Pisces Compatibility

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and is very receptive to outside influence. It is also the fourth and final sign of the water trinity. People born in this zodiac usually have a very attractive physique. Generally, they are not very tall and have stout bodies, short hands, and thick feet. They are ambitious, sensitive, and honest and speak only after being certain about their subject. Pisces sign people like to spend time on research to find out new and innovative developments. They do not give much importance to money and prefer to spend on others to fulfill their own needs instead of increasing their level of comfort. If their stars were not afflicted, they would enjoy good professional status and earn good wealth. Health and family fronts will definitely require attention and careful handling.

Pisces Aries Compatibility

Pisces Aries Compatibility

A strong relationship between Pisces and Aries can be difficult to build. Both of them give more importance to physical experiences in their relationship which it becomes very difficult for them to have a spiritual connection. For this reason, there can be a lot of trouble in forming an intimate relationship between them. They give importance to their needs more than the needs of each other. Because of this also mutual attachment or love cannot be established between the two. Aries give more importance to physical connection whereas, for Pisces, emotional connection is more important. Aries does not give Pisces a chance to express their desires.  Read More About Pisces Aries Compatibility

Pisces Taurus Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus give more importance to joy and happiness in their relationship. While Taurus is ready to adopt every method to increase love, Pisces works to strengthen the relationship by maintaining a balance between the two. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is considered a symbol of mystery, indulgence, and satisfaction. This has a positive effect on their relationship as well. They are lost in each other in such a way that they don’t care about the world. They can enjoy the ultimate happiness of their relationship while being engrossed in each other. However, Pisces soon leave the world of dreams and return to the factual world. Read More About Pisces Taurus Compatibility

Pisces Taurus Compatibility
Pisces Gemini Compatibility

Pisces Gemini Compatibility

Creativity in a relationship is of special importance to Gemini. Pisces fails to reconcile with her in this matter, due to which there can be trouble in establishing a strong relationship between the two. Both these zodiac signs are considered to be ruled by the planets Mercury and Jupiter respectively, this can greatly affect the coordination between them. However, one of the reasons for not being able to balance between them can also be considered to be the opposite thinking and nature of both. For Pisces, it is necessary to have both love and intimacy in a relationship, while Gemini is considered to be adept at maintaining a relationship without love. Read More About Pisces Gemini Compatibility

Pisces Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer’s relationship are known for love and romance. The intimate relationship between them also depends on the emotional connection between the two. Both of them pay special attention to the quality of their relationship, they like to spend maximum time with each other. Cancerians especially work on developing feelings as well as physical connections in their relationship. Cancerians are known to be experts in taking care of their partners. Pisces can be greatly influenced by this nature of theirs. They also try their best to praise their partner and give them all possible happiness. Read More About Pisces Cancer Compatibility

Pisces Cancer Compatibility
Pisces Leo Compatibility

Pisces Leo Compatibility

This can become both a good and a bad relationship between the two zodiac signs. Leos are known to be selfish to a great extent, they do not give much consideration to the feelings and desires of their partner. For this reason, Pisces may dislike him, on the other hand, Leo may not consider him a strong personality. Because of this, there is no balance in their relationship. However, despite being of different natures, there can be love between them and they can be attracted to each other. It is a different matter that nothing can be said about whether their relationship will last for a long time or not. Read More About Pisces Leo Compatibility

Pisces Virgo Compatibility

Pisces and Virgo can be attracted to each other even though there is a lot of difference in their nature. Pisces understands the shy and rational nature of Virgo very well and is afraid to enter into a relationship because of this. They are comfortable with each other but are afraid to take their relationship further. However, a deep intimate relationship can definitely be established between them. Due to the lack of trust between the two, they are unable to connect deeply with each other. Virgo does not like the flirtatious style of Pisces. They like seriousness in a relationship while Pisces like to have fun and spend a lot of time with each other. Read More About Pisces Virgo Compatibility

Pisces Virgo Compatibility
Pisces Libra Compatibility

Pisces Libra Compatibility

Nothing is common between these two zodiac signs. Being air and water zodiac signs, they are very different from each other. But while being with each other, they always take care of each other. Due to the influence of Venus on them, a special intimate relationship can be established between the two. Both treat each other very gently and simply. For this reason, they definitely get a chance to know each other but they are not able to connect with each other. Librans look for passion, confidence, and love in their relationship partner. Pisces, on the other hand, look for gentleness, compassion, and gentleness in their partner. Read More About Pisces Libra Compatibility

