Gemini Ascendant

The position of Gemini ascendant is third. The lord of this ascendant is the planet, Mercury. The planet Mercury is the lord of the fourth house of the horoscope. The planet Jupiter acts as an obstacle in the horoscope of the natives of Gemini ascendant. When these people get married, then the grace of Jupiter starts showering on them. Mars is also fatal for this ascendant. Here we will know about the people born under it. They have amazing power and art to learn any new thing. They always have the urge to learn new things. There is always curiosity about music, dance, drawing, painting, new discoveries, and travel. But due to their dual character, the change in their desires can be clearly seen. No one else can complete any work in a better way than those with a Gemini ascendant. To do this, they just have to overcome their weaknesses and have strong determination.

Gemini Rising Physical Appearance

They are the owner of the tall stature and curvy body. There are beautiful and quick answers, but sometimes they also behave a little shy. Most become a little restless and irritable. There is a lot of lack of concentration in them, which acts as a big obstacle to their success. They are very ambitious by nature. Their weakness is that they lack a lot of patience. That is why it is very difficult for them to wait for the result of any effort made by them. A bit argumentative by nature and keeps himself busy with more than one work at a time, but is unable to complete both due to lack of concentration.

They always keep on searching for mental happiness. When they do not get mental happiness, they sometimes become extremely restless and start behaving strangely. Because of this, their mental balance may also deteriorate at times. They are in search of love, change, and diversity in every single moment of life. They are very good advisors, and one can feel free to consult them with any problem. It is reliable.

Qualities of Gemini Ascendant

These people are extremely clever, progressive, energetic, inventors, mechanics knowledgeable, ingenious, and full of regressive power. They do not like to live in any kind of bondage. They can also become very good planners, journalists, and spies. Mercury is retrograde during the birth time of this person, so these people always prefer to tell the truth. It is their nature to enjoy good and light jokes. They have to face many changes throughout their lifetime.

They know how to enjoy life to the fullest, but they may have to face frequent misfortunes due to their differences with the opposite sex. Their differences always remain with their father and family. They get expertise in making friends, but due to their nature of always finding faults in others, the relationship does not last long. The more romance and adventure there is in their life, the more they will enjoy life.

These people have an extreme lack of concentration, and they take decisions in haste, which always results in their loss. They break even when faced with a small conflict. They are always eager to know the result of their efforts. Because of this their work often gets spoiled. They always like to work in an easy way, due to which they end up doing harm to themselves. Their life is more eventful than others. They do not like to follow someone else’s advice.

Mithun Lagna Health 

These people spoil their own health. Due to excessive thinking and worrying, if he stops taking unnecessary mental stress, then his health can be good. Many times, in order to diversify work, they take excessive workload on themselves, due to which their health deteriorates. Their body gets refreshed by taking complete rest and getting enough sleep. In their body, they have complete control over their lungs, shoulders, and hands. In these, a feeling of attachment arises without any meaning to any person. Which spoils their health by increasing their worry and care. They can often be seen facing colds, runny noses, influenza, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. Piles, fistula, bladder, and kidney diseases are also very common among them.

Mithun Lagna Money

A lot of upheaval goes on in the life of the person. They have to face changes at every turn. Generally, their economic life is smooth, but sometimes due to their own mistakes, they have to face an economic crisis. They get many opportunities to earn wealth in their life. But due to their lack of concentration and hasty decisions, these people are not able to take full advantage of those opportunities.

They are often seen working in journalism, espionage, and official positions. They can earn money by making a good reputation as an advisor to a company. Apart from this, they are also very good planners, due to which they can get the benefit of a big position in any business or job. These people are experts in the art of making good relations with people, due to which it would be good for them to work in the post of public relations. The advice for them in the economic field would be to maintain their concentration and determination in any work, only then they would be able to taste success. Although they are not wasteful spenders of money. But due to his dogmatism, many times he suffers financial losses. It would be right for them to concentrate on their work without any argument and secure their financial future.

Mithun Lagna Marriage

These people are often seen swinging in double character and mindset. They get the real happiness of life only in diversity. For this reason, they get into any relationship very quickly, and then due to their nature, they start finding shortcomings in it. This habit of theirs does not allow any of their relationships to last long. It is almost impossible for their partner to understand them. For them, the real happiness of life is hidden in romance and adventure.

Their mind always dominates their heart, due to which their emotional relations are rarely formed. These people always give priority to advantages and disadvantages even in love relationships. They always expect more from their partner. This is the reason why they always feel that they have not got complete in this relationship.

Many times they live a double life according to their nature and they can have more than one love relationship. Get easily attracted towards any opposite sex. If their life partner is also sensible and enjoys life like them. So their married life is good and blissful. Otherwise, they have to face separation and breakage. They should only marry a person born in Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Leo, only then there is a possibility of successful marriage relations in their life.

Mithun Lagna Career

Fits any type of job or business. Because of its dual character, it can also be part of more than one job or business at a time. He is able to do the work related to direct communication with people very easily on the basis of his skill. The best professions for them are brokers, intelligent agents, successful businessmen, secretaries, and skilled lawyers. With the help of his good convincing power, he can also try his hand at journalism. It is common for them to keep changing their sources of income. This happens because of the nature of not being able to stay in one place.

Wrapping Up

They can also make the environment around them pleased with their cheerful behavior. They often like to talk to people and be surrounded by them. They feel good even in their house when a guest comes. They like a whole house full of people. Keeping the house clean and everything neatly organized gives them a lot of self-satisfaction. But sometimes the native also likes to be alone. Quietly the farthest inside your house. They never like to sit empty mentally and physically. They also like children very much in the house, but only as long as they follow the rules and regulations. The happiness of home is very dear to them. Talk to an astrologer for complete information about Gemini Ascendant.

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