Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Okay, so here we have the crab and the archer, signs who are as patient and highly sensitive as a saint. While Cancerians have tough exteriors and soft hearts, Sagittarius is known to be warm, loving, and extremely candid. We are talking about two zodiac signs that are as far apart in terms of personality as they are in the horoscope cycle. But as they say, opposites attract, Cancer and Sagittarius also have the potential to get along great and have a good time.

Both Ascendants learn and grow over time, and together, they will slowly discover the exciting qualities in each other and how they can make it even better. Although it might take them a little longer to get comfortable with each other and trust each other, that’s what happens sometimes and besides, it’s all for the best. Cancer Sagittarius compatibility is one of its kind and you never know what is going to happen.

Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility

When together, Cancer and Sagittarius will never find themselves attracted to each other, but they will definitely feel the chemistry emerging between them. Eventually, as the feeling turns into feelings, they will become romantically involved. Cancer Sagittarius’s romantic compatibility is quite interesting. Then, for the love spell to work on both zodiac signs, they need to invest some more time in this relationship.

Cancer is a zodiac sign that is probably the most passionate of the entire horoscope mix. Therefore, they will only be comfortable with a fully committed arrangement. If they are with someone who likes to keep a loose grip on their relationship then it really frustrates them. This may jeopardize their relationship with a Sagittarius partner as they are independent lovers and may not always be available to console their romantic counterparts. It seems that water and fire signs do pretty well in every relationship aspect except love. Therefore, it would be unfair to expect according to Love Marriage Astrology an overly romantic match between Cancer and Sagittarius. 

Cancer Sagittarius Marriage

Cancer and Sagittarius need to work their way up to even a little bit of what people consider compatibility. Since these signs come from different elemental backgrounds like water and fire, it is even more difficult for them to find peace with each other’s opposite personalities. This makes for a very unusual and incompatible type of match. According to Marriage astrology, there is no point in expecting them to have a happily married life unless they both magically turn into two highly complementary signs. Thus, Cancer and Sagittarius cannot be considered soulmates.

Cancer Sagittarius Relationship

Archer is always spouting truth that hurts, though not intentionally, but emotion-driven Cancer doesn’t take it well. And since crabs reflect the vibrations of the moon, they are easily swayed by anything that seems harmful to them. If you think about it practically, this is something you would never want in your partner.

A successful Cancer Sagittarius relationship compatibility is subject to timing. And we say this because, despite the initial turmoil, these signs still have a pretty good chance of making things work by giving themselves some more time together. They can live well if they are willing to openly acknowledge the validity of each other’s particular ideologies. And if somehow they can appreciate this philosophical difference between them, they are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Cancer Sagittarius Friendship

Out of all the relationships between these two zodiac signs, friendship is probably the only relationship where they behave naturally and are most comfortable with each other. They have great respect for their partner and derive satisfaction from mutually exciting activities.

Initially, Cancer may be infatuated with the powerful and forthright attitude of their Sagittarius partner, but as they progress in their relationship, he or she will learn to appreciate the emotional connection between them and develop a sense of security towards their friendship.

From the point of view of Sagittarius, this relationship is a serious lesson for them. They will get a chance to interact with someone who is miles apart in terms of outlook and emotional depth. It may sound harsh but in the end, they will have a memorable time together.

The Cancer Sagittarius friendship compatibility is a classic example of the age-old saying ‘opposites attract’.

Cancer And Sagittarius in Bed / Cancer Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Unfortunately, Cancer is unlikely to find that alluring sexual chemistry with a Sagittarius partner that could make this union a worthwhile pairing. But if somehow, against all odds, these signs are able to find a physical connection between them, they will enjoy a great time together in the bedroom.

Emotional connection with each other can make their sex life more fulfilling and satisfying. Cancer ascendant is ruled by the Moon and they will probably do anything to make their partner feel special and needed. Whereas Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and it will bring in the essential elements of compassion and warmth in this relationship.

The Cancer Sagittarius sexual compatibility may not look that great on paper but that does not mean that it should be completely ignored. If both signs are willing to amend the way they approach this whole concept of courtship, they can do much better together.