Pisces Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio give more importance to sentimentality in a relationship. This helps a lot in getting the right coordination between the two. Both of them have similar thinking about their relationship to a great extent, due to which the relationship between them can get stronger with time. Although Scorpio may not express his feelings very much, this may make it difficult for Pisces to understand him. On the other hand, Pisces do not hesitate to share their feelings with their partner. Overall, both these zodiac signs can maintain their relationship in a better way. Read More About Pisces Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces Scorpio Compatibility
Pisces Sagittarius Compatibility

Pisces Sagittarius Compatibility

A fun-filled relationship can be formed between these two zodiac signs. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are very artistic and honest in their relationship. But even after this, there are ups and downs in their relationship. Because of this, both may be disappointed in their relationship. Pisces usually make small things a subject of debate, and Sagittarius may find this nature of theirs childish. Due to the day-to-day arguments, their relationship starts to weaken a lot, which can also become the reason for their separation in the future. Sagittarians start considering the relationship as a burden mainly because of the non-commitment of Pisces. Read More About Pisces Sagittarius Compatibility

Pisces Capricorn Compatibility

A deep spiritual connection can be formed between Pisces and Capricorn. While one maintains the rationality of a relationship, the other specializes in building love and trust. This makes the relationship between both of them even more attractive and communicates love between them. Since both like each other in every way, a special intimate relationship can also develop between them. To maintain balance in their relationship, they give special importance to each other’s wishes and feelings. Also if they spend more time together then a strong trusting relationship can be established between them. Read More About Pisces Capricorn Compatibility

Pisces Capricorn Compatibility
Pisces Aquarius Compatibility

Pisces Aquarius Compatibility

Both these zodiac signs are known to share an exciting life together. Although they do not get tied in any strong bond, an emotional bond is definitely formed between them. Pisces people pay more attention to a mental connection with their partner, physical connection is not so easy for them. Aquarius puts physical connection first, so Pisces can often feel uncomfortable around them. Due to showing monotony towards the relationship, Pisces people start considering them boring after a time. But if they want, they can make some changes in their relationship and make it successful. Read More About Pisces Aquarius Compatibility...

Pisces Pisces Compatibility

Being of the same zodiac, it may take time for both to come close to each other. Since the thoughts and desires of both are the same, there can be many difficulties in forming a love relationship between them. Both can connect with each other emotionally but it may take time to build a loving relationship between them. Since they have complete knowledge of each other, they shy away from initiating anything with each other. They are also afraid of exposing each other’s weaknesses. Being of the same zodiac, they fail to fulfill each other’s desires. There is always a fear in joining them together that they might get cheated. Read More About Pisces Pisces Compatibility

Pisces Pisces Compatibility

Pisces Compatible Signs

Best Match for Pisces – Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn

The people of Pisces are calm and gentle, and there is a deep dedication toward their relationships. They give place to their partner in their heart. Their nature is generous and affectionate, but with these qualities, Pisces can adjust in a relationship, but other than that how much do other zodiac signs match with these qualities of Pisces? This is a great question. Zodiac signs that are best compatible with Pisces on the basis of element and guna dosha include Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn. It does not take long for these zodiac signs to gain compatibility with Pisces. The emotional and sacrificial nature of Scorpio and Cancer helps Pisces to build and build a better relationship with them. At the same time, Pisces shares a great intellectual level with Capricorn of the Air element. In short, Pisces is most compatible with Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Pisces is the Least Compatible Zodiac Sign

Unfavorable signs for Pisces – Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius

The people of Pisces are simple, soft, and comfortable. They have mastery over a household and are not in favor of making much noise. However, at times he is mistaken for egoistic and self-centered due to his introverted nature. Although this is a half-truth, Pisces love to fantasize, so they prefer to spend more time with themselves. But there are some signs of the zodiac, who have to face some difficulties in syncing with these qualities of Pisces. These zodiac signs include Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius, these zodiac signs belong to air and fire elements, people face difficulties in maintaining relationships with the water element. Libra’s extroverted nature doesn’t mesh well with Pisces’ introverted nature, while Gemini’s indifference to relationships can be heartbreaking for the emotional Pisces. Apart from these two signs, Sagittarius of the fire element is the exact opposite of Pisces, and finding common ground between them is a difficult task due to their impulsive and intense nature. Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius people of these three zodiac signs have to face difficulties in balancing their relationship with Pisces and maintaining it for a long time. Overall, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are not able to achieve compatibility in their relationship with Pisces.

Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces is a mutable sign of the zodiac. They are emotionally attached to their friends. Sometimes they are lost in their own world too. They prefer friends who are helpful and reliable. He likes to do artistic work. Not only this, but they also like to do mysterious and imaginative work.

Pisces Love Compatibility

As a lover, Pisces is one of the best signs of the zodiac. In love relationships, Pisces have good relationships with almost every zodiac sign except for a few exceptions. Even among these zodiac signs, if we talk about the best love match, then Pisces with Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn share a common goal in a love relationship and are able to share things with each other easily. The sociable nature of these zodiac signs also helps them in this.

Pisces Marriage Compatibility

The nature of Pisces is very conducive to maintaining and growing any relationship. People of Pisces are able to move their married life forward very easily. However, when it comes to their marriage relations with Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces then their marriage relations can be considered as the best. The lord of these zodiac signs and their qualities, defects, and nature help in building relationships with Pisces and reaching the set goal. Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn are the most favorable and comfortable signs for Pisces to get married.

Pisces Compatibility Percentage

You have to be unaware of the qualities and abilities that the Pisces man hides. Those who call Pisces the last sign of the zodiac should be aware that this is only true on paper. With respect to relationships with other zodiac signs, they already hold the top rank. If you are planning to hang out with a Pisces make sure you take the compatibility test and know your chances of winning a Pisces’ heart. Because of their high level of susceptibility, imagination, and vision, Pisces often maintain a low profile. In other words, you’ll miss them when they’re gone. Since Pisces is represented by fish, these men and women, just like fish cannot survive without water, Pisces men and women cannot survive without their close ones. Thus, in order to match their level of connection with a person, you need to be in an area that understands the need for nurturing and care. Check out Pisce’s compatibility with other zodiac signs and find out how well they will get along well with Pisces. Their friendship, love, marriage, and sexual compatibility can be said to be 88% accurate.

Pisces Compatibility Chart

Friendship Love  Marriage Sex Overall
Pisces – Aries Medium  Medium  Low  Medium  Medium 
Pisces – Taurus High High High High High
Pisces – Gemini Low Low Low Low Low
Pisces – Cancer High High High High High
Pisces – Leo Medium Medium  Medium  High  Medium 
Pisces – Virgo Medium  High  Medium  Medium  Medium 
Pisces – Libra Low Low Low Low Low
Pisces – Scorpio High High High High High
Pisces – Sagittarius Low Low Low Low Low
Pisces – Capricorn High High High High High
Pisces – Aquarius Low Medium  Medium  Medium  Medium 
Pisces – Pisces High High High High High

Wrapping Up

Pisces people have great compassion for others and have the ability to alleviate their suffering by helping people practically. They get easily attracted to the people around them. They also show little or no resistance to people they know are bad and have a harmful influence. They are very loyal to their friends, provided they are given the kind of respect they deserve. They handle all situations with an amenableness and impress the natives around them with their dedication and commitment. They are fond of traveling and like to see nature in its true form. You can know in detail about Pisces compatibility through astrology phone consultation.



In which zodiac sign should a Pisces get married?

Pisces can find their life partner in these three zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer. Pisces and Taurus give importance to love. They both believe in a long-lasting relationship and work hard to maintain it. They both have similar values, so their shared values can be their strong point.

With whom is Pisces not compatible?

Pisces tend to put Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius on the backburner as they fail to meet their expectations at every level.

Who is attracted to Pisces?

Because the other water signs of the zodiac tend to be land-based, a partnership with Cancer or Scorpio can be very fulfilling for Pisces. They just ~get each other~. Similarly, Virgo (Pisces’ opposite sign) is also known for their kindness and generous nature, which can be a lovely match for Pisces’ softness.

Are Pisces romantic?

The twelfth sun sign Pisces is considered to be the most romantic and emotional love partner on the list. Pisces are intuitive and sensitive. It is often said that a person who falls in Pisces gets the best partner for a lifetime.

Are Pisces loyal in relationships?

Pisces are extremely honest to the people they love, whether it is about relationships or friendship, if Pisces chose, they will be with them and their loyalty will not be questioned can’t be picked up.

Are Pisces in bed?

Pisces thrive on sensual experiences that are highly sensitive, sensual, and romantic. They are intended to serve their partner and seek a loving relationship that creates a union not just between two bodies, but between two souls.

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