Planet Number

Planet Number


Each number symbolizes many things that are related to our nature and personality. The numbers are associated with all things in nature and each has a ruling planet by which it is governed.

9 different planets are mentioned in Numerology – Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars. Here are some interesting facts about each of these planets.

Sun Number – 1

People with Sun number 1 are ambitious, and whatever their profession, they often rise to the top by overcoming all obstacles and hurdles. The qualities of sun number 1 are leadership, strong will, positivity, and dominance. Sun number is 1. Sun is generally the lord of Leo. It represents the element of fire and its symbol is the lion. Read More About Sun Number

Moon Number – 2

Number 2 has been allotted to Moon. Moon, in general, is the lord of Cancer. It represents the water element and its symbol is the crab. Moon number 2 people are gentle and meek, artistic and passionate. They are guided and influenced by their emotions rather than their will and are easily influenced by others. The traits of moon number 2 are kindness, emotion, motherliness, and duality. Read More About Moon Number

Jupiter Number – 3

Jupiter Number has been allotted 3 positive and 3 negative numbers. As +3, it is the lord of Sagittarius. It represents the element of fire and is the symbol of the archer. As number 3, it is the lord of Pisces. It represents the water element and is symbolized by the fish. Number 3 people are very good judges of character and personality. He is God-given and a good reader. This number is represented by a triangle whose three sides represent force, matter, and consciousness. The triangle also symbolizes the expression of life and fertility. In Hinduism, Tantra, the triangle is considered a sacred symbol of the Supreme Power. Jupiter Number 3 traits are divinely blessed, fortunate, intuitive, and spiritual. Read More About Jupiter Number

Rahu Number – 4

Rahu is associated with the number 4. If Rahu, the planet of Karma is strong then can bless you with unlimited wealth and success. But, if you are weak or angry, it will make you less communicative and your decision-making abilities will be weak. This is the number of finance and wealth. Number 4 people may have many sudden surprises in their lives. Number 4 people are honest, balanced, and practical. It is a good number, it brings luck and money. Rahu number 4 traits are anarchy and materialism. Read More About Rahu Number

Mercury Number – 5

If you are born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month then Mercury associated with the number 5 should be your concern. When strong it will bless you with wealth and intelligence. If weak, it will make you aggressive and restless. The five symbolize the five elements and the five senses. Number 5 people make friends easily because of their sociable qualities of friendship. Mercury number 5 is a family number and people with this number get good support from their families most of the time. Mercury’s number 5 traits are intelligence, sharpness, and family oriented. Read More About Mercury Number

Venus Number – 6

The number of Venus is 6. As 6, it is the lord of Taurus. It represents the earth and its symbol is the bull. Since Venus is the lord of the number 6 Libra. It represents the air element and is symbolized by balance. Venus number 6 people would prefer a luxurious lifestyle and would rarely compromise on quality. They love beauty and harmony and want to be with attractive surroundings and attractive people. They love art, perfume, music, nice clothes, decorations, and natural beauty. Venus number 6 traits are love, passion, romance, and refinement. Read More About Venus Number

Ketu Number – 7

Ketu associated with the Number 7 affects the lives of people born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month. When strong it can bless you with spiritual knowledge as well as wealth. If weak, it will make you arrogant and over-sensitive. These people usually have wonderful dreams and have a strong inclination towards witchcraft; He has the gift of intuition and foresight. At times during their lives, they show a philosophical attitude toward life. They are very independent and their personality is strongly marked. The characteristics of Ketu number 7 are mystical, intuitive, and spiritual. Read More About Ketu Number

Saturn Number – 8

Saturn number is 8. As 8 it is the lord of Capricorn. It represents air and is symbolized by the goat. As number 8, it is the lord of Aquarius. It represents the earth element and its symbol is water. His nature is deep and very intense, with great power of personality; And they usually play some important role in the stage of life. Often misunderstood, number 8 people are deep-natured, but sensitive at the same time. Saturn number 8 traits are confrontational, slow, and dependent on action. Read More About Saturn Number

Mars Number – 9

Mars number 9 has significance for people born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month. If Mars is strong, it will remove all your health disorders and bless you with name and fame. If weak, it can make you fearful, restless, negative, and aggressive. Mars number 9 individuals are generous and charitable and are endowed with courage and bravery. Sometimes they have extreme egos and they get overpowered by their opinion and authority. They can be warm-hearted but also prone to anger due to their ruling planet Mars. The characteristics of Mars number 9 are world improvers, entrepreneurs, reformers, and hot-tempered people. Read More About Mars Number

Wrapping Up

In numerology, planets and numbers are closely linked which are called numerology planets. These planets and numbers give off a vibration that helps people choose their life path, understand their traits and find out how others see them. It is also a beautiful way to improve yourself for a better life. Talk to astrologers to know more about planetary numbers.

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