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Certified Golden Topaz Gemstone

Golden Topaz Gemstone is a yellow-colored soft and completely transparent stone. It is a derivative of Pukhraj and Pukhraj is the gem of Jupiter, so wearing it gives all the benefits related to Jupiter, gains respect, develops decision-making ability and increases interest in social work. The golden stone is golden to yellowish in color and the quality of the stone is judged on the basis of color, clarity, cut, and origin. This stone is similar to the Pukhraj stone in appearance. According to Vedic astrology, wearing a golden stone brings prosperity, a person’s respect in society increases, knowledge increases, health is good and children are also born.

Benefits of wearing Golden Topaz

  • The Golden Topaz/ Citrine stone is known for its healing properties. The cost of this beautiful gem is also not much and many astrological benefits can also be obtained from it.

  • Being related to the planet of knowledge and prosperity, gold gives benefits in career and business. If you are facing loss in business, keep on spending unnecessarily, and are not getting profit from investment then the golden stone can change your day.

  • Wearing Golden Topaz increases self-confidence, due to which the wearer is successful in getting out of the financial crisis by taking the right decisions with his understanding.

  • The Golden Topaz also grows the learning ability of the native and wearing this stone improves the analytical skills of the person.

  • Golden topaz is considered very beneficial for students. Wearing Golden Topaz helps people do research and prepare for government jobs and competitive exams to achieve their goals.

  • The Golden Topaz has the energy to strengthen relationships. Wearing this gem helps in ending the estrangement between relationships. Married couples who are facing problems in conceiving a child, they are benefited by wearing gold.

  • Golden Topaz has solar-quality of energy. For this reason, gold healing crystals are used to heal health problems related to the third chakra or solar plexus.

  • The golden stone increases self-esteem and makes a person positive. This increases the energy in the body of the native. Golden Topaz improves digestion and increases physical strength.

  • Golden Topaz is also related to money gain. According to Feng Shui, this miraculous stone works to attract wealth.

  • Golden Topaz acts on the Manipur Chakra and increases energy. It destroys the negative energy spread around the person.

  • This gem is beneficial in meditation, mental awareness, and spiritual development.

Why should I buy Golden Topaz from you?

Our team is working with the aim of delivering natural and proven gems to the people who need them. Our first priority is to provide gems to those people who need gems according to their abilities. We deliver good, certified, and cheap gems to people so that they can enhance their lives with the magical effect of all gems. Synthetic Sunehla is also available in large quantities in the market but for Jyotish Remedy it is advisable to take it only from this site.

One should be careful while buying Golden Topaz because a stone like Golden Topaz prepared by burning Jamunia on fire is available in the market as a gem. America, Brazil, and South Africa are its major producers. Due to the increasing trend of gems, every jeweler will get this gem but it is not necessary that it should be natural because almost all the synthetic forms of gemstones can be prepared. You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Pukhraj gemstones.

Shipping Details

We deliver Golden Topaz  Gemstones all over the world. The average delivery time of Golden Topaz Gemstone to India is 5 or 7 days.

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For any query regarding Golden Topaz Gemstone call us at 08141566266 (For Shipping in India) or +91 8141566266 (For out of India).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Citrine/ Golden Topaz tone?

Golden Topaz stone is known as Citrine in the world. It is one of the most amazing semi-precious stones from the family of quartz. It is golden brown in color, hence Golden Topazgemstone is also called Golden Topaz in some places. It is widely used as a substitute for Yellow Sapphire stone.

What is the Difference Between Gold Topaz and Pukhraj?

According to Vedic astrology, wearing a golden stone increases respect, knowledge, and wealth. Pukhraj is considered the gemstone of the planet Brihashpati. By wearing this, the planet Jupiter becomes strong and starts giving its auspicious results. According to astrology, it is a precious gem, which not everyone can wear it.

Who can wear Golden Topaz?

According to astrology, wearing a golden gemstone can benefit a person in their career and business. Also, if the students are weak in their studies, they can also wear gold. On the other hand, people who are associated with politics, education, and astrology can also wear gold.

How to Identify the Purity of Golden Topaz?

One way to identify a real Golden Topaz is to keep it on a white cloth opposite to the sun’s rays. If after some time a dark yellow light appears behind the handkerchief, then it means that the Golden Topaz is real. If the Golden Topaz is fake, then this light will appear very weak or it will not be visible at all.

How to identify the Golden Stone?

Golden stone is also known as Golden Topaz. It is available in many colors but mostly it is worn in light yellow color. People who are unable to buy Jupiter’s gemstone, Golden Topaz, are advised to wear gold. It is a yellow somewhat transparent crystal.

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