Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendant is an Ascendant with royal qualities, and according to its name, the qualities of a king can also be seen in the person born in this Ascendant. Its ruling planet is the Sun. Like the sun, the brightness of the person is also very high. There is a lot of sense of pride and authority in them. It is not in their habit to fail, to bow down before anyone. Jupiter or Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house in his horoscope, but apart from this, it affects the eighth house as well. Their life can change depending on the condition of Jupiter. However, there can be a change in condition in terms of their life discharge.

The results of Jupiter’s Dasha will depend on the seriousness and strength of the planet. Where Mars comes in the form of Yogkaraka in his horoscope. The same on the other hand also acts as a barrier. It rules the 9th house. Because of this, the person may have to struggle with the level of luck. Leo Ascendant people should worship Surya or Shiva to get rid of this defect. The Moon is the lord of the 12th house, and if it is afflicted or the person is born on a new moon day, then the mind may be in the grip of severe pain. The presence of Mercury in the native’s horoscope is otherwise harmful to them. But if it occurs with Arudha Lagna, it gives the native the same reward as Kubera, the God of wealth.

Leo Rising Physical Appearance

The native has broad shoulders, a ruddy complexion, broad bones, and strong muscles. Tall, erect body, stronger from the upper than the lower. Thin waist, strong knees, soft curly hair, and light complexion. Their head is big and round. These people have full bodies, sharp and brilliant personalities on faces, and heavy and grounded voices. People born in this ascendant are ambitious, generous, respectable, open-minded, hot-tempered, self-reliant, reliable, fearless, impulsive, determined, protective, and conscientious. Craving for power and distinction, being lovers of the arts, optimistic, magnanimous, and Philanthropic nature is the main reason for attracting people to them. He has a big heart and a noble but harsh personality by nature. It is good-natured, philosophical, clear, free and forthright, strong, independent, powerful and impulsive, inspiring.

Qualities of Leo Ascendant

Very enthusiastic for the development of mankind. They always forgive others and forget the mistakes, sins, and errors of others. They are very independent in their thoughts. They have excellent organizing powers and are creative, inventive, brilliant, and ingenious. They love flattery but do not fall prey to it. Being fiery Ascendants, Leo Ascendants are ambitious. Remain hopeful till the last moment of life. His splendid appearance, bragging, work clever, commanding, domineering, enthusiastic, joyful nature are his identity. They are good planners, leaders, and full of vitality.

Brave, always act as a helper for someone in love and relationships. But they are generally tamed by opponents and enemies whom they face bravely and with courage and confidence. Generally, live an extremely generous and extroverted nature. They rush into everything and get irritated when things are not right or not completed. They jump to conclusions impulsively and hastily and become unhappy.

Singh Lagna Health 

Their health is mostly good. Even if they fall ill, they have the power to recover from any illness very quickly. But when the disease progresses, then they start getting very nervous. These can often be seen in diseases of the heart, spinal cord, spinal cord, spinal cord, spinal nerves, fiber, and visceral muscles. Heart disease, heart palpitations, spinal meningitis, sunstroke, nausea, inflammation Epilepsy, common cold, and fever are also among some of the major diseases faced by the natives of this ascendant.

In the horoscope, when Aquarius and Capricorn make an alliance with other afflicted planets, there may be a complaint of ankle swelling after heart disease. When Jupiter is retrograde in the horoscope of Leo Ascendant, then Leo Ascendant protects the natives from surgery, etc. But if Mars affects Leo, then it promotes the combination of surgical operations. Therefore, in order to have good health and especially to avoid heartache, a Leo ascendant must take a balanced diet. Intoxicating drinks and stimulating drinks should be avoided. In other words, they should take the Satvik diet. Simple and moderate living is a sign of their good health.

Singh Lagna Money

They are generally blessed with good fortune and ample resources. If they spend their resources recklessly in their youth, as a result of which nothing is left with them in old age, and they have to spend the rest of their life in poverty and misery. They may get addicted to gambling and betting. Sometimes they also get profit in this, but later it can put them in huge loss. Due to his nature of generosity, he does not miss even giving his everything to others. In old age, they have nothing left except those memories of the past. At that time they have hope from others but they feel disappointed. Natives like to sit in big and responsible positions. In a true sense, these people are kings by birth, and they give small tasks to others to do.

Singh Lagna Marriage

The native is a romantic, an ideal lover, fiery in his passion to achieve love, but honest and faithful in love. But they do not make any display of love in public, as they consider it below their dignity. He will be very attached to his opposite sex and will always remain in the crowd of women. So their partner should not be jealous of them but should trust each other completely. They maintain harmony in domestic life unless the lord of the 7th house is afflicted by the problem. When this happens, a situation of differences arises between them and their partner.

They will love their children the most and will take immense pride in them. Their children will be free-spirited, dislike restrictions, and can quickly become nervous and restless. That’s why they should give some leeway to their children, otherwise, they can weaken their self-confidence. If their children are also born in Leo Ascendant, then those children will be good organizers, not arrogant, popular, good-natured, kind and affectionate, and also courageous and self-confident. But this does not mean that children born in other Lagna will not have the upper qualities, their characteristics will be governed by the Lagna in which they are born.

Ascendant women are ambitious and idealistic, make their homes ideally successful, and are a favorable influence on all. She will command the position and command of social and important works, she has the spirit of self-sacrifice, which is the symbol of everlasting love. Leo is a fiery ascendant, and Aries and Sagittarius are best suited for the other two fiery ascendants. They also pair well with three more signs, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, for greater compatibility. Their relationship with Aries and Sagittarius will contribute to increased happiness and harmony. Aquarius makes a completely devoted partner for Leo. People of the Libra zodiac will always try to be with you, save you from troubles and also create peace in the house.

Singh Lagna Career

Native makes his future in high official job or business. They will have a fixed income, and job security and this boosts their executive capacity and tireless work capacity. They make their identity on the basis of the successful discharge of their responsibilities by occupying the position of high officer in any big organization.

Wrapping Up

They like the love and affection of their family members and try to become greater in front of them so that they are more impressed by them. They try to maintain peace, harmony, and happiness in the house, they try to make everyone happy with them. For their good health, rest is needed at home. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Leo Ascendant.

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