Effects of Weak Mercury in Astrology

September 15, 2023

Every planet has its special significance in astrology. Also, every planet has its impact on human life. Here we will talk about the planet Mercury, which is called the giver of business in astrology. In astrology, speech, and communication are symbolized by the planet Mercury. If the position of Mercury in Horoscope is not correct, then the person is not able to present his thoughts in the right way and he is weak in mathematics and he has to face difficulties in calculations.

Weak Mercury in Astrology

According to astrology, Mercury is the factor of intelligence, speech, beauty, and wealth. Hence, if you are experiencing a sudden financial crisis and overwhelmed with debt, it could be due to a weak placement of the planet Mercury in your birth chart. Spoiled relationships with female relatives such as sisters, aunts, cousins, etc. are also a sign of weak Mercury. On the other hand, due to the weak or afflicted planet Mercury in the horoscope, the person’s self-confidence decreases and he starts doubting his intelligence and decisions, even then The cause of this is attributed to the weakness of Mercury.

Symptoms of Weak Mercury in Horoscope

Mercury is weak in the horoscope when Mercury is in its debilitated sign Pisces or is sitting in the sixth, eighth house with a debilitated planet. Apart from this, Mercury becomes weak when it is afflicted by the sixth and eighth lords in the horoscope. Some problems arise when Mercury is weak, which is usually a sign of weak Mercury.

  • If there is Mercury with a debilitated planet in the second house of the horoscope, good relations cannot be made with the brother, and the money earned by the father is also spent.

  • The presence of Mercury in the eighth house of the horoscope makes the person suffer from diseases. Whereas auspicious effects can also be obtained by being present with a debilitated planet. However, when Rahu is present in the same house, the person may also have to go to jail. And if Mars is also present in the eighth house, then the native may suffer loss in business, blood problems, eye problems, nerve problems, and dental problems.

  • The placement of Mercury in the ninth house alongside a debilitated planet can lead to unfavorable outcomes such as mental unrest, lack of respect in society, and physical deformities.

  • A person whose horoscope has Mercury in the eleventh house gives bad results. May lose wealth and honor around the age of 24. It keeps you mentally disturbed.

  • Due to weak Mercury in the horoscope, you may have to face a financial crisis.

  • When Mercury is bad, your respect and fame start decreasing.

  • The person’s mind is not engaged in studies and the intellect becomes corrupt.

  • The person may become a sycophant or indulge in some unethical activities. Alcohol addiction is also a strong indication of malefic or weak Mercury.

  • You may see rapid changes in your life which may cause some trouble for you. This is also a sign of inauspicious Mercury.

Budha is weak in Kundali

Budha is widely regarded as the celestial body that governs intelligence, communication, and decision-making abilities. While it is generally considered to be a favorable planet, its conjunction with a malefic planet can yield unfavorable outcomes. If Budha is positioned unfavorably in a person’s Kundali, it can lead to skin-related ailments, difficulties concentrating on studies, and writing-related challenges. Moreover, a weakened Budha can also result in recurring financial losses.

Wrapping Up

In Indian astrology, Mercury is considered the son of the Moon. It plays an important role in the married life of the native. Strong Mercury natives are soft-spoken and witty. Due to the effect of Mercury, the body of the person becomes beautiful and the eyes are bright. These people achieve success in the field of communication and dialogue. If you want to know more about the Effects of Weak Mercury on Astrology, then Talk with Astrologer.

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