Aries Decans

When talking about Deccan, we are mainly concerned with the Sun sign. So, in Indian astrology, Decans are the division of a month into a section of 10 days. Thus your Sun sign is related to one of the three Decans – Decan 1, Decan 2, and Decan 3 and this tells how your life is affected. Furthermore, each decan is governed by a specific ruling planet.

Therefore, each of these planets exerts its own influence on the native in its specific dasha. Next time you observe your birthday month, notice how your experiences and attitudes are related to the characteristics of the deacon you fall into. Aries Decan mostly has strong intuition and a headstrong attitude. This behavioral aspect is related to a specific deacon.

3 Decans of Aries

First Decan Aries –

Born Between March 21 and March 30

Second Decan Aries –

Born Between March 31 and April 9

Third Decan Aries –

Born Between April 10 And April 19

Aries Decan 1

The personality astrology for Decan 1st suggests their ultra-independent, strong and energetic aura. The people born in this Deccan are the people of Mars. The rule of Aries by Mars brings excitement to one’s life. The cruel energy of Mars paves the way for arguments and quarrels among the natives.

They don’t know how to twist words and pretend to be someone else. All Aries Decan 1 know is the language of brutal truth. For once they can stop saying anything. This can help them maintain healthy terms with others. Aries! You have an impressive personality which helps you to impress and attract others with your amazing confidence.

People born in this part of Aries are social birds and know how to build relationships and networks and use it to their advantage. And anyone who tries to dominate you is bound to face an unnecessarily harsh response from your side. Therefore, even if you have many relationships, you are often misunderstood for your short temper and irritable attitude.

Also, when your anger gets out of control, you create impulsive outcomes for yourself, which are not always in your favor. However, his never-say-die attitude and winning spirit always fetch his success and recognition in the workplace.

Aries Decan 2

Aries astrology for Decan 2 reveals the influence of the Sun on people born in this square. Sun rules here, so the person’s personality gets enhanced and has an impact. Not only this, you get a strong intellect and a strong creative mind to find solutions to any problem presented before you. So, you are clearly going to be disciplined and determined to achieve whatever it is you are filling in your wish list.

More interestingly, the larger the wish list, the more ticks it has. It means that you do not just dream but also fulfill them. Aries Decan 2 are also a hard worker who wants the best result at the end of a project. Another interesting aspect of Aries Born in Deccan 2 is their wit and humor.

Aries Decan 3

Bite astrology for Aries born on Decan 3 shows that the individual is creative, intellectual, and has an imaginative background. It is also believed that it has all the qualities of fire signs. It is also believed that they share the same interests as the Sagittarius. Jupiter rules the natives, and hence it brings a lot of determination and focus to them. They are very down-to-earth in nature and love to share deep discussions with others. They are also very courageous and extremely courageous. Under the influence of Jupiter, you will find them doing some adventurous work.

What attracts people of this class is their selflessness and innate tendency to help others. Also, they do not fight easily and try to handle situations with a calm mind. People may not know, but you are keenly aware of what is happening around you and you are aware of it. They are very sensitive and cannot stand seeing people in pain. They are also very inquisitive and hence read books to gain new information and skills.

Wrapping Up

You love to attract attention anyway, and when others experience a series of laughs at your cracked jokes, you keep it as cool as you can. The rulership of the Sun makes you a great leader and compassionate towards others as well. You are a good-hearted person, Aries! And you want to contribute immensely to the welfare of animals and the needy. Aries Decans people also care about the well-being of their loved ones. If you want to know whether you belong to Aries Decans or not, then talk to astrology.

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