Taurus Ascendant

The place of the Taurus Ascendant is the second of the 12 ascendants in the horoscope. People with this ascendant are of happy nature. The lord of this ascendant is the planet Venus, which also rules the enemy planet sitting in the sixth house. Taurus has a very important place in Vedic astrology. A person’s practical outlook is formed when he is born in this Lagna. The symbol of this Ascendant is the Bull, which is a very hardworking creature. A person born in this ascendant is also filled with the power to work hard like him.

Taurus Rising Physical Appearance

Being patient and angry like Taurus, the person also gets the tendency of all destruction. When born in this ascendant, the native defines a rising ascendant. Their forehead or frontal is big and prominent. The eyes are big and shiny, the neck is a bit thick and taut. Dark hair, fair complexion, and well-developed and well-built body. His body reflects his extremely ambitious and determined demeanor.

This person is firm, stable, conservative, committed, stubborn, and ambitious in nature. They consider themselves to be supreme, and they also have some pride in it, but they are social by behavior. He is very affectionate. But sometimes their behavior can be very angry. It is not in anyone’s power to calm their anger, at that time they can ruin anything. They work very slowly, but they are very hardworking and efficient. The person is of a very calm nature, working to his own tune. Their nature is very domestic and calm. Whatever work he takes in hand. He completes it with full hard work and dedication, even if it takes a little more time. If someone provokes them, then their anger increases a lot, then they do not listen to anyone.

Qualities of Taurus Ascendant

Generally, Taurus are reclusive, hesitant, honest, and faithful in nature. They love to enjoy life in a calm, close to nature and loving environment. By nature, these people are art lovers, music lovers, and literature lovers. These qualities of his nature give magnetic attraction to his personality. They have a very good quality of earning their livelihood, due to which these people find themselves very comfortable in executive jobs. By nature, these people are attracted by worldly pleasures and know very well how to enjoy them.

They like to fall into love relationships, and because of this many of their love relationships are also easily formed. It is very common for them to be attracted to the opposite sex. Being physically fit, they enjoy their physical pleasures to the fullest. No one can live without being impressed by his smile, but behind his smile, the diplomatic intention of his mind is also hidden. The reason for their behavior is their ruling planet, Venus.

Vrishabh Lagna Health 

If we talk about health, then because of this strong body, the work is going to get sick. They have amazing physical abilities. The feeling of pain is also negligible for them. Sometimes they feel pain due to their long life. It is not in their capacity to accept long life and physical weakness or disability. If this person falls ill, the chances of his/her quick recovery are very less. There is a lot of lack of regenerative or recuperative power in the body. Because of this, it is not easy for them to emerge from the disease.

Generally, diseases like throat disease, tonsils, diphtheria, etc. are seen in them. With aging, diseases related to digestion, diseases related to an excess of blood, etc. can occur. Generally, they may have acne and dark circles under the eyes. They feel very hungry. Because of this, they need food all the time.

Vrishabh Lagna Money

This person is used to saving. It is not their habit to spend unnecessarily. They like to spend only and only on their very important needs. They do not take any risk in matters related to money. He does not spend extravagantly, nor does he allow anyone else to do so. Saving something for the future is always a part of their life. Even in matters of transactions with others, they deal only after thorough investigation. It is their habit to do thorough investigations into money-related works.

Vrishabh Lagna Marriage

Being the ruler of the planet Venus, the person is in a romantic mood. Due to being attracted to the opposite sex very quickly, they have many love affairs. But due to their patient nature, they do not make any haste in love. We take any relationship forward only after examining it. Because of his love for art, music, and literature, people were very quickly get influenced by his personality and fall in love with him. They prove to be very reliable in love relationships. Completely devoted and loyal to the partner. They do not like any kind of confusion and fighting in love relations.

In marriage relations, they fulfill their duties with full responsibility. As a husband, the people of this marriage fulfill their every duty, and in the room of the wife, they are completely devoted to their partner. Incidents like divorce are rarely seen in their lives. No matter how many problems come in their married life, they face them firmly but do not leave their partner in between. They support their partner in every way, show courage in illness, courage, and encouragement in bad times. They have no equal in facing every problem of their married life by standing with their spouse. It is beneficial for the native to make a marriage relationship with the people of Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces. The marriage relationship formed between them indicates good company, peace, good harmony, and happy life.

Vrishabh Lagna Career

Due to their ruling planet, Taurus people like to trade or work in luxury resources, cosmetics, perfumes, and gems or work in this field. Apart from this, they work with full dedication and hard work in any work or business related to agriculture, finance, music, luxury resort, cinema, film production, or transport. I.T. Department, Women’s Club or School, Fashion House or Beauty Parlor, etc. are likely to get success in work. They can earn both fame and money in the field of business related to women’s clothes.

Wrapping Up

The person likes to keep the home environment completely calm and cordial. Home for them means peace, a place where they can spend time with their family happily. Their calm nature makes their home prosperous and happy. They like to keep everything organized around them. They absolutely dislike a sprawling houses. Family and domestic peace, happiness, praise, progress, and status are very important in their life. For this, these people keep striving for life. To know more about the natives in Taurus ascendant, you should talk to astrologers.

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