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In the Hindu religion, the Sun God is the only deity whom man sees daily. Sun God has been considered the most powerful planet among the nine planets and all the planets revolve around him. If the sun is giving inauspicious results in a person’s horoscope, then that person fails in every field. That person will neither get fame nor respect for his work. In such a situation, by installing the Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra in your home or business with the rules and regulations, you can get rid of all these problems. Surya Yantra personifies willpower, energy, bravery, leadership, and authority. This Yantra is used to treat the malefic effects of the planet Sun. The power of the Sun helps in destroying both supernatural and general dullness. It plays a vital role in deciding your career growth, mental strength, and achievement. This will give you the motivation to go after all the obstacles that stand in your way of prosperity. Whenever Surya Yantra is in your support, there will be no risk of troubles on your work front, genuine health debilitations, and mental load. You will be empowered to live a more prosperous and strong life.

Benefits of Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra

  • Surya Graha Puja Yantram brings light and dispels darkness from the surroundings.

  • Siddha Surya Yantra bestows unbeatable power of mind and self-confidence.

  • It influences the person to bestow valor and courage which leads them to the heights of success on the land.

  • It bestows the person with opulence and authority along with a strong personality to rule over others.

  • This yantra is helpful in treating the inauspicious effects of the planet Sun.

  • This yantra removes darkness from life.

  • It plays an important role in determining professional growth and achievement.

  • This Yantra gives motivational energy and inspiration.

  • It reduces the actual diseases and mental pressure.

  • Shri Siddha-Surya Dev Yantra improves real peace.

  • The radiations emanating from this Yantra give you initiative, ability, and core strength.

  • Enemies are destroyed by the use of Surya Yantra.

  • The adverse effects of the sun are eliminated.

Why should I buy Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra from you?

Yantras should not be chosen randomly, only specific Yantras should be selected after talking to expert astrologers that match your individual horoscope. In addition to providing you with a suitable Yantra, we also guarantee that our Yantras are of high quality and genuine. They are invoked for you with your installation and associated mantras. To know more about Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra, you can take an astrology phone consultation service for further guidance and solutions.

Our extensive stock of Yantras, Gemstones, Rudrakshas, and much more makes our website the one-stop shop for all your needs. You may consult our solutions team at any time to get more clarity on any issue with respect to the Yantra availed by you.

Shipping Details

We deliver Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra all over the world. The average delivery time of Shree Siddh Surya Dev Yantra to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I keep my Surya Yantra at home?

The ideal place is to hang it on the wall of the pooja room, living room, or office facing north or east direction. The northeast region is ideally suited for yantras as it is the direction where the energy flowing from the north magnetic pole and the sun rays from the east meet.

How does Surya Yantra work?

Surya Yantra represents the cosmic vibrations that align you with the special divine energy of Lord Surya. Surya Yantra makes you more centered and connects you to the divine source. It enhances the power of one’s birth chart and it helps in removing the malefic effects of the Sun.

How to install Surya Yantra?

After this, chant the seed mantra of the Sun God ‘Om Hran Hrin Hraun S: Suryaya Namah’ 11 or 21 times. After this, purify the yantra with Ganges water or raw milk. After this, offer sandalwood, saffron, red flowers, etc., and join hands and pray for more and more auspicious results. After this worship the Surya Yantra daily.

Which metal Sun is good for home?

According to Vastu, the copper sun is considered to be an excellent harmonizer of energy for the entire house.

When should Surya Yantra be installed?

Sunday is the day of Lord Suryadev. Installation of Surya Yantra is also done on Sunday. For this, wake up before sunrise on any Sunday and take a bath and wear clean white clothes. After cleaning your place of worship, spread a pure white seat with a mop and sit facing east.

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