Cancer Cancer Compatibility

One way to look at the same zodiac compatibility – two similar zodiac signs are twice the goodness and half the craziness. And if the sign is Cancer, then you are in for a gift because, unlike others, they have the potential to be soul mates. Cancer people are known to be very passionate lovers and caring individuals. They have a deep affection for those who are close to them, especially in the matter of love. They will derive great satisfaction from commitment-oriented relationships and make an excellent home incorporating family values and empathy. The Cancer-Cancer compatibility sounds absolutely amazing, but it could be even better if both water babies can control their fluidity and frequent mood swings.

Cancer Cancer Love Compatibility

When it comes to Cancer-Cancer romantic compatibility, the success percentage is incredibly high. What else do you expect when two very passionate, loving, and caring people meet? Cancer is considered a symbol of closeness and family love.

According to Love Marriage Astrology, when two Cancer people come together in love, they are usually very clear about their feelings towards each other. As a result, they enjoy a peaceful and mutually satisfying relationship as there is no hidden agenda involved. Their feelings are best shared, dealt with, and understood when they share a life and home together.

Cancer Cancer Marriage

Cancer is the zodiac that believes in living an ideal life. Family, children, life partner, picnic, green backyard, and peaceful environment is what they dream of. As per Marriage astrology they would never do anything that would hurt anyone close to them, especially if it is their life partner as they value human feelings and respect the people around them. They are polite, gentle, and very loving in nature. It is only understandable to imagine that they would expect the same from other people. And if you think practically, then there is no one better than Cancer who can match the virtues of equal devotion to family and friends. So, despite some ups and downs, which are natural, two Cancerians together would make a great married couple and it would not be wrong to consider them as soul mates. In fact, they would probably be the best partner for themselves in the entire zodiac.

Cancer Cancer Relationship

Love and lots of emotions make for a romantic relationship between Cancer and Cancer. When they get into a relationship, we get a love that lasts. Cancerians are fiercely devoted and extremely loyal to their partner and when they receive the same kind of devotion and loyalty from the other side, love is bound to blossom. The Cancer-Cancer relationship compatibility works because they both understand each other in a way that no one does and no one else can. They have an idea of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know how to bring both passion and peace to their relationship.

Their ultimate goal is the same i.e. a home and a family, which motivates them first and foremost. Whether they are lovers or friends or siblings, one can never see them hurting each other. Cancerians are so sensitive and emotional that they cannot hurt anyone let alone each other. However, they need to keep a check on their temper and their possessive nature. Thinking too much or not giving enough freedom to your partner can be the reason for many quarrels in this beautiful relationship.

Cancer Cancer Friendship

The relationship between two similar zodiac signs can be a bit tricky because here we are talking about two individuals who have similar qualifications in their astrological background. and since they come from the same element, no one can predict anything significant; It can go anywhere. Luckily, when it comes to Cancer, they always have a good rapport with the twins in their horoscope. And as for friendship, it is as beautiful as it can be.

Cancer is a water sign, so they value human emotions more than anything else which forms the basis of most of their relationships. Friendships also benefit from this special aspect and last for a long time. They stand by each other through thick and thin and make sure that their partner feels at home whenever they are around. Cancer-Cancer friendship compatibility can be highly valued because it is practical and forthright.

Cancer And Cancer in Bed / Cancer Cancer Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to getting into an intimate relationship with someone, Cancerians seem to have it all figured out. They have a good sense of timing and know exactly when to make their move. Also, they intend to connect emotionally with their partner which is a great advantage for an exciting sex life.

Another cool thing about Cancer man sexual compatibility is that they don’t need much time to open up and be comfortable. Since the basis of their relationship is a deep emotional connection, they will naturally engage in romantic encounters and take things forward. Although it may seem a bit boring because they lack initial erection, Cancer hardly cares for such a thing.

Two Cancer people together can be as boring as they can be exciting because sometimes they may lack the necessary motivation that a couple needs to spice things up from time to time. This can lead to intimacy problems, a decreased appetite for sex, or worse. So in order to have better and more satisfying sexual compatibility, Cancer must learn to use new ways to make their relationship more interesting.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility Percentage

When two Cancerians get together, it is a virtual feast as it is possible to share without misunderstanding. It is only possible for a Cancerian to soothe the other member of the same zodiac sign in the very language that they understand best. There may be petty squabbles, but both are equally adept at pacifying each other as both are aware of their own inner workings. There is mutual sympathy and discussions often take place about possible solutions to problems. However, this is only when there is sufficient intelligence to spot the errors and thus the situation is likely to improve rather than become more complicated. Two Cancer compatibility results in a better balance 96% of the time.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

A cancer man and a Cancer woman make the most beautiful pair. It all sounds so wonderful and romantic as if it were a flawless match, which is absolutely true for the most part. Their loyalty and complete dedication to creating an ideal household make them even better life partners.

