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Ketu Number 7


Number 7 is one of the most extreme and unpredictable numbers and the strong influence of this number can lead many people to live their lives in extremes of one kind or another. Vedic astrology associates the number 7 with Ketu in the Navagrahas and accordingly, many positive and negative characteristics of Ketu are transformed into the number 7. Ketu is known in Vedic astrology as a planet associated with concepts such as mystery and mystery. These characteristics of Ketu give the number 7 a place in numerology, which causes people to enter the paranormal and spiritual realms under the strong influence of the number 7. There are fields to be interested in and many number 7 people are involved in these fields at one level or another.

Some of the people who come under the strong influence of number 7 can actively engage in the fields like paranormal and spiritualism. Some of these people can achieve different types of achievements in these fields. Number 7 natives can also be seen as professionals working in spiritual or supernatural fields, which is also due to the fact that number 7 comes under the influence of Ketu, and Ketu is considered a planet in Vedic astrology, which is strongly associated with the field of the radix. The influence of Number 7 is very strong on the native, such a native can become an established and well-known name in a belief or practice related to the paranormal or spirituality. But whether number 7’s are actively practicing in the field of paranormal and spiritualism or not, many of them are interested in such fields and most of them come in contact with such things at one level or the other.

Ketu numerology

According to Numerology Astrologer, Ketu is considered to be a planet related to physical energy, aggression, might, anger, and war in Vedic astrology. In numerology, all these qualities of Ketu are displayed through the number 7. Because of this the person who comes under the influence of the number 7 can represent different castes. Number 7’s are usually full of energy and enthusiasm and it is not difficult for them to take up a difficult task and start that task. Which gives them an edge over many others. Number 7 people are good at doing and completing things that other people are not able to do. The aggressive nature of number 7 supplies the fire needed to take on difficult tasks and then to take and complete those tasks. This aggression can lead such a person to be the first to initiate various issues and they may get involved in it many times.

People with the number 7 are courageous and adept at taking risks after thinking and sometimes taking risks without thinking and because of these qualities, such people try to complete risky and unsafe tasks. can and many of these people accomplish those tasks. Works that bring them success as well as recognition and appreciation.

Number 7 in Numerology Planet

The inherent aggression, physicality, and bravery associated with Ketu make the number 7 native perform better as per astrology. military, police forces, and other defense-related services, sports, and especially sports that involve great physical energy and an element of risk or danger. Some current wrestlers, boxers, and other types of boxers are also likely to be under the strong influence of number 7. Vedic astrology also associates Ketu with spiritualism and this attribute of Ketu is also related to the number 7 in numerology as a result, some people under the strong influence of number 7 have a strong tendency to engage in the spiritual realm. Spiritualism led a long period of his life or his entire life.

Most number 7s who are involved in the spiritual realm are likely to form a pattern. Where they can focus their attention and other things away from the noise and distraction of the world and these natives are close to themselves. Don’t be comfortable with family or lots of people. Other people around them like silence, quietness, isolation, and detachment are the traits that prevail in these natives and accordingly, they want to make spiritual progress quietly and away from the world. Some number 7 natives may be very advanced in the field of spirituality, but these natives may not reveal this fact to most of the people around them as they keep their spiritual progress a secret to save themselves from unwanted questions.

Ketu Number 7 Numerology

Vedic astrology associates Ketu with violence and hatred, considering some of the negative traits of number 7 natives. These characteristics of Ketu can sometimes be represented through the number 7 in numerology, making the number strongly negative. Some people may indulge in such activities by getting intoxicated. violence and hatred and the harm they can do to society and mankind. Some Radix 7 natives can become criminals. In some cases may indulge in acts of mass violence or mass destruction and cause serious harm to mankind. Number 7 natives may also exhibit a tendency to take excessive risks. Sometimes they can also act rashly in their life, due to which these people can put themselves in serious trouble or put their lives in danger. Number 7 Natives should control their aggressive and impulsive nature and give some time to reach all the important decisions of their life as by doing this they can avoid many unwanted and risky actions which they would have to take otherwise. They are unable to bear it and have a habit of doubting.

Wrapping Up

Number 7 may have a tendency to be suspicious of most of the people around them, even their near and dear ones and their close relatives. Because of this, they enjoy their relationships with many people at a healthy level. People can sometimes spoil good or very good relationships. Hence these natives should try to work on their suspicious nature and slowly work towards trusting people at different levels. If you want to know more about Ketu number 7 then talk with astrologers.

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