Virgo Ascendant

The Virgo Ascendant is full of gentle character traits, and people born in this Ascendant are full of feminine elements. One specialty of this ascendant is that its own lord and the lord of the work area in the person’s horoscope are the same planets. Its ruling planet is Mercury. The desire to conquer the entire universe is very strong in the person of this ascendant. For which he strives all his life, but it does not happen.

The people of this ascendant are short-tempered. The position of Venus is also good in the horoscope of this ascendant, and Saturn gives mixed results. Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth house of this ascendant. Due to the presence of Rahu in the sixth house, Virgo ascendants have to face losses. Mars becomes the most malefic planet in his horoscope unless its position is formed with any opposite Raja Yoga place or planet. Due to this, an excess of fierceness can be seen in the life of a person. Here we will know what effects will be seen in a person’s life if this ascendant is present in the horoscope.

Virgo Rising Physical Appearance

These people are tall and thin in stature. Their hair is black and thick. Their eyebrows are dense and curved, their voice thin and sharp, and these people are very fast-moving. These people are straight-nosed, young-looking, with clear foreheads, and large and honest eyes, which are sometimes beautiful blue. The reason for which is the lord of the second house, Venus. Their complexion is as beautiful and clear as the female element of their ascendant.

Fond of learning new, active mind, good mental ability, critical, methodical, simple-minded. Usually have precise conversations, but are sometimes nervous, and appear to lack self-confidence. Their thinking is largely perceptive and intuitive. They keep everything organized and in the same way, their thinking is also organized. Knowledgeable, deep, and rich in analytical thinking.

Qualities of Virgo Ascendant

These people are ambitious, conservative, humble, thoughtful, contemplative, and hardworking. They have a lot of patience and do not change their decision easily. Like their thoughts, they do not like to change their residence at all. They have very good thinking to do any work commercially, methodically, and practically. They are masters in finding out the shortcomings of others. Due to this nature, these people are the most suitable contenders for the post of invigilator of examination, auditor, and income tax officer.

People born in this ascendant are thrifty, careful and sensitive, details of things and accounts, a little fanciful, cautious about their own interests, diplomatic, happy in gardening, intellectual and economic-minded. They like to act judiciously and thoughtfully, interested in studying science, especially medical science, food, diet, hygiene, etc.

Kanya Lagna Health 

People of this ascendant enjoy a healthy and long life till their old age. Enjoy healthy long life with healthy old age. These people are young and active looking till the last moments of their age. They are especially conscious about their health. Their stomach and nervous system are very sensitive, and these people can avoid these troubles by using more vitamin B in their diet. By controlling their nature of excessive worry, discontent, irritability, and quick anger, they can control their health. can be saved from deterioration.

Generally, these people have greed to get more in life which can often spoil their health by putting them in overwork and deep thinking. That’s why they should avoid the desire for high life and deep thinking. They may complain of gallstones, to avoid which they should eat simple and timely food. Avoid alcohol as far as possible and use a vegetarian and balanced diet. Get plenty of rest and enjoy life in serene surroundings. When a malefic combination of planets is formed in the horoscope of a person born in Virgo ascendant. Then these people face diseases like dysentery, typhoid, and sore throat. You will get minor injuries many times. Chances are, that you may also face accidents in life. That’s why drive the vehicle etc. with a little care. When Mercury, the ruling planet of this Ascendant, is afflicted, then one can suffer from diseases of the intestine, kidney, large intestine, enter muscle, anus, and nervous system.

Kanya Lagna Money

Being the commercial nature of the Ascendant, you should be careful about your money. Hard work will give you success in life and will bring you to the top. You should avoid investing money in investment-related schemes as you will not get much profit from them. If the lord of the 6th house is exalted in the horoscope of the native, then the native is blessed with good fortune.

Kanya Lagna Marriage

You are very intelligent, so they have a lot of difficulty in choosing a partner because they put more emphasis on the intelligence of the partner than everything else while choosing. become weak. Because they have a tendency to find faults in others. Because of this, they do not get along well with their partner and instead of compromising with them, they always expect them to adapt to themselves.

Due to this lack of theirs, they have to live unmarried life for a long time. But when you get married, if you improve your nature a little, then you can lead a happy life. Individuals born in Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio ascendants are the most suitable life partners for Virgo ascendants. Individuals born in Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana nakshatra are suitable for happy and prosperous relationships and partnerships.

Kanya Lagna Career

Natives should choose their partners in business very carefully. A partner who can fully understand your thoughts and support you. You are born to work, a hard executive who can leave everything behind and stick to his work. When Mercury is in good condition in their Kundli, then they can be part of work related to broker, accountant, lawyer, journalist, engineer, and surgeon. Whether good relations are being made with the lord of the 6th or 10th house or not. With regard to finance, they have a commercial and business sense. That’s why they can get success in works related to land and its products.

Wrapping Up

Your basic instinct is to change. Many times you change your residence in search of thoughts and an environment similar to yours. You like the beautiful and orderly atmosphere in your home. A home full of friends and guests brings you happiness. You always strive to fulfill the desire for a beautiful and orderly home, and you get all this in life. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Virgo Ascendant.

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