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Certified Neelam/Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire or Neelam is considered to be the favorite gemstone of Lord Saturn. Wearing this gemstone removes greed and dishonesty from a native’s mind. Wearing this stone increases the efficiency of a person and they can easily do even the most critical tasks. This gem enables a person to take the right decisions. Among the nine gems, blue sapphire is considered to be the most powerful. This is the gemstone of Saturn, the lord of justice. It is believed that by wearing this stone, a native can become a king from a beggar overnight because the Neelam stone is so much strength that it can make a person wealthy from poor. In English, this stone is known as Blue Sapphire. Although Sapphire gemstones come in many colors, blue-colored sapphire shows the fastest impact and is also considered to be of the best quality.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

  • Wearing this blue-colored gemstone brings prosperity and peace in life. By wearing this gem, finance-related problems also go away and one gets freedom from the bad deeds of the previous birth.

  • As per astrology predictions, wearing blue sapphire gives protection from evil forces and black magic. This stone also helps you to stay away from the company of nasty people.

  • There is happiness and peace in commercial, professional, social, and marital life and desired outcomes are obtained.

  • The benefits of this stone are maximum during the transit time period of Saturn. It increases vitality and enthusiasm in a native.

  • If a student is not interested in their studies or his attention keeps on wandering, then this stone can also be worn on him.

  • A person who wants to earn a name, money, and fame must also wear this stone.

  • This gem of Lord Saturn has the power to give instant outcomes. This stone can be worn to get wealth, prosperity, and success in your career and life.

  • During the Dasha of Saturn, the native gets unprecedented benefits from the Blue Sapphire stone. If your Saturn AnataraDasha or Mahadasha is going on, then wear Blue Sapphire gemstones.

  • This gemstone is also worn to ward off black magic, loss of honor, and evil eye. Due to the effect of Blue Sapphire, difficult problems in life can be solved with the influence of Blue Sapphire and this stone brings peace in life.

Why should I buy Neelam / Blue Sapphire stone from you?

We are the leading provider of 100% Natural and original Gems certified by expert astrologers. We always recommend our customers buy Gemstones from trusted sources and consult a professional Gemstone Laboratory to ascertain the authenticity of the Gemstones. The certificates issued by these laboratories ensure the authenticity of these gems, which means you pay the real price for them.

Expert astrologers recommend gemstones to suit your needs based on your birth details and zodiac signs. Our expert Gemstone consultants provide 24×7 customer support to meet the needs of our clients and provide the best possible service. For quick and accurate astrological gemstone recommendations, you can also get help through our free gemstone recommendation tool. Or you can talk to astrologers and get their guidance through our online astrology consultation service.

Shipping Details

We deliver Blue Sapphire Gemstones all over the world. The average delivery time of Blue Sapphire Gemstone to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear Neelam stone?

Such people can wear blue sapphire if Saturn is in the fourth, fifth, tenth, or eleventh house in their horoscope. Neelam is considered to be associated with the planet Saturn. If Saturn is situated in the sixth or eighth house in the horoscope, it is auspicious for them to wear blue sapphire.

What is the Benefit of wearing Blue Sapphire?

It is considered auspicious to wear gems for happiness, prosperity, and blessings in life. In astrology, the relation of gems with the nine planets has been described. Among the gems, sapphire has been considered important. By wearing blue sapphire, a person’s life is filled with happiness, splendor, and wealth.

On which finger is Blue Sapphire worn?

According to astrology, Blue Sapphire/Neelam should be worn on the middle finger (biggest finger) of your working hand. The gemstone gently touches your finger from the back of the ring to have the best positive impact on the gemstone.

What is the identity of real sapphire?

Real sapphire is smooth, shiny, and clean and has the luster of a peacock feather. If you put sapphire in a glass, you will see blue rays. By this, you can identify that the sapphire is real.

Which Metal is Best for Wearing Blue Sapphire?

Silver is the best metal to wear blue sapphire. Blue Sapphire Apart from looking spectacular, Blue Sapphire, when struck in silver, attracts peace in the life of the wearer. Blue sapphire shows Saturn while silver represents both Venus and Moon. It is believed that Venus gets well placed with Saturn bringing luck and prosperity in one’s life but it cannot bring benefit outcomes with yellow gold which represents Lord Sun.

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