Cancer man is highly emotional and just needs a responsive partner when in a relationship. So two crabs together would be a perfect match. They can expect equal emotional support from their twin and share an excellent understanding of each other’s needs.

Cancer men and Cancer women both hate loneliness and cannot function alone, so they are one of the few signs that are always looking for partners. Together, they’ll cling to each other for dear life and never let go.

However, Cancerians, whether men or women, always find it difficult to make rational choices or practical decisions. Well, they are a water sign after all and it is only natural to expect the same from them. But the point here is that this leads to disagreements and a little friction between an ideal couple. But still, the relationship compatibility between Cancer men and Cancer women is so strong that they cannot be affected by some conflicts and hence, they will be perfectly fine in spite of it all.

The union between a female and a male Cancer is absolutely phenomenal, and with a little more understanding, nothing should ever affect their partnership.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility Chart

The most commendable thing about this couple is the complete dedication of their vows to each other and the emotional bond they shared. Their safety is like a charm in keeping their love safe and always moving towards and maintaining perfect domesticity. In the case of a Cancer or Cancer relationship, the couple is likely to share their sad stories when they meet for the first time. But, they are also emotionally sensitive, and it can help to be comfortable and understand each other which will lead to a stronger relationship.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility


They can connect emotionally and intellectually. A woman is attracted to a Cancer man because of his strong convictions. This couple wants similar things in their life as they have the same sun sign. Although their hobbies and interests may be different, they both respect each other’s preferences and likes. Since Cancerians are extremely sensitive, it is difficult for other signs to understand their needs. Only Cancerians can gain knowledge about their Cancerian life partner.


If you’re looking for a lover of non-verbal communication, look to Cancer. If the two of them are present, especially in an intimate relationship, they may remain silent for several days, this is the period until their inner feelings remain positive.


Why should they trust each other in a relationship where they don’t care about the ego boosted by having an affair, a younger partner, or a fantasy love story? If two Cancers look at each other like this, then there is nothing to fear and they can trust each other completely.


Cancerians are masters of building relationships when they meet the most suitable person in terms of the intimacy of the relationship. If two Cancers really love each other and are in love, they will find the deepest part of their emotional life in their sexual relationship. However, if they get confirmation that they are loved because of their physical contact, they will not be bothered.


Cancerians understand each other’s rhythm. Not being blissfully happy all the time – that’s what makes friendship special – like soulmates who share a range of emotions – including sentimentality and sadness. They often use their friendship as a launching pad for a successful business. Sometimes, their extreme mood swings can cause them to lash out at each other.


The cancer man and Cancer woman relationship are intimate, warm, calming, and romantic in mood. The couple is patient and takes time to get to know each other. Expect something extraordinary when this couple enters into a relationship.


They will have common values in this part of the relationship and will get to know each other completely. Their equality is emphasized in this area, where they can enjoy emotional peace, tranquility, and a peaceful, loving family life. This can keep them in a loving relationship, even if they don’t seem like the ideal couple in the beginning.

Wrapping Up

The relationship between the two Cancerians is a perfect match. Both are good mentally and emotionally. Crabs always try hard to create an ideal relationship, which makes it easy for them to give their full commitment. This relationship needs spontaneity and a little compromise. Both should work hard to become less authoritarian. It doesn’t matter how compatible they are, if one feels suffocated, the relationship is in jeopardy. Similarly, bringing up past disagreements and arguments can make heated arguments worse. If they only focus on fixing their current problem and stick to it, it will make their relationship stronger. The more they dwell on the past, the more their relationship will stop moving forward. If both follow the right thoughts as per the guidance of online astrology consultation, they will leave no room for insecurity and infidelity, leading to a relationship that is true.



Is Cancer and Cancer a good match?

Cancer and Cancer have same zodiac signs, so they are a good couple and their overall compatibility is 96%.

Can Cancer and Cancer be Soulmates?

Cancer and Cancer partner compatibility is excellent so they can be good soulmates.

Can a Cancer woman date a Cancer man?

Cancer women and Cancer men’s love compatibility is 93%, so a Cancer woman can date a Cancer man.

Can Cancer and Cancer get married?

Cancer and Cancer marriage compatibility is 95% so they both can get married.

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