Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Constellation

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the eleventh Nakshatra in the series of lunar Nakshatras or Nakshatras in Vedic astrology. It comes under Leo with its four stages or positions. The word Purva means previous or east and together with Purva Phalguni refers to the earlier red or small fig tree. The main theme of this Nakshatra is relaxation, rejuvenation, and enjoyment. Figs are a symbol of fertility, peace, and abundance which will be prominent in the life of a person born in this Nakshatra.

Purva Phalguni Constellation

The symbol of Purvaphalguni Nakshatra is the foot of the bed or the swinging hammock which is indicative of rest and relaxation. People born in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra are sociable and social by nature. They have a friendly and affectionate nature and love to be with their friends and loved ones.

Purva Phalguni Natchathiram

A person born in Purva Phalguni Natchathiram is very brave, makes many people angry, and is clever but cunning, lusty, and rough. They may have a long face and are generally handsome. They do not like underhand dealing and, given a chance, want to prevent others from indulging in those activities. Their independent nature often makes it difficult to enjoy the confidence of their superiors.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra lord

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the eleventh Nakshatra in the series of 27 Nakshatras. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra comes in the expansion area of 133:20 degrees to 146.40 degrees in the constellation zodiac. Purva Falguni Nakshatra is in Leo zodiac sign from 13 degrees 20 minutes to 26 degrees 40 minutes. The presiding deity of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is Bhaga, who is one of the twelve sons of Aditi, the mother of the Sun. Sun is the Rashi Swami and the Nakshatra lord is Venus.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Celebrities

  • John f Kennedy
  • Dilip Kumar
  • PT Usha
  • Rajiv Gandhi Jayanti
  • mother of Jesus
  • Dalai Lama
  • Flower Garden
  • Vidya Balan
  • Justin Gatlin

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Rashi

All the people born in Purvaphalguni Nakshatra come under the Leo zodiac sign. Apart from this, talking about the position of the Moon at the time of birth, the position of the Moon varies from 13.20 degrees to 26.40 degrees. Keep reading this entire page to know about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra love life, Pubba Nakshatra marriage compatibility, good or bad for Purva Phalguni Nakshatra natives, etc.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Mantra

ॐ भगप्रणेतर्भगसत्यराधो भगे मां धियमुदवाददन्न: ।
भगप्रजाननाय गोभिरश्वैर्भगप्रणेतृभिर्नुवन्त: स्याम: ।
ॐ भगाय नम: ।

Om Bhagapranetarbhaagasatyaraadho Bhage Maan Dheeyamudavadann:
Bhagaprajaannaay Gobhirshvairbhaagapranetrabhirnuvant: Syaam:
Om Bhagaay Nam:

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Pada 1

The people of Leo Zodiac are helpful and charitable in nature. They are knowledgeable and love to share their knowledge with others. The Sun being the ruling planet in this position makes the natives self-centered and selfish. Apart from this, being a Leo, the person also has qualities like procrastination, laziness, caring, and loyal to his partner.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Pada 2

Natives in Virgo Navamsa are very hardworking. His success will be the result of his hardworking attitude. Due to Mercury being the lord of this place, the person is inauspicious in some cases. However, in terms of career, the native will be success. Being a Virgo, the person also has the quality of being analytical about things, using their instincts, and can be a bit lazy. Also, the person has a deep love for nature and always likes to be surrounded by nature. They may also have a lot of plants or a garden in their house.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Pada 3

Libra natives are very creative and peace-loving. They may be able to open new horizons of their creative skills in peace only. The person has more chances of getting success in the creative field as well. Due to Venus being the lord of this position, the person will be of a calm personality. They will be loving in nature and the combination of these qualities will make people feel very comfortable around them. For some, they will even feel at home. Being a Libra, they naturally have a strong desire for sexual pleasure. Along with this, the person will be grumpy and beautiful as well. They will also be very fond of traveling.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra Pada 4

The people in Scorpio Navamsa are courageous and extreme thinkers. Even a small incident will dominate the minds of the natives for a long time. Since the lord of this house is Mars, the native will give priority to his family over anything and anyone. They live by the motto of family first. If they have to choose between their family or something, they will not think twice because the decision will always be clear. Being a Scorpio, a person also has the quality of being positive in every situation. He is also very passionate about his work and has a very kind nature.

Wrapping Up

The native of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the owner of an attractive personality, thick body, and mixed complexion. The nose is flat. He is of medium height, round face, double chin. The person sweats profusely. The natives of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra behave in a loving manner. He is the master of kindness towards all. Likes to stay away from quarrels and controversies. They want to live life in peace. They also give priority to solving disputes by mutual agreement. If you want to know more about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra then you can Online Jyotish Consultation.


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