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Hakik Mala is spiritually very valuable and symbolizes achievement, protection, and spunk. This is the Uparatna of Lord Shani and anyone can wear it. Hakik Kali is considered to be the strongest mala, it is made of Hakik mala which has some very powerful properties. It works for many different things, these are known as powerful stones. Hakik Mala is made of such powerful black mala. It contains black Hakik beads and Rudraksha. Hakik Mala has amazing benefits, it helps in overcoming depression and anxiety. It gives a positive outlook on life. It is associated with the planet Saturn, so the wearer holds it very strongly in his personal life. Hakik Mala is associated with deities like Bhairav, Kali, and Shiva. The powerful stones in this Hakik mala are enchanted and help a person a lot in life. It also helps to ward off legal matters and losses. It can cleanse the Root Chakra. It also dispels fear and anxiety and helps to deal with uncontrollable emotions.

Benefits Of Hakik Mala

  • There are innumerable benefits of wearing black colored Sulemani Gomed Mala, yet some sure benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It attracts the divine blessings of Lord Maruti and Lord Mahadeva.

  • This ensures the right flow of Shiva and Shakti energy inside.

  • Generally, it neutralizes all the planets in the horoscope but especially strengthens the planet Rahu and reduces its negative effects.

  • It activates and balances the base chakra.

  • It creates positivity around your aura.

  • It protects against black magic, tantric attacks, spirits, and evil eyes; Such negative energy cannot affect the wearer of this mala.

  • It removes obstacles and delays in any endeavor.

  • It removes poverty and famine.

  • It makes you confident, courageous and capable enough.

  • It enhances the will to overcome any difficulty or challenge and reach the goal.

  • It creates enough energy inside along with the feeling to channel it.

  • It is also a healing mala which prevents and cures many diseases. It improves digestion, treats joint pain, removes lethargy, strengthens bones and muscles, and prevents breast cancer.

  • It prevents sexual disorders, promotes satisfactory intercourse, and ensures timely/healthy progeny.

  • This Mala or Mala acts as a shield against any black magic or Buri Nazar (Evil Nazar).

  • In bad times or times of stress, it produces a calming effect on the wearer.

  • It is considered to give success in job or education competitions.

  • It also helps in giving relief from any gynecological problems and increasing fertility.

  • It helps in developing a positive outlook in life and increases willpower.

Why should I buy Hakik Mala from you?

Black Agate is a semi-precious opaque gemmstone and is used to nullify the malefic effects of the planet Saturn in a horoscope and strengthen its positive side. Hakik is an emblem of protection, spunk, and success. It wards off bad luck and attracts good luck. It has a calming influence in times of tension and provides a feeling of strength and courage. It has a restful and stabilizing impact on the body. It helps encourage success and financial rewards. It is used for many purposes. It attracts luck gives strength and energy and works as the best healer in times of stress by developing positivity and strengthening willpower. It is used for many purposes.

It is also said about this gem that if a person comes on the railing, if any problem comes, then it breaks the crisis. By the way, it is generally believed that good luck increases and poverty is destroyed by doing Dharmacharan. It also removes hindrances related to ghosts and evil spirits. It also removes the effect of poison. That’s why many kings and emperors used to make juice in cups made from it. Black color is also beneficial for health, while white color removes mental stress. Similarly, the blue color comes in the chanting done to please the planet Saturn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hakik Mala used for?

Hakik Mala can be used for adoration Chandi, goddess Kali, Baglamukhi, Lord Mahadeva, and Lord Bhairava. Ruled by the planet Saturn it also controls the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu. It is one of the most powerful protection stones and protects from evil eyes and black magic.

What is Hakik Mala Made of?

Hakik Mala, also known as Sulemani Mala, is a traditional Garland made of agate stone beads.

What are the benefits of Hakik?

Restores sleep and fight agitation and bad dreams. Brings good fortune to the person and relieves him from bad luck. Improves digestion and aids absorption. Sulemani Hakik/Akik Agate helps with muscle, joint, and lymphatic pain.

Who should wear Hakik Mala?

Mala can be worn by anyone from old to young and from female to male. Since it does not have any side effects on the wearer, it can be worn even without checking the horoscope.

What is the Effect of the Hakik Mala?

This mala provides inner peace and strength to the wearer, which is beneficial in fighting stress. It helps in maintaining contact with divine powers and awakens spiritual consciousness. Hakik Mala is worn by many people and is considered to be one of the most powerful protection stones.

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