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Certified Emerald Gemstone

In astrology, a special gem has been mentioned for every planet. Every gem has some or other planetary relation, which affects a person’s life to a great extent. Emerald is one of those gems. In astrology, the emerald has been considered the gem of the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is considered to be the factor of job, intelligence, and business. According to astrology, the planet Mercury is the lord of Virgo and Gemini. When the planet Mercury in the horoscope is weak or starts giving inauspicious results, then astrologers advise wearing an Emerald stone. Let us know when and how to wear the Emerald stone.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald

  • By wearing Panna Ratna, there is development in the intellect of the person and there is also development in the power of thinking and understanding of the person.

  • If a person has any problem related to the stomach, then this gem will prove beneficial for him also.

  • Emerald also proves to be very beneficial for getting a promotion in the job. Emerald gemstone also proves beneficial for growth in business.

  • By wearing Panna Ratna, the native gets the power of sweetness and self-control in his speech.

  • If a sick person is made to wear emeralds, then that person can get well very soon and he gets the power to fight the disease.

  • For such people who are worried about their children, this emerald stone proves to be very beneficial, because by wearing an emerald, you will soon get the happiness of a child. Annapurna resides only when this gem is in the house.

  • Those people who are of Gemini ascendant, if they wear this gem, then they get family happiness and the troubles coming to the family are less.

  • If the person with the Virgo sign wears this gem, then there is benefit in business, job, and government work.

Why Should I buy Emerald stone from You?

It is impossible for a normal person to determine the authenticity of a gemstone. Emerald is the strongest stone in astrology, so we recommend using it well with our guide that will give you lifetime benefits, and a wonderful future for a good life.

We also provide you with the certificate of authenticity of all the Gemstones being offered on our website by expert astrologers in an independent manner. It ensures that you get the best and original quality, full value for your money.

We are your one-stop shop for all your gem-related needs! As stated above, it is important that you wear the most suitable gemstone according to your individual horoscope. We will help you do so with our precise guidance. You can takeĀ online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Emerald gemstones.

Shipping Details

We deliver Emerald Gemstones all over the world. The average delivery time of Emerald Gemstone to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is emerald an expensive gem?

Among the ‘Big Four’ gemstones, emerald is the second most expensive at an average price, but quality varies greatly.

Which is the best emerald stone?

The most desirable emerald colors are bluish-green to pure green, with vivid color saturation and a tone that’s not too dark. The most-prized emeralds are highly transparent.

What is Panna stone good for?

Emerald stone is known to help in dealing with speech-related difficulties, allergies, nervous disorders, and respiratory ailments. People suffering from any of these difficulties can wear the Emerald stone and get its ultimate benefits and overcome all these troubles.

What is the negative impact of Panna?

A person who wears an Emerald or Panna can see a huge jump in his/her creativity, artistic talent, and sensitivity. Negative Effects of Wearing Emerald Gemstone If Emerald Gemstone does not suit you, it can cause a lot of mental stress and even you may lose your mind.

Which metal benefits Panna stone?

Both silver and gold are known to hold natural emerald gemstone better. While buying emerald stones online there are some factors to consider when getting the right gemstone in the choice of metal.

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