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Nar Mund Mala is a symbol of fear and courage. The Nar Mund Mala represents liberation, intelligence, and wisdom. This is the necklace of many deities. Nar Mund Mala is used for chanting Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva. The rosary is made of carved skull beads which are used for the recitation of fiery mantras. The rosary is a symbol of victory over time and the fear of death. Nar Mund is a very divine energetic garland in Hindu astrology, it is associated with Lord Mahadeva, the source of Shakti. The rosary is made of skull-like beads, When chanted with power, it is also known as Goddess Kali Mala, she used to wear such a powerful rosary. This mala has great importance in Indian mythology, it drives away negativity and evil spirits from life. This divine mala bestows you the self-confidence to fight against evil and be stronger than you to win in life. It gives inspiration, wisdom, and passion to the wearer. This mala is also famous for traditional magicians and some older Buddhist followers.

Benefits Of Nar Mund (Skull) Mala

  • Nar Mund Mala is a rosary of curved skull mala and is used for chanting of Goddess Kali, Lord Mahadeva, and planets Rahu and Ketu. The skull is a symbol of power and is said to increase prana (life).

  • Pathar Mund Mala is also used in the chanting of Chhinnamasta Sadhana.

  • Nar Mund Mala gives victory in legal matters.

  • Nar Mund rosary is used to destroy the works of the enemies.

  • Nar Mund Mala dispels fear and dread and bestows fearlessness on the devotee.

  • Nar Mund Mala brings changes in the personality of the seeker.

  • It provides a protective shield against any disease, accident, theft, or death.

  • By keeping the stone Mundamala in the south of the office or house, Lakshmi and Kuber are attained at that place.

  • Along with immense protection, it also bestows immense wealth to the devotee.

  • Nar Mundamala balances the 4 chakras – Hritpadma, Vishuddhi, Ajna, and Sahasrara chakras.

  • Mundamala also provides salvation to the devotee and takes the devotee away from the cycle of birth and death.

  • Nar Mund Mala head garland/Mala’s makes Saturn and Venus strong.

  • Goddess Kali blesses the wearer and bestows divine power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Nar Mund Mala?

This bestows the devotee with fearlessness. This provides a protective shield against any illness, accidents, theft, or death.

Who can wear Narmund Mala?

Nar Mund Mala is used for the Japa of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva.

Which Mala is Powerful?

The Nar Mund Mala represents liberation, intelligence, and wisdom.

Which Mala is Good for Wealth?

Nar Mund Mala provides immense protection as well as immense wealth to the devotee.

What do Skull Mala beads Mean?

In Buddhist religion, mala (prayer beads) made of skull-shaped beads are carved from yak bone and used as a meditation tool with which to contemplate the meaning of life and death. Here the garland of Skulls represent the inevitability of death and the limits of human knowledge.

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