Cancer And Sagittarius Compatibility Percentage

Sagittarius and Cancer have widely different approaches to life. Emotions and convention are the guidelines for Cancer, while it is more likely that Sagittarius will wander restlessly from place to place. It can be very difficult for Sagittarius to understand the mood swings of Cancer. In turn, Cancer may find it difficult to accept Sagittarius’s whirling steps. Cancer can offer a comfortable home where Sagittarius can safely find shelter for their dreams and desires. The independent spirit of Sagittarius can give the more laid-back Cancer some excitement which can be very refreshing. Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility matches as low as 38%.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Now, this is an interesting match because you would think that an emotional and feminine Moon Maiden would be the best fit for the independent and very masculine Archer. But reality shows that there is a significant difference in the individual personality of both zodiac signs.

The Cancer woman is inclined towards collectivist values and emphasizes creating a nurturing environment filled with family enthusiasm and paternalism. Paradoxically, Archer is an avid traveler and stops by from time to time to say hello to his family. He does not feel a deep sense of duty and devotion towards his relatives. However, the Crab girl will appreciate how the Sagittarius man admires her beauty and the fact that he has room in his heart for his family. But she would prefer to despise his love of freedom.

They represent the personality, perhaps on a smaller scale, but that is an important distinction in itself and tells a lot about their contrasting personalities. It is hard to imagine a Cancer woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility as it does not seem promising at all and indicates a deeper level of understanding between the couple to create harmony.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility Chart

Freedom is of the utmost importance to a Sagittarius while staying grounded and finding emotional shelter is far more important to a Cancer. Their needs are reflected in their attitudes towards life and relationships. It may not be possible for them to achieve much as a single unit, but as a couple, they can really accomplish something. Any conflict that may arise can be resolved very easily if the value of their relationship is realized and the values of the other are respected.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility


Sagittarius and Cancer make a difficult love relationship. Cancer is concerned with emotions and home security. That is why it is difficult for them to get along with Sagittarius who is impulsive and flirtatious. They prefer to opt for thrilling adventures rather than a sedentary lifestyle, unlike their crab companions.


If Cancer can allow Sagittarius to provide their own kind of security, then this is the most positive factor in this relationship. There is a very special kind of security they can provide to each other once they learn to accept their differences with an open heart. As far as communication is concerned, if there are no barriers and differences are taken as positive values, the relationship between Sagittarius and Cancer will be grounded and blissful.


This creates a bridge between the two. This disrupts Cancer’s trust, causing various conflicts and misunderstandings that can bring them to a point where the relationship loses any real essence.


This can be challenging for Cancerians as they always shy away from things that make them feel embarrassed and insecure. Sagittarius will also have to play its part and lower its expectations of how dynamic and creative its partners can be. This can help them to have a satisfying lovemaking experience rather than an unfulfilled sexual thrill.


Cancer and Sagittarius are an odd pairing. The sensitive Crab can burst into tears at the drop of a hat, while the optimistic Archer doesn’t want to let anyone break her stride. Cancer is great at creating a comfortable, prosperous home life, while Sagittarius prefers to live out of a suitcase. Their friendship alliance is really strong and scary.


Cancer and Sagittarius make an extremely incompatible pair. While Crabs are extremely sensitive and like to stay in their comfort zone, Sagittarians like to be spontaneous and adventurous. So when the archer comes together with the crab, there is sure to be a sense of tension, and even if their relationship works out, it can never be without its ups and downs.


Even though these couples value completely different things, they have the same passion for knowledge. Also, Cancer generally values Sagittarius’s honesty and ability to act on their emotional impulse, while Sagittarius values Cancer’s devotion to love and compassion. One is a fire sign while the other is a water sign, and thus it is hard for them to reconcile what they believe in and value.

Wrapping Up

The only problem that can arise between Cancer and Sagittarius is their tendency to be careless towards each other’s feelings, especially when Cancer becomes tactless and Scorpio becomes secretive. The Cancer-Scorpio pairing needs a sense of loyalty and trust, which includes sharing how they feel about certain issues. If they can’t overcome being secretive and ignoring each other when problems arise, their relationship will slowly be consumed by pride and anger. According to online astrology consultation, the relationship they share can be improved if they make simple adjustments under the guidance of an expert astrologer.



Is Cancer and Sagittarius a good match?

Cancer and Sagittarius are different zodiac signs so they are not a very good couple and their overall compatibility is 38%.

Can Cancer and Sagittarius be Soulmates?

Cancer and Sagittarius life partner compatibility is low, so the chances of them becoming ideal life partners may be low.

Can a Cancer woman date a Sagittarius man?

Cancer and Sagittarius are different zodiac signs so they are not a good couple and their overall compatibility is 36%.

Can Cancer and Sagittarius get married?

Cancer and Sagittarius marriage compatibility is 59%, hence, the chances of marriage between them are medium.

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