Planets in Taurus Lagna – Planets in Taurus Ascendant

September 22, 2023

Taurus is a fixed sign, its lord is Venus. The people born in this ascendant will be virtuous, determined, courageous, and brave but at the same time, they can be arrogant, stubborn, and harsh. A person hardworking, stable-minded, mild-tempered, patient but calm, selfish, interested in work, working according to his own wish, jealous of others, sharp memory, interested in poetry, and shrewd in policy, There is a creator and a creator. Money earners, relatives, and friends will help.

You will be well aware of your work and goals and will complete them with efficiency and perfection. You can be a seeker of inner happiness as well as a seeker of physical happiness. In your personal life, you can be irritable and will not trust new people easily. You will be intelligent and shrewd and will understand business or business matters very well. Your relentless mind will propel you to do things that are beyond the reach of your rivals. 

People born in Taurus Ascendant achieved more success in the fields of jewelry, perfume, musical arts, building construction, banking, and advertisement. If you do business in partnership with the people of Virgo or Scorpio ascendant, then you get success. Such people can never sit idle. They keep themselves busy in one way or the other and are constantly trying to execute some plan or the other.

Sun in Taurus lagna

Sun God is considered as a planet in Taurus ascendant. He is the lord of the fourth house but the lord of the ascendant is the enemy of Venus. In this Kundli, the Sun God gives auspicious and inauspicious results according to his position and strength. The Sun God situated in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses gives auspicious results according to their capacity in their respective dashes and inner dashes. If the Sun is in the third, sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, then by donating and offering water to the Sun, its inauspiciousness is removed. In this situation, the gem of the sun, the ruby, is not worn.

Moon in Taurus lagna

Moon is the lord of the third house in this Kundli. Due to the inauspiciousness of the third house, the moon gives inauspicious results in all the auspicious houses. The person of this ascendant Kundli should never wear a pearl. Moon, the significator of the mind, is the lord of the third house in the Kundli of Taurus ascendant and is related to servants, siblings, karma, consumption of non-food items, anger, confusion, writing, computer, account, and mobile. Effort. Courage, bravery, cough. Yoga represents etc. That’s why all these works are done which gives complete satisfaction to the mind of the natives of Taurus ascendant. When the moon is in an auspicious position in the birth chart and Dashakaal, the natives of Taurus ascendant remain happy by getting auspicious results in the above contexts. If the Moon is weak or under the inauspicious influence in the birth chart or Dashakaal, then inauspicious results are obtained in the above contexts and the person gets mental distress.

Mars in Taurus lagna

Mars is a deadly planet in the Kundli of Taurus ascendant. Being the lord of the seventh and twelfth house, Mars is a strong killer and the lord of the ascendant is an opponent of Venus. In this ascendant Kundli, Mars will give inauspicious results in all houses. But if Mars is opposite Rajyog in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house and ascendant lord Venus is sacrificial and auspicious, then it will give auspicious results. Inauspiciousness is reduced by donating and chanting Mangal Devta. Coral, the gem of Mars, should never be worn in this Lundli.

Mercury in Taurus lagna

Mercury is the lord of the second and fifth house in the Kundli of Taurus. Being the fifth lord, Mercury is considered a benefic planet in this Kundli. Mercury becomes inauspicious in the twelfth house because it is its debilitated sign. In this Kundli, if Mercury is lying in its previous position in any sense, then its gem Paan, the power of Mercury gets disintegrated. If Mercury is situated in the rising state in the third, sixth, twelfth, or twelfth house, then donating them reduces their inauspiciousness.

Venus in Taurus lagna

In the Kundli of Taurus Ascendant, Venus is the lord of the first and sixth house, therefore it is the biggest yoga factor in the Kundli. If Venus is situated in the third, fifth, sixth, and nastika houses, it gives inauspicious results because it loses its Yogyakarta due to being in these houses. If Venus is located in any sense of the earth, then its gem can be worn.

For the Taurus ascendant, Venus is the lord of the ascendant as well as the lord of the sixth house. It is beneficial as the lord of the first house. However, Venus being the lord of the 6th house may show some negative effects. Hence, Venus is mostly a neutral planet for the Taurus ascendant.

Saturn in Taurus lagna

Saturn being the lord of the ninth and tenth house in the Kundli of Taurus is a very benefic planet. Shanidev gives auspicious results in the first, second, fourth, fourth, ninth, tenth, and twelfth houses according to his capacity. In this Kundli, if Shani Dev is in a setting state with the Sun in any house, then wearing his gems and jewels weakens his strength.

Jupiter in Taurus lagna

Jupiter is a deadly planet in this ascendant chart. Apart from being the lord of the eighth and eleventh house, it is also the opposite planet of ascendant lord Venus. If Dev Guru Jupiter is lying in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house, then it is also auspicious and fruitful, but for this, it is mandatory for Venus to be strong and auspicious. In this Lagna Kundli, Devguru Jupiter gives inauspicious results in all houses according to their position and inner state. In this Kundli, charity is always given to Dev Guru Brihaspati. His gem topaz should never be worn in this Kundli.

Rahu in Taurus lagna

Rahu becomes the lord of the fifth house and becomes the lord of a very important trine. And most important topics of life like intelligence, soul, memory power, power to acquire knowledge, policy, goal, system, devotion to god, patriotism, job sacrifice, ways to get money, easy money, gambling, lottery, and representation. Shakti, Jathragni, son, child, worship by mantra, fast fasting, fame of hand, kukshi, romantic, behavior. The strong and auspicious influence of the planets in the native’s birth chart or its Dashakaal gives very auspicious results, while the strong and auspicious influence of the planets in the last house gives more or less inauspicious results.

Ketu in Taurus lagna

Ketu, the lord of the eleventh house, represents greed, profit, selfishness, slavery, slavery, saint solitude, female child, uncle, uncle, elder brother-sister, greedy Khori, Phuli, etc. Rahu has a strong and auspicious effect on the birth chart. Ketu keeps on providing extremely auspicious results in all respects in the Kundli or in its Dashakaal, while Ketu, which is in permanent and inauspicious influence, reduces the high results and gives inauspicious results.

Wrapping Up

Due to Venus being the lord of the Ascendant, the people of Taurus Ascendant are often self-respecting, attractive, and beautiful in appearance. Physically strong, cool gait and strong stature are the owners of the saddle. The people of Taurus ascendant are self-respecting and have independent thoughts. His calm nature can be said to be his specialty. Kind and tolerant by nature, there is often sweetness in the speech of the natives of Taurus ascendant. Due to your charming personality, you instantly impress the person in front of you. If you want to know more about the planets in Taurus ascendant, then you can take online astrology consultation.

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