellation Melapak. On the basis of these two, the education, character, fortune, age, and fertility of the bride and groom are assessed.

The first task in Kundali matching is Guna matching. In any Kundli, eight types of Gunas Ashtakoot are matched. Matching Gunas is very important in marriage. These Gunas are – Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi.

After matching all these there are a total of 36 points, at the time of marriage, if 18 out of 36 or above Gunas are found in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl, then it is believed that the marriage will be successful.

Based on the birth details of the boy and girl, the 8 Gunas or Ashtakootas are calculated by Kundli matching. In Janampatri matching by name of birth and date of birth, the compatibility of these 8 Guna tells about the success of the marriage life. These Gunas are:


There are four types of Varna, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras, with which the ego of the bride and groom is matched. If there is a similarity in the characters of both, then the functionality of the bride and groom is good, due to which both develop after marriage.


It is seen on the basis of Vashya in the Kundli of the bride and groom who will dominate whom after marriage. Which of the two has more controllability?


Having good numbers of stars in the Kundli of the boy and girl will increase the fortune of both after marriage. If the number of Tara is zero, then after marriage, the luck of both will not support, due to which there will be obstacles in progress.


If the numbers of the Yoni are better in the Kundli of the bride and groom, it is seen about the closeness between the two, compatibility in physical relations, etc. If the points of the Yoni are zero, then after marriage, there is tension every day due to the non-matching of the mental level of both.

Graha Maitri:

Due to getting good points of Graha Maitri in the Kundliof boy and girl, harmony between the two remains better and there is progress in the family. Family progress is obstructed when the number of Graha Maitri is zero and contradictions remain.


The nature and behavior of the bride and groom are matched. In the Kundli of a man and a woman, when the points of Gana are better, then the nature of both of them matches with each other, and when the number of Gana is zero, the nature of both does not match with each other.


The combination of feelings of the boy and girl is seen in Bhakoot. It determines the family, financial prosperity, and happiness of the couple. In this, the planets of the boy’s Kundli Matching with the planets of the girl’s Kundli. If Bhakoot’s numbers are good in the Kundli of both, good love remains between them and if Bhakoot’s numbers are zero, there is a lack of love between the boy and girl.


It is the last Guna that gives maximum marks and is the most important attribute during Kundli matching by name and date of birth. It tells about the health of the whole family after marriage. With this Guna, matters of childbirth are also determined. The presence of Nadi dosha can affect the chances of marriage.

Why Choose Our Kundali Matchmaking Services?

With our Kundli matchmaking services, you will be able to check the compatibility between you and your partner and make the right decision for marriage. If there is any problem with your Kundli match then our astrologers will suggest the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which site is good for Kundali matching?

chiragdaruwalla.com, the No. 1 Kundli match making service, was founded with one simple objective to help people find happiness in life happiness.

How accurate is Kundli Milan?

Yes, Kundli matching is accurate. We use Kundli to provide you with an accurate guna matching report. Furthermore, the information that we share with you is thoroughly checked by our expert Kundli matching astrologers, who give only the right information to our clients.

What is kundli milan by name?

If the person’s name is correct according to his zodiac sign, then the Kundli matching with the name is correct. It only requires the current name of the boy and girl. That’s why matchmaking by names seems correct. Also, it is a proven procedure for marriage compatibility.

Does kundali Milan really matter?

Kundli matching has been part of any marriage. Customs and traditions have evolved over time. The practice of Jamanpatri matching before marriage has not changed. Kundli matching is important in arranged and love marriages. Horoscope matching can predict a happy married life.

Is horoscope matching necessary for second marriage?

Whether you are getting married for the first time or for the second time, Kundli matching is necessary to ensure a happy married life. After your first marriage failed, if you want that there should not be any problem in the second marriage, then it is necessary for you to get the horoscope matched by the time of birth and the date of birth.


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