Mercury In Astrology

Mercury in astrology


The science of predicting future happenings is referred to as Astrology. Astrology has been practiced and believed by many people for thousands of years. Even though we are in the 20th century, Astrology remains an important aspect of our daily lives. The exact prediction or statement regarding what will happen in a specific time period is known as a horoscope.

There are 12 zodiac signs, and based on them, Astrology Is practiced. Daily horoscopes have a large audience and are an integral part of newspapers, radio channels, and some news channels. Planets have a very important role to play in Astrology.

Mercury Meaning

Mercury planet in Astrology is a very important part of astrological studies. It is also known as budha and represents Wednesday per the Hindi calendar. Amongst the 9 planets, Mercury is closest to the Sun. Besides having great astronomical value, Mercury also adds great value to astrological studies.

Mercury is frequently referred to as the communication planet. The effects of Mercury range from emotions, studies, and communication to family affairs and diseases among others.

Mercury Effects

  • Communication, intellect, reasoning, and analytical skills are all related to the planet Mercury.

  • Additionally, it is connected to technology, travel, and transportation.

  • Mercury’s placement and aspects in a person’s birth chart are said to have an impact on that person’s personality, mental patterns, communication style, and cognitive ability.

  • Strong Mercury placements may make a person effective at communicating, thinking critically, solving problems, and picking up new skills.

  • A person’s communication style, capacity for learning, and relationship with siblings can all be impacted by Mercury, which is connected to the astrological sign of Gemini and the third house in a person’s birth chart.

Mercury Negative Effects

  • According to Astrology, Mercury is strongly linked to a person’s fortune. The influence of a strong Mercury can grant good education, a charming personality, a sharp mind, and a good overall appearance.

  • As per Astrology, Mercury is a rejuvenator, and a good Mercury can help an individual in keeping away negative feelings.

  • Astrologers believe that a strong Mercury will help an individual by keeping away certain diseases.

  • Since Mercury helps keep away fragility, it will be very helpful to people who break down easily.

  • Astrologers believe that a strong Mercury can save a person from extended periods of sadness.

  • A good Mercury is believed to impact family affairs in a very positive manner. A good Mercury can be the reason for great synergy among a couple. Someone who leads a good family life is considered under the influence of a strong Mercury.

  • People who are very good orators who can impress without speaking are believed to be under the influence of a very strong Mercury. This is exactly why Mercury is regarded as the planet of communication.

  • A strong Mercury also grants a person with a good sense of humor and social skills.

  • Astrology believes that a strong Mercury grants a person the desire and ability to explore and improve knowledge.

  • With so many positive effects, it is unsurprising that Mercury is generally seen as a very beneficial planet in Astrology. Still, it is important to note that Mercury can also be negative. Mercury can prove to be a negative planet in conjunction with other planets, especially Mars or Mangal.

  • A strong Mercury can also grant a person with success in all types of business.

Mercury Positive Effects

  • According to Astrology, a weak Mercury may cause issues among family and friends. Someone with a weak Mercury will struggle to have a good married life. Issues like these can be a sign of an unwanted conjunction between Mars and Mercury.

  • Astrologers believe that the conjunction of Mercury and Mars can lead to financial struggles and drive an individual towards crimes like theft.

  • As per Astrology, a weak Mercury can cause an individual to be fragile and malicious. A person struggling with Mercury can be exposed to the feeling of sadness for long periods of time.

  • A weak Mercury can have a negative impact on very important aspects of life like education, communication, and overall personality.

Even though Mercury is mostly a highly beneficial planet, a conjunction between Mars and Mercury can lead to negative effects. From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that a weak or bad Mercury should not be ignored. An individual suffering from a weak Mercury should go for an Astrology phone consultation.

There are several ways to cure a weak Mercury, but one should not try them without seeking expert guidance. The ‘experts’ here are experienced astrologers who can be easily contacted through Astrology phone consultation. A simple phone call with an experienced Astrology consultant will not only help a person understand his/her Mercury, but the consultant will also suggest the most efficient ways to deal with the influence of a weak Mercury.

Wrapping Up

So, in case you are struggling with the effects of a weak Mercury, you should make sure not to ignore it. You should connect with an Astrology phone consultation. as soon as possible and ultimately make sure that your Mercury turns out to be what it should be, a positive planet in Astrology.

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