Gemini Color

The green color is considered auspicious for Gemini people because of their patron planet Mercury. Must wear green color every Wednesday. Low the use of red, yellow, orange, and white colors in Gemini. Light yellow is an auspicious color for Gemini which can bring them luck and success.

Gemini Favourite Color  

The Favourite colors for Gemini are green, yellow, and saffron. Keeping a yellow handkerchief in your pocket is always beneficial. Since Gemini people are known for their compassionate nature, they tend to see a few different colors in their color palette.

Gemini Power Color 

The god Budha, in mythology, was a clever, quick-witted, somewhat eccentric deity who carried messages from the gods around the world. As a result, yellow seems like a perfect fit for that vibrant energy. Yellow often symbolizes a cheerful, exciting spirit of exploration and change. Yellow can also have some negative connotations. It is sometimes associated with an ill nature and can come across as overly flamboyant and aggressive.

Gemini Lucky Color 

Gemini is the second sign of the zodiac. It is a terrestrial sign ruled by the planet Venus. They are called Taureans or Vrishabh Rashi natives. According to astrology, the characteristics of the Gemini zodiac determine its auspicious color. Read on to understand the meaning and symbolism of the lucky color of the Gemini zodiac sign in a better way. Green, Yellow, and saffron are the colors of nature. It represents renewal and progress. This color enlivens Gemini and makes them feel inspired. It is known as the color of wealth and helps accelerate progress and prosperity. Due to the rule of Mercury on Gemini, the people of Gemini are advised to wear this color. It is believed that wearing the color of this Gemini zodiac sign allows the Gemini native to attain wealth and worldly authority.

Gemini Unlucky Color 

Green, black, orange, and red colors are less favorable for Gemini. These colors enhance negative traits and block positive vibrations. Gray and black colors make Gemini people feel tired and thus go against their fun-loving and lively nature. Similarly orange color brings out superficiality and insensitivity in Gemini. This prevents the passionate Gemini from trying new things and exploring new experiences. Red, in the same way, blocks positive energy for Geminis. It inflames their emotions and inspires anger and aggression.

Gemini Birthstone Color 

Emerald is considered to be the birthstone of Gemini. The color of the Emerald gemstone is yellow or light green. This color claims to best the more controversial, spirited, and downright fresh and clean side of Gemini. Yellow is also considered as a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and joy. This color helps to reveal your thinking, voice, and thoughtfulness. Emerald color can be chosen as a favorite color for Gemini people. This color reflects their lifestyle, enthusiasm, and curiosity about new things. Along with this, this color awakens colorfulness and logic in their conversation and makes them active in the field of communication. This color can be matching with their interest and nature and can help them to express their personality.

Which Color Avoid Gemini 

Red and yellow cannot be classified as inauspicious or enemy colors for Gemini, but these colors cannot be considered the most auspicious colors as per Vedic astrology. Although it is not possible that you can completely avoid this color, keep in mind that when you are going for some important work or any auspicious occasion, do not use them. At such times, it is advised that it is better to avoid using these colors as they can stop you from giving the best results of whatever you are about to do.

Wrapping Up

Even the color of the rooms in the house and the color of the clothes, it is believed that taking astrological advice is good for the people of Gemini. Grey, black, orange, and red colors are not favorable for Gemini. All these colors indicate bad energy for Gemini. If you are a Gemini, then according to astrology, you should use the colors mentioned here and avoid some colors. If you want to know more about the lucky color of Gemini, take an online phone consultation.

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