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Moti represents the Moon or the lunar planet and gives peace. It is a slightly round shape natural pearl with a natural band representing the authentic pearl. Pearl represents purity, innocence, and integrity. They have long been regarded as ideal wedding gifts as they symbolize purity and innocence. Pearls are said to have a strong magnetic healing potency. Healers believe that pearls strengthen the nervous, adrenal glands, and muscular systems. Pearl is also helpful in stomach ulcers. They also provide relief from fever and headache. Pearls bestows vitality and strengthen to your eyes.

Benefits Of Moti Mala

  • Pearl beads bring peace of mind and happiness in life.

  • It helps in controlling emotions which leads to success.

  • Pearl is helpful for anger issues, depression, and stress.

  • It is especially helpful for people with a feeble Moon.

  • It is helpful for an increase in wealth and luxury.

  • The effects of Pearl Mala are cooling and soothing.

  • It inspires creativity and brings wealth.

  • Pearl pacifies passion and mental dissonance and strengthens the heart.

  • It tunes all 7 chakras and brings soft, healing energy during meditation.

  • It is also recommended to use pearl beads while chanting goddess mantras (especially Saraswati and Bala).

  • Wearing pure pearl mala increases self-confidence and is useful in conditions of dementia.

  • Original Pearl Mala is said to have a calming influence on an angry character.

  • The wearer gets positive energy from the moon which makes him mentally calm and focused.

  • Wearing a pearl garland helps in getting married.

  • By wearing pearl beads, the relations in the family remain strong.

  • Wearing this garland is very beneficial for the sick person related to blood pressure, heart, and eyes.

  • Any person can wear Moti Mala, and because of this there is happiness and prosperity in the family.

  • Wearing an invited pearl reduces mental stress. And hormones also remain balanced.

  • Wearing pearl beads is very beneficial for doctors, it keeps the mind calm.

  • Moti Ratna also strengthens the economic side.

Why should I buy Moti Mala from you?

Pearl known as the white pearl is measured as the queen of gems. It stands for purity and innocence. Moon is associated with Siddha Moti Mala. If the Moon is weak in your horoscope, then this Siddha Moti Mala is very useful for you. It attracts positive vibes and in return, you are surrounded by positive energy. This Siddha Moti Mala works well for high growth on the professional front. Achieving high growth on the professional front makes you financially strong as well. In return, you can buy a luxurious vehicle and own a property to live in peace. You are about to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with your family and friends.

Attain peace of mind and happiness with Siddha Moti Mala. Our Original Moti Mala is set as per the budgetary expectation of every seeker. Furthermore, our proven and energetic mala can ensure a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle for you.

We have developed a proprietary method to cleanse and energize Siddha Moti Mala of negative energies to activate the original mala to provide positive results for you. It is based on our in-depth research and understanding of Vedas and related Astrology Shastras.  You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Moti Mala.

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We deliver Moti Mala all over the world. The average delivery time of Moti Mala to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moti Mala used for?

Moti Mala or Pearl Mala or Ratna Mala Pearl is called Muktik or Chandramadi in Sanskrit and Moti in Hindi. As pearl is the moon’s gem, buying a pearl rosary bestows the moon’s blessings on the wearer. Using a rosary of 108 beads in chanting can bring peace to the mind.

Who should wear Moti Mala?

According to Indian or Vedic astrology, astrologers recommend the Pearl stone for the Cancer zodiac sign. Hence, anyone can wear a Pearl ring or jewelry after being consulted by an expert astrologer. Although, ascendants of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces can also wear this astrological gemstone Moti.

What are the benefits of Pearl Mala?

Pearl Mala helps to settle several difficulties related to misery and distrust. It inspires love, affection, and faith between the love partners. It also bestow strong memory and aids cure sleeplessness, uterine problems, heart ailments, constipation; hysteria, etc health related deases.

Which Rashi should not wear Pearl?

As per astrology, the people whose zodiac signs ruler are Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu should never wear pearls. Pearls not beneficial for the natives of these zodiac signs. That’s why natives of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants should not wear pearls.

What to do before Wearing a Moti?

Moti/ Pearl should be worn after washing it with the sacred water of the Ganges and raw Milk. It should be worn by the natives on the little finger of the right hand. One should wear it on Monday between 10–11 am.

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