Planets in Gemini Lagna – Planets in Gemini Ascendant

September 22, 2023

Gemini is Mercury’s own sign and Mercury is considered to be the factor of speech and intelligence, so it is considered natural for the people born in Gemini ascendant to be intelligent and eloquent. The people of Gemini are well-behaved and capable by nature. Due to the influence of Mercury on this sign, you are rich in personality rich in versatility. Being born in this short life will make you kind, intelligent, and courageous and your focus will be towards hard work. Your talent shines day by day and all your work is impressive. Due to the air element of this zodiac, your brain is always active. You are always busy making new plans and may get lost in the world of fantasies.

Mercury has been given the title of prince in all zodiac signs. Therefore, due to the influence of Mercury, you will always consider yourself young and energetic. You may be interested in song, music, dance, and art. You can also find articles etc books. You are a humor lover and a person interested in entertainment. You can’t be serious for long. You like to joke. You will be open-minded and will surprise and charm your philosopher with your wit and cleverness.

You will be humane-hearted, consultative about articles, forgiving, and just. You will also have the ability in musical instruments and speech arts. Will be eager to know your knowledge and operations and will be interested in new technological developments. You will be of an investigative nature and will explore anything deeply. Your involvement in education and entrepreneurship will take you on the path of progress. Despite all these qualities, you cannot be patient and quick in getting results. Your mind will not be stable and your intentions will not be right from time to time.

Sun in Gemini lagna

Sun is a friend of the lord of the ascendant in a Gemini ascendant, but being the lord of the third house, it becomes a malefic planet in this Kundli. In this Kundli, the Sun God is a deadly planet, wherever it is located, it will give inauspicious results according to its capacity. Donation and recitation in the condition of the Sun God reduces the inauspiciousness of the Sun God. Manikya, the gem of Surya Dev, is never worn in the Gemini ascendant. By giving water to the Sun, its firepower decreases.

Moon in Gemini lagna

In Gemini, Moon is the lord of the second house and the lord of the ascendant is the enemy of Mercury. According to the eighth to eighth rule, the Moon has become the most powerful planet in this Kundli. The reason for the presence of a Marak planet in this kundli is that if the moon deity is sitting in any sense in the kundli, then it gives inauspicious results according to its capacity in its dasha. The moon deity’s gem pearl should never be worn with this kundli gem. Reciting charity and Chandra Dev reduces their inauspiciousness.

Mars in Gemini lagna

Mars is the lord of the sixth and twelfth house in this Kundli. Due to being the ultimate enemy planet of Lagnesh Mercury, it is considered the ultimate enemy planet in the Kundli of Dev Mars. In this Lagna Kundli, God Mars gives inauspicious results in its position in all houses, especially in the sixth, twelfth, and twelfth house, if Mars is Vastu and Mercury is sacrificial and auspicious, then Mars is one of the opposite Raja Yogas. But they give auspicious results. have abilities. One should never wear coral, the gem of Mars in this Kundli because the gem of this Kundli is Mars. Donating and reciting the deity of Mars reduces its importance.

Mercury in Gemini lagna

In Gemini, Mercury being the lord of the first and fourth houses, is considered a benefic planet. Being the master of two planets, Mercury also suffers from Kendradhipati Dosha, due to which the auspiciousness of Mercury decreases. In the first, second, fourth, fourth, fourth, ninth, and tenth house, Lord Mercury gives auspicious results in its dasha and inner dasha. If Mercury rises in the third, sixth, silk, tenth (debilitated zodiac), and twelfth house, it gives inauspicious results. Their inauspiciousness goes away with their charity and recitation. In this Kundli, if the gemstone of Mercury is emerald, then the power of Mercury is known.

Venus in Gemini lagna

Venus is the lord of the twelfth and twelfth house in this Kundli. Libra sign comes in the triangle house of the Kundli, which is the original triangle sign of Venus. Lagnesh Budh Dev is the best friend of Venus. For this reason, Venus is a very beneficial planet in this Kundli. In the first, second, Baisakhi, old age, ninth, seventh, and twelfth house, Venus gives auspicious results in its condition. If the deities in the third, fourth, sixth, Venus, and twelfth houses of the Kundli are situated in the rising state, then they become deadly planets at the end of the Kundli. His charity and teachings have been limited to his market. In any house of the Kundli, if Venus comes in a sign with the Sun, then its gem diamond gets the power of Venus.

Saturn in Gemini lagna

Saturn is the lord of the ninth house in this Kundli. Aquarius, which is the original triangle sign of Saturn, comes in the triangle house of this Kundli. Shani is the best friend of inauspicious Devesh Mercury. Saturn is a yoga factor in these inauspicious Kundli. In the first, second, fourth, fourth, fourth, ninth, and tenth house, Saturn gives auspicious results according to his ability in his dasha and inner dasha. If Saturn rises in the third, sixth, nastika, twelfth, and twelfth house, then inauspicious yoga is formed. When Saturn is in the sixth, silk, and twelfth house, it has the ability to give auspicious results even in opposite Raja Yoga, but for this, it is necessary that Saturn is auspicious and strong. If Saturn comes to set the stage with Surya Dev in any sense of the Kundli, then wearing his gem Neelkanth is beneficial.

Jupiter in Gemini lagna

In this Kundli, Jupiter is the lord of the fourth and tenth house. They give good or bad results according to Gurudev according to their condition. Due to being the master of two planets, Jupiter also suffers Kendradhipati Dosh, due to which the auspiciousness of Jupiter decreases. They give inauspicious results according to their capacity in their condition. The inauspiciousness of Brihaspati Dev is removed by charity and recitation of Brihaspati. If Jupiter is established in the first, second, fourth, fourth, fourth, ninth, tenth, and tenth house, then it gives auspicious results in its dasha and inner dasha. In any house of the Kundli, if Jupiter Dev comes in the setting state with Surya Dev, then his gem Pukhraj gets permanent strength.

Rahu in Gemini lagna

Fourth, the lord of the fourth house in this mother, land building, vehicle, quadruped, friend, partner, peace, water, public, stable property, mercy, charity, cupboard, deceit, state of conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, accumulated wealth, liar The planet is representative of topics like allegations, rumors, love, love affair, love marriage. Auspicious and strong Rahu gives very auspicious results in these subjects whereas Rahu with inauspicious and sinful effects is the giver of inauspicious results.

Ketu in Gemini lagna

Ketu is the owner of the tenth house in Gemini and being the tenth lord, it is like state, honor, prestige, work, father, dominance, business, authority, religion, rituals, enjoyment of wealth, fame, leadership, foreign travel, husband’s property. Subjects are representative. If this Ketu becomes strong and has an auspicious effect, then very auspicious results for these subjects are obtained.

Wrapping Up

The height of the people of Gemini ascendant is slightly more than normal. The body is not full, but it cannot be called lean either. The face is full and full. The hair is black but thin. The people of Gemini Ascendant often walk leaning forward. Due to its dual nature, the people of Gemini do not do any work in haste, but take steps very carefully. It is difficult for you to trust someone suddenly in life, but once trust is built, you believe in maintaining a relationship for life. If you want to know more about the planets in Gemini ascendant, then you can take online astrology consultation.

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