Mars Stone – Meaning, Benefits, and Who Can Wear Red Coral?

September 22, 2023

Actually coral is a type of wood and its color is red. According to Ratna Shastra, the person whose zodiac sign is Aries, Scorpio or Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces in the ascendant can wear coral.  Also, Red coral can be worn even if Mars is exalted in the horoscope.

Copper is the main metal of Mars. This metal is considered medicinal and it is used in the prevention of all diseases. This metal is considered so sacred that after wearing it, they do not eat non-vegetarian food.

The gemstone of Mars is coral and it should be worn on the ring finger on Tuesday. Try to wear it on Tuesday evening, it gives auspicious results.

Mars Stones Red Coral

First of all, clean the ring with raw milk and Gangajal. Remember to wear the ring studded with coral on the ring finger of the right hand after showing incense and a lamp on Tuesday morning after taking a bath etc. After wearing, chant Kra Kreen Kraun Sah Bhaumaya Namah 108 times. Women should take special care that they should wear this ring only on the ring finger of the left hand.

Often we see people whose planets are not normal in their horoscopes. They do measures like donations related to planets, chanting mantras, worshiping yantras, and wearing gems. According to astrologers, the easiest way is to wear a gem according to your zodiac sign, so today we will tell you about such a gem associated with Aries and Scorpio, wearing which your sleeping fortune will wake you up.

Marsstone Meaning

Wearing coral gemstones works from strengthening the body to opening the doors of luck. This gem is full of energy. Coral represents the planet Mars and Mars is a planet of fire elements, therefore coral is also known as Angarak Mani. Apart from this, it is also known by the names of Pravalak, Prawal, Bhaum Ratna, etc.

Who Can Wear Red Coral

Students associated with the medical field get a lot of benefits from wearing coral. Regarding wearing coral, astrologers have told that the person whose zodiac sign is Aries, Scorpio or Leo, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the ascendant can wear coral. 

Mars Stone Benefits

  • Wearing coral increases courage and self-confidence.

  • To overcome sadness and mental depression, coral stones must be worn.

  • People associated with the medical field, police, army, doctors, property workers, weapon makers, surgeons, hardware and engineers, etc. get special benefits from wearing coral.

  • If a person has any problem related to blood, then he gets benefits from wearing coral.

  • An effective gemstone of Mars, coral increases self-confidence and courage. However, according to the condition of the planets, wearing coral can also be costly.

  • If you are Mangali, then its weight falls heavily on the life of your spouse. Due to this his life can also be lost.

  • Family discord and estrangement from the family also create defects in speech. Even if the speech is with you, bitter words spoil everything.

  • If Saturn and Mars combine for any reason, then advice should be taken before wearing coral.

  • If you are associated with any work related to blood, then wearing coral is very auspicious for you.

For people with Aries ascendant or zodiac sign, Mars is their lord, and wearing the stone of Mars, coral increases the power of Mars. Due to this, they provide immunity, attractive personality, and strength. Aries Ascendant has a lack of courage, there is a state of confusion in making decisions, and a lack of blood, Coral stone is very beneficial for such people. The same situation also happens for Scorpio ascendants. Its lord is also Mars. The only thing to be understood is that the person with Aries ascendant is more energetic. There is a lot of speed in it, but there is a lot of fearlessness inside the people of Scorpio ascendant. Such a person is able to live easily even in adverse circumstances. If there is an experience of unknown fear, then coral stone will prove to be a panacea.

Wrapping Up

Red coral is the stone that is used for Mars. It is believed that this stone can nullify the malefic effects of Mars. According to astrology, wearing coral gives a person freedom from unknown fear, and increases his confidence. Those who are in business related to medicine, engineering, oil, and gas, also get success in their career by wearing coral. If you want to know more about Mars Stone Red coral take an online astrology consultation.

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