Aquarius Compatibility

It is the eleventh air sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Saturn. People born in this zodiac are usually tall and have oval faces. Usually, they are fair in color and look beautiful. They are kind, original, simple, energetic, and methodical. They are honest with their friends and enjoy immense respect in their social circle. He is a great admirer of the beauty of nature and prefers soft and melodious music.

Aquarius Aries Compatibility

Aquarius Aries Compatibility

The combination of Aquarius and Aries is considered very good for both. Both these zodiac signs are known for better exchange of ideas with each other. They do not shy away from sharing any of their feelings with each other, a simple communication is the soul of their relationship. Aquarians are open-minded and Aries also believe in keeping their words straight. They always learn from each other and complement each other. Although sometimes his ego can come in between the relationship between the two. Aries is a bit shy and serious in nature while Aquarius believes in the fun. Read More About Aquarius Aries Compatibility

Aquarius Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus are considered quite opposite to each other. Where Aquarius believes in molding themselves according to their relationship, it is very difficult for Taurus to change themselves for anyone. They don’t find each other attractive and full of fun at all. It also affects the intimate relationship between the two. Along with this, due to their lack of mutual agreement on anything, a situation of difference always remains between the two. A loving and spiritual relationship between the two can be formed only when they show complete agreement with each other’s thinking. Read More About Aquarius Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius Taurus Compatibility
Aquarius Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius Gemini Compatibility

According to astrology, the combination of Aquarius and Gemini is considered very auspicious. The association of these two zodiac signs is considered spiritual and not physical. They give more importance to a spiritual connection than a physical connection. Their attraction toward each other is mainly due to their rational nature and intellectual inclination. Both are looking for a serious and intelligent partner. Both Aquarius and Gemini stand completely on each other’s test. However, there is a bit of childishness in Gemini about the relationship, which Aquarius overcomes with their intelligence. Read More About Aquarius Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius Cancer Compatibility

The relationship between these two zodiac signs can be stressful. Simply put, Cancerians are very sensitive, and Aquarius doesn’t understand their sensitivity. Due to this, unknowingly, the feelings of Cancerians can get hurt. This can create a rift in the relationship between the two, which can be very difficult to fill. If either of them gets hurt in their relationship then they can separate from each other. Because of this also their relationship does not last long. The main reason for this is the negligible emotional connection between the two. However, if both try at their own level, then their relationship can improve to a great extent. Read More About Aquarius Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius Cancer Compatibility
Aquarius Leo Compatibility

Aquarius Leo Compatibility

The combination of Aquarius and Leo is not considered good from an astrological point of view, but still, both can attract each other. Leo people have more tendency to dominate others. Because of this Aquarius may dislike them. But if we talk about their intimate relationship then a romantic relationship can be formed between the two. Despite disliking each other’s habits, deep love can develop between them. However, the love between them does not last long. Even after this, if they remain bound in this relationship under any pressure, then they may have to face trouble and tension in the coming days. Read More About Aquarius Leo Compatibility

Aquarius Virgo Compatibility

Finding the right match between Aquarius and Virgo can be difficult. The reason for this could be the ideological differences between the two as well as the lack of spiritual connection. It can also be very difficult to have an intimate relationship between these two zodiac signs. Due to the huge difference in the views of both, they are not able to come close to each other. Due to a lack of trust in each other, their physical connection is also not possible. The shy nature of Virgo can also create hurdles in starting their relationship. If the beginning is not good for the people of Aquarius, then they keep their distance from it. Read More About Aquarius Virgo Compatibility

Aquarius Virgo Compatibility
Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Both Aquarius and Libra understand each other’s wants and needs very well. That’s why a very special relationship can be formed between them. They can be each other’s friends as well as lovers. They can share their thoughts with each other without any hesitation. This can make their relationship even stronger. Librans do not give much importance to what other people think about them, Aquarius on the other hand do not make any special opinion about anyone. This can prove to be beneficial for their relationship, it can lead to more bonding between the two. Read More About Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility

