Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Ascendant is a symbol of Mukti or Moksha. The ruling planet of a person born in this ascendant is Jupiter. Which proves to be very beneficial for them in their horoscope. Mars also makes its presence a benefic planet. Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 9th house in the horoscope and makes a yoga karaka alliance for the native. The planet Venus is the lord of the 3rd and 8th house and can bring some testing moments in life. The position of Venus in the Lagna can create romance and marriage-related problems for the native as a delicate and unfavorable place. Moon is an auspicious planet for this Lagna, which is the lord of the 5th house of Purva Punya and gives the native the previous Good deeds done in births given in this birth. If Mercury is included in auspicious combinations in the horoscope, then the fault of ownership of the quadrant will not appear in the life of the Jatak.

Pisces Rising Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of these people is generally short, stout bodies, short limbs, fleshy faces, pale complexion, double chin, and muscular and rounded shoulders. These people are the masters of complexion with big and bulging eyes and soft and silky hair. The native is quick to understand things, inspirational, versatile, good-natured, changeable mindset, emotional, fond of music, emotional, affectionate, and charitable. Sometimes they become secretive, reserved, or mysterious in the way they do things. These people are often philosophical and lead romantic life.

Qualities of Pisces Ascendant

By nature and personality, they are kind, loving, truthful and sympathetic, courageous and hospitable, restless, helpful, and humane. They usually have low self-confidence, and low self-esteem, are timid, and cannot harm anyone. These people live a dual character. For this reason, he is always an enigma to others, and sometimes a bit confused himself.

Meen Lagna Health 

Due to being affected by the water element, the people of Pisces ascendant suffer from gastric problems, diseases related to swollen veins, and bile problems. Diseases of the nerves controlling the ankle, foot, teeth, and left eye, tuberculosis, tumors and mucous, etc. are also seen in these people. Stomach tumors, enlarged liver, and deficiency of enzymes are seen in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Deafness, general nervous weakness, convulsions, etc. are possible when Revati Nakshatra is there.

Pisces ascendant can cause swelling of the feet, coldness, lack of blood supply, and intestinal problems due to typhoid. The native is likely to get addicted to drugs when the Moon is in Dasha. Due to Sun, the people of this ascendant have to face anemia, typhoid, sweaty feet, and intestinal problems. Mars indicates the problem of fracture, deformity, piles, intestinal swelling, and hernia in the leg. Mercury causes nervous debility, deafness, and tuberculosis. Jupiter in Pisces indicates swollen feet, sweating, enlargement of the liver, abdominal cramps, enzyme deficiency, and intestinal discomfort. Venus causes intestinal troubles while Saturn causes rheumatism, foot decay, tuberculosis, and dropsy.

Meen Lagna Money

The natives of the Ascendant can be very successful in the business related to food items. They are endowed with wealth and power. In their old age, they never think of being dependent on their children, so they believe in making arrangements for their old age in their youth. These people definitely have the desire to donate to others, but only to those people from whom they have full hope of getting their money back.

Meen Lagna Marriage

Natives will be attracted to romantic life and will like the beauty of their partner’s intelligence. Along with love for their partner, they also have a little doubt. They are always looking for a loyal partner towards them. Because they are double-minded. That’s why where they are very sensitive towards their partner. He also suddenly becomes very indifferent. Individuals will lead a happy married life. They are kind, sympathetic, and loyal toward their life partner. These people are parents who love their children better.

Virgo and Cancer prove to be the best match for the people of Pisces ascendant. Pisces Ascendant husbands are affectionate, kind, and full of love, but suspicious in nature. They should not doubt their life partner for a happy and prosperous married life. Throughout their lives, they will be attracted to the romantic side of a partner. These women are beautiful, big, and with bulging eyes. With her form, she can always keep her partner tied to her charm.

Meen Lagna Career

These people can be accountants, bankers, music and opera houses, cinemas, occult sciences, and actors. As a good professional ability and can be a successful Liaison Officer, Managing Director, or Chairman of any organization. Apart from this, these people can work in beverage, oil, beverage, cosmetics, chemical, medical, and education departments, best suited for Navy Shipping Corporation, etc. It cannot concentrate on any one thing but works hard. They are methodical, firm, hardworking, truthful, and honest. They will be harmed by businesses related to Shani and they should avoid it.

Wrapping Up

They have many friends and are happy to entertain them at home. They prefer a happy home life and love their family and children very much. These people spend their whole life in fulfilling the happiness of their families, without expecting anything from them in their old age. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Pisces Ascendant.

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