Draupadi Murmu Horoscope

May 31, 2023

Draupadi Murmu is an Indian politician serving as the 15th and current-day President of India. Draupadi Ji was a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She is the first person belonging to a tribal community to be elected as the President of India. Draupadi Murmu is the second woman after Pratibha Patil to do service as the President of India. The Enlightened Society has decorated Draupadi Murmu with an enlightened female emperor! She is the second person from Odisha to hold the office of the President and the youngest President of the country. Murmu is the first President born after the independence of India. Before becoming the President, she served in various portfolios in the cabinet of the Government of Odisha between 2000 and 2004. Took charge as the ninth Governor of Jharkhand from 2015 to 2021.

Draupadi Murmu Birth and Education

Date of Birth: Friday, June 20, 1958

Place of Birth: Mayurbhanj, Odisha, India

Birth Time: Not Known

Moon Sign: Cancer

Nakshatra: Pushya

Sun Sign (Western): Gemini

Sun Sign (Indian): Gemini

Draupadi Murmu was born on the day 20 June 1958 in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. She was born in a backward area and in a tribal family. Despite this, her family members were educated and held good positions and respect in the area. Her father’s name was Biranchi Narayan Tudu. Her father and grandfather were village heads. She was married to Shyamacharan Murmu. After this, she had two sons and a daughter. Both sons and husbands died at different times. On the other hand, her daughter is married and lives in Bhubaneswar.

Draupadi Murmu’s early education was done in her village school only. After completing her elementary education in her village in Orissa, she moved to Bhubaneswar. She did her graduation from Ram Devi Women’s College in Bhubaneswar. After completing her graduation, she applied for a government job. In the process, she got a job as a Junior Assistant in the Electricity Department of Odisha. She worked as a Junior Assistant in the Electricity Department between 1979 to 1983.

After this, she completed some course studies from home and in 1994 worked as a teacher at Aurobindo Integral Education, Rairangpur. She worked as a teacher in this educational center till 1997, when seeing her work talent, and her popularity started increasing rapidly, after which she entered politics.

Draupadi Murmu Career

Draupadi Murmu began her political career in 1997 with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). First of all, she won the Panchayat councilor election in Rairangpur. Her popularity started increasing rapidly when she served as the Vice President of the Scheduled Tribes Front of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Draupadi Murmu won the MLA election twice between 2000 and 2009 from Rairangpur Nagar in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. Between 2000 and 2004, Draupadi was Orissa’s Minister of Commerce, Transport, and Fisheries Department. After this, she stepped down from the post of MLA in 2009, and for some years she did not work intensely on any post.

She was finally appointed as the Governor of Jharkhand in 2015. After this Draupadi Murmu got the title of India’s first tribal Rajpal and first woman governor of Jharkhand. After this, on 24 June 2022, she was nominated for the post of President of India.

Presently Draupadi Murmu is 64 years old. She has shown this by winning elections in different areas for many years with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Worked as MLA for 9 years and minister in three several areas. Apart from this, Draupadi Murmu has been working as the Governor of Jharkhand for at least 6 years.

Draupadi Murmu has very good experience and doesn’t want to pursue her career in the field of politics. Because of this, she wants to end her political career on a grand note. Because of this, she has been chosen as a good candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Their alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party is very old, at present the Bharatiya Janata Party government is running and Draupadi Murmu wants to end her political career. For this reason, Draupadi Murmu has been selected as a candidate for the post of President by NDA at her request. In the presidential election of 2022, Draupadi