A relationship of passion and passion can be maintained between Aquarius and Scorpio. However, due to the lack of honesty in the relationship, it does not take much time to break this relationship. At first sight, Aquarius may like Scorpio but with the passage of time, their relationship may become boring for both. They can build a deep intimate relationship with each other but it can be difficult for them to connect mentally. Being air and water zodiac signs, they cannot have an emotional relationship. For any successful relationship, it is considered very important for two people to have a mental and physical connection. Read More About Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility
Aquarius Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius are considered perfectly compatible with each other. Both these zodiac signs are known for better coordination. There is deep emotional attachment as well as intimate love between them. There is a never-ending attraction between these zodiac signs for each other. They are also ready to make any kind of compromise to make their relationship successful. However, there is hardly any chance of agreement between them. They make mutual efforts to maintain the beauty of their relationship. There is never any room for a third person in the relationship between Aquarius and Sagittarius. Read More About Aquarius Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius Capricorn Compatibility

Despite having many similarities between Aquarius and Capricorn, they are quite different from each other. The lord planets of both are also similar, but in spite of this, there remains a situation of ideological differences between them. This dissimilarity between them can also be due to the fact that they are of different zodiac signs. The sign of Capricorn is Earth while that of Aquarius is air. Capricorn needs deep attraction and respect in order for their relationship with Aquarius to progress. They do not get both of these from the people of Aquarius. During this time they do not think about anything else. Read More About Aquarius Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius Capricorn Compatibility
Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius match with Aquarius can be better for an intimate relationship but not for an emotional relationship. They focus more on physical contact than on emotions, due to which a strong relationship does not develop between them. Both have the same thinking but as a partner, they look for a completely opposite partner. Aquarians can maintain a good friendship with each other but in the matter of love relationships, there is no balance between them. Since both know each other’s habits, there is a lack of trust between them. For this reason, also they are afraid to bond with each other. Read More About Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Pisces Compatibility

The combination of these two zodiac signs is considered very exciting. According to Vedic astrology also, the combination of people with Aquarius and Pisces is considered very suitable. The string of their relationship mainly depends on the mutual trust and emotional connection between the two. If Pisces fails to maintain a mutual relationship with Aquarius, then this connection between them can also break. Pisces wants to stay away from Aquarius in case they start feeling cheated in love. Actually, Pisces are afraid of getting their hearts broken. Aquarius tries to fully stand up to Pisces’ needs and expectations. Read More About Aquarius Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius Compatible Signs

Best Matches for Aquarius – Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Pisces

Aquarians are very positive and intense when it comes to friendship, it doesn’t take much time for them to be friends with someone and build tuning with them. Behind these qualities of Aquarius lies their broad mind and open heart. The zodiac signs that best match these Aquarius qualities include Aries, Libra, Pisces, and Gemini. The Pisces relationship with Aquarius is well-matched with their shared qualities and easy-going approach, which works to make Pisces more compatible with Aquarius. And the social outlook and adventurous nature of Libra and Gemini work to bring Aquarius closer to them. Aquarians never face any difficulty in building a rapport with Aries, Libra, and Gemini. They have a lot to share with each other and because of the shared qualities they find each other’s habits to suit themselves.

Aquarius is the Least Compatible Zodiac Sign

Unfavorable signs for Aquarius – Virgo, and Scorpio

Because of their open and independent ideology, Aquarius people do not get compatibility with some domestic zodiac signs. Aquarius’ relationships with Virgo, and Scorpio can never be compatible and lasting. The basic qualities of Aquarius do not match with these zodiac signs, or rather, the qualities of these zodiac signs are opposite to the qualities of Aquarius. The adventurous and wanderlust Aquarius can never adjust to the homely and lost in their own world Virgo. On the other hand, the stubborn nature of the people of Pisces and Scorpio is very difficult for Aquarius to control. According to Vedic astrology, the relations of Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio with Aquarius cannot be considered favorable on any basis.

Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

The eleventh house belongs to Aquarius, which is considered the house of friendship, so they behave friendly with everyone. They are modern and full of enthusiasm. They mostly like to be alone and do not want anyone to know them personally. They prefer to make friends with people who are intelligent and interesting. True and proud Aquarians consider friendship sacred.

Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius people have a special place for their love partner. If you are dating an Aquarius, then there is every possibility that your qualities and defects match each other on some level in many ways. Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini are the predominant people dating an Aquarius. People of these zodiac signs find it easy to build rapport with Aquarius and maintain the relationship for a long time. On the basis of Vedic assessment, people of Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini along with Aquarius are considered most favorable in love relations.

Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

People of Aquarius never back down from their responsibilities after getting tied in the holy bond of marriage. They work to give enough time and enough space to their life partner in their married life. Those who harmonize best with these Aquarius qualities include Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini. With these zodiac signs, the married life of Aquarius is very favorable, it is considered easy. The mutual union of these signs creates very effective and ideal relationships. Along with Aquarius, zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini also get full support from the zodiac lord in their marital relations. On the basis of their qualities, their coordination is excellent. Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini’s marriage with Aquarius make some of the best pairings.

Aquarius Compatibility Percentage

Aquarians are intellectually curious and love to interact with others. These are the most creative people you will ever meet. If you share your relationship with an Aquarius partner, you should know that it is easy to meet your goals as Water Bearers are extremely dedicated individuals who will encourage you to follow suit. Before moving forward in your life with an Aquarius, learn about the many possibilities that you have to sort out by getting a compatibility analysis. Aquarians make wonderful partners in life because they have common goals and are constantly trying new ways, so the couple can look forward to a healthy relationship. Saturn’s conjunction with other planets predicts that they will spend virtuous time together and can anticipate the desired response of their partner. You and your partner are more compatible as the Aquarius man and woman tend to form a close bond. Their friendship, love, marriage, and sexual compatibility can be said to be 95% accurate.

Aquarius Compatibility Chart

Friendship Love  Marriage Sex Overall
Aquarius – Aries High High High High High
Aquarius – Taurus Low Low Low Medium Low
Aquarius – Gemini High High High High High
Aquarius – Cancer Low Medium Medium Medium Medium
Aquarius – Leo Medium  Medium Medium High Medium
Aquarius – Virgo Low Low Low Low Low
Aquarius – Libra High High High High High
Aquarius – Scorpio Low Low Low Low Low
Aquarius – Sagittarius Medium  Medium  Medium  High  Medium 
Aquarius – Capricorn High  High  Medium  High  Medium 
Aquarius – Aquarius High  High  High  High  High 
Aquarius – Pisces High High High High High

Wrapping Up

In the sign of Aquarius, a person is shown pouring water from a water pitcher. That is, their mind is clean and pure like water, as well as it is full of love. Aquarians are intelligent and tactful. Those who love nature and live life independently. They become friends very quickly. Aquarius people take an active part in social work. People of this zodiac don’t argue without logic. His behavior attracts everyone towards you. They are very fond of eating, drinking, and dressing up. They are very honest towards their friends and life partner. You can know in detail about Aquarius compatibility through Astrology Phone Consultation.



Who is the Aquarius soul mate?

Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that makes Aquarius the best partner because of their thirst for knowledge. Also, their level of intelligence also matches.

What is Aquarius attracted to?

Aquarians are very attracted to people who are culturally and politically well-educated and well-versed. They take an almost immediate interest in those who can freely flex their brain muscles.

Is Aquarius true lovers?

Aquarius in love is like being with your best friend all the time. They will make plans for the future with you, they will always be there for you when you need them, and they will always charm you with their thoughts. From time to time, they might even surprise you by showing you their softer side.

What signs does Aquarius dislike?

For Aquarius, there is another zodiac sign that should not get along. Taurus is more relationship-oriented than Aquarius, who is ever looking for freedom, which causes trust matters for the zodiac Taurus.

How loyal is an Aquarius man?

It might surprise you to learn that the air sign Aquarius is renowned for its loyalty. His commitment phobia is also a very real thing! However, when an Aquarius has made up his mind on you, there will be no turning back.

Is Aquarius faithful to marriage?

Aquarians are loyal and will love immensely, so once they’ve included you as part of their ‘inner circle’, you can be sure they’ll stay invested for life. They also feel heartache more deeply than other signs, so be gentle.

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