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Garbh Gauri Rudraksha is considered to be the form of Mother Gauri and her son Lord Ganesha. This Garbh Gauri Rudraksh looks similar to Gauri Shankar. Where in Gauri Shankar Rudraksha the size of the Rudraksha is uniform whereas in Garbha Gauri Rudraksha one Rudraksha is smaller in size than the other. In this Rudraksha, one big Rudraksha represents Goddess Parvati and the other Rudraksha represents Lord Ganesha in the form of a son. Garbh Gauri Rudraksha is very beneficial for those women who wish for their mother’s happiness and who are afraid of miscarriage. This Rudraksha is very beneficial for those women who wish to have a child or who are facing a delay in childbirth due to some reason. Along with this, this Rudraksha protects the womb and for those who do not get pregnant or have miscarriages, this Rudraksha becomes an invaluable treasure.

Benefits of wearing Garbh Gauri Rudraksha

  • If a woman wants to get maternal happiness or child pleasure, then she must wear Garbh Gauri Rudraksha.

  • By wearing Garbh Gauri Rudraksha around the neck, positive energy flows in the headpiece and the mind remains cheerful.

  • If there is a delay in conception or any problem, then Garbh Gauri Rudraksha must be worn. It has combined the divine energies of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha.

  • ‘Garbh Gauri Rudraksha’ is also worn to create a sweet relationship between mother and child.

  • There is no risk of miscarriage by wearing this Garbha Gauri Rudraksha. It invites peace, happiness, and prosperity.

  • For the pregnant woman who wears this Rudraksha, her delivery also becomes easy.

  • Those people whose horoscope Rahu-Ketu is giving pain should also wear this Rudraksha.

  • It removes all the problems from life and gives complete protection to the wearer forever.

  • It also helps in giving your better and positive mental health in life. Garbh Gauri Rudraksha removes negativity from the headpiece and brings peace and stability.

Why should I buy Garbh Gauri Rudraksha from you?

We know the value of such a divine Rudraksha, which is associated with the motherly love of Goddess Parvati and the mighty power of Lord Ganesha. One should know how to respect the divine Rudraksha, or else it will not bring any positive aspects in life. There are certain ways to use Rudraksha in a proper way and with respect. Before wearing any Rudraksh, take the advice of an astrologer. You can also take online astrology consultations for more guidance and solutions regarding Rudraksha. that it would benefit you and what would be an essential way for you to use it and make it meaningful in your life.

Our team provides quality products, we deeply look into our customers’ issues and then recommend this Rudraksha to them with proper guidance, so when they wear it, Rudraksha will give complete benefits to that person. We want to give you proper knowledge and Rudraksha brings all its divine qualities and happiness into your life. This Rudraksha is precious in everyone’s life and helps guide them through life with fewer worries and problems and it will benefit you throughout life. And we take care of your every need which will be best for you by using this Rudraksha.

Available as a single Rudraksha to Crystal Rudraksha Mala, also in the form of a pendant. You can select the most suitable type from the wide variety of Rudraksha available on our website. You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Garbh Gauri Rudraksha.

Shipping Details

We deliver Garbh Gauri Rudraksha all over the world. The average delivery time of Garbh Gauri Rudraksha to India is 5 or 7 days.

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For any query regarding Garbh Gauri Rudraksha call us at 08141566266 (For Shipping in India) or +91 8141566266 (For out of India).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear Garbh Gauri Rudraksha?

Gauri Ganesha Rudraksha is endorsed for women who are unable to conceive due to biological and karmic complications. Provides emotional and mental balance. It is also best for healing a constrained relationship between a mother and son. Makes alert and removes mental lethargy.

Garbh Gauri Rudraksh is the symbol of which deity?

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is the form of Bhairav form of Lord Shiva. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha’s presiding deities are Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. By wearing Gauri Shankar Rudraksha one gets the blessings of both Shiva and Shakti.

Which is the ruling planet of Garbh Gauri Rudraksha?

The ruler planet of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is Venus.

How to know whether Rudraksha is genuine or not?

Real Rudraksha does not leave color when it is put in mustard oil. While the fake Rudraksha becomes colorless. Real Rudraksha sinks when put in water whereas fake Rudraksha floats on top of the water. When the original Rudraksha is scratched with sharp things, a thread comes out of it.

Does real Rudraksha sink in water?

In this process of identifying the Rudraksh, it is first put in water and if it sinks in water then it is a real Rudraksh, but if it does not sink in water then it is fake.

In how many days does Rudraksh show its effect?

In how many days Rudraksh shows its effect? The proven miraculous effect of Rudraksha starts showing effect in just 7 days only.

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