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Certified Red Coral / Moonga Gemstone

Moonga/ Red Coral Gemstones is a precious, bright red organic stone formed in the deep ocean by marine organisms called coral polyps. The plant from which Red Coral gemstone is produced, its length is 2 to 3 feet. Stone hardens when exposed to air outside the ocean. It is a plausible astrological gemstone generally worn to rid Mangal Dosha and ensure achievement in leadership roles, sports, occupation, and health. It is associated with the aggressive planet Mars. Known to instill determination, initiative, and focus, it is highly recommended for people working in the military, police, sports, or other professions where a lot of physical and mental stamina is required. Along with pacifying the malefic effects of Mars, the red-colored coral stone gives freedom from debt and gives the person the power to overcome all the problems and obstacles coming his way. This wondrous stone removes Manglik Dosha from Kundali.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral / Moonga Gemstone

  • The first benefit of coral gemstones is victory over enemies and enemies. Since Mars is the god of war, it bestows the courage needed to overcome obstacles and enemies and ensure victory for the individual.

  • Perhaps the best advantage of the Moonga gemstone is its miraculous healing outcomes, illnesses like acne, skin diseases, etc. get cured abnormally. In addition, it acts as a protective armor and protects against wounds and other injuries, and also improves blood purification.

  • It also helps with mental health and general well-being. Due to its fortifying nature, it helps in dispelling gloom in the mind and revitalizing the will to boost morale. It also gives you energy, audacity, and the strength to conquer your fears.

  • A person suffering from issues like impatience, emotion, irritability, and anger due to an unfulfilled position of Mars in their birth chart sees a significant improvement in their condition after using Red Coral Gemstone.

  • If a person has a Mars concept in his/her birth chart which may lead to disharmony in personal relationships, wearing the Moonga coral gemstone helps in rekindling the relationship. This should be done only after thoroughly analyzing the birth chart.

  • Another important benefit of Moonga is that it protects against greed, evil eye, and black magic.

  • People who are in heavy debt can wear this coral gemstone to help in the repayment of the loan.

  • Red coral can also support the effective strengthening of marital ties and the long life of the spouse. But it should be worn after thorough astrological analysis.

  • If a person is suffering from a cough problem then he should wear coral stone. This stone avoids all cough-related diseases.

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It is quite clear that only a natural and unheated coral gemstone gives the maximum desired results. So if you want to get the best out of your investment, always buy genuine Red Coral gemstones. Connect with the online gemstone market, and explore the widest range of natural corals online with certificates of authenticity. Red offers royalty, book one now.

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We deliver Red Coral Gemstones all over the world. The average delivery time of Red Coral Gemstone to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac sign can wear coral?

It has been told in astrology that apart from Aries and Scorpio, people of three other zodiac signs can wear coral stones. If a person has Mangal Dosha in his birth chart, then he can also wear Moonga.

What are the benefits of wearing Red Coral?

Wearing coral strengthens Mars of the native. Those whose work in politics, leadership, administration, army, police, medicine, oil, gas, property, and brick kiln field can wear this Moonga gem. They also get progress in this field. Red Coral is related to Mars, which is the ruler of power, strength, courage, and energy.

On which Finger Should Red Coral be worn?

According to Ratna Shastra, always wear coral stone made in gold, silver, or copper ring. It is recommended to wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.

How to identify Real Red Coral?

If real coral is put on fire, it gets burnt and it smells like burning hair. If hydrochloric acid is poured on coral, foam starts rising on its surface but it has no effect on black coral. Coral is associated with Mars, the lord of Aries and Scorpio.

In Which Metal Should Red Coral Be Worn?

It is auspicious to wear Red coral in a gold ring. Apart from gold, you can also wear it in silver or copper metal.

How many Ratti of Coral should be Worn?

At least 8 Ratti Red Corals should be plated in a gold ring weighing at least 6 Ratti, the weight should not be less than this, if it is more then it is better. The effect of the ring’s coral lasts for 3 years and 3 days from the day it is embedded in the ring, after that another new coral should be worn.

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