Libra Ascendant

People of Tula Lagna are going to walk in harmony and equality according to the meaning (scales) of their ascendant sign. The element of this ascendant is air, which sometimes shows its fierce form. The lord of this Ascendant is Venus, which controls the personal sphere of his life, social, love relations, and sense of attraction. He is the lord of the 8th house in his horoscope. Due to this, there is sure to be a change in their life.

Jupiter brings some trouble in his horoscope. That’s why it is necessary to take special care in wearing the gems related to it. Shani resides in his life and horoscope as a Yogkaraka, and as a result, gives him growth. Mercury directs his destiny. Wherein Mars acts as a killer planet.

Libra Rising Physical Appearance

The person has a good complexion, a well-built body, tall stature, smooth skin, brown and black hair, blue or brown eyes, a sharp nose like a parrot, a round face, and beautiful features. A sculpted body, thin in youth but plump with age. In his youth, his sweet smile, and attractive body attracts and fascinates everyone. For a long time, they look younger and more beautiful than their age. There is always a devil floating in their eyes. Always use attractive clothes, and fragrant perfume to look beautiful.

Their nature is imaginative and full of correct intuition, brilliant intelligence, admirable refinement, supreme compensation, and amiable nature. Their thinking is very imaginative. On the basis of which they are experts in making correct guesses. His biggest jewel is a personality full of brilliant intelligence, forethought, admirable refinement, and supreme compensation. Generally in his nature imaginative artist, optimistic, cheerful, humane, just, sympathetic, and loving. But hidden in a person with changeable, fond of society and amateurs, and usually sensual personality.

Qualities of Libra Ascendant

The person of this ascendant can concentrate on the higher level of spiritual life if he wants and can make meditation the goal of life. The main factor of this ascendant is the planet, Venus, due to which these people are very polite and hospitable. They are fond of beauty in all forms, easily amused, and always take pleasure in society and the welfare of the world. People with Libra ascendant often support nationalism. However, their behavior and nature are kind, generous, idealistic, artistic, adaptable, creative, spontaneous, influential, inspirational, sexy, passionate, and compromising in nature. Because of this everyone likes them. They have such an immense sense of affection, that they do not consider anything else important in life except happiness.

They are naturally attracted to their opposite sex and have the nature to argue with clarity and foresight. The natives should control their emotions and are advised to handle things before they go out of their hands. Because these people are of a little expensive nature. That’s why they should keep an eye on their expenses. Otherwise, problems may have to be faced in the future.

Tula Lagna Health 

By the way, the natives get a well-formed body. But still, they remain at risk of infectious diseases. They are often seen suffering from diseases related to the kidneys, lungs, spine, uterus, male genitals, pineal glands, etc. To avoid these diseases and to remain healthy in old age, it is always advised to lead a systematic life in youth.

Tula Lagna Money

Since this ascendant is seen by others to excel in matters of logic, foresight, and judgment, their peers look up to them for guidance and the right decisions. They can search for their future employment in work related to all these fields. Apart from this, these good critics, and advocates can earn money by trying their hand in financial matters. If they keep their expenses under a little control, then they do not have to face the lack of wealth in their life.

Tula Lagna Marriage

These people are experts in making love relationships, so their sex life goes very well. They are honest and affectionate in love, and their dress and manners attract the opposite sex very quickly. But the sooner they get attracted to others, the sooner they get bored with them. They get the feeling of great happiness in the company of their opposite sex. They soon get tied up in marriage. After marriage, they feel great happiness in entertainment, attending social functions, living every moment of life, decorating the house, etc.

After marriage, they like to have a high standard of living, but sometimes they may not have a partner who can satisfy them. Then they start taking that relationship as an unwanted bond and get surrounded by sadness. Gemini and Aquarius people are best suited as the right pair for them. They cannot harmonize with anyone except Pisces, Capricorn, and Cancer.

Tula Lagna Career

They have a lot to do as government employees and officers. They will live most of their lives with both financial and social success. They do not hurt others by their actions, so they are very popular among the people. Best suited for work related to law and can engage themselves in liquid goods, chemists, electrical engineers, transport, navy, painters, etc. Apart from this, Libra ascendants can be writers, musicians, back singers, architects, teachers, and good salesmen.

Wrapping Up

A happy and harmonious domestic life is the essence of a Libra ascendant’s life. They keep the house decorated, well-furnished, and quite attractive. He always has expensive jewelry, which he is very fond of. He is very attached to his children and family. They are always a good friend, generous like an honest king, and fond of parties at home and with friends they cannot live without. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Libra Ascendant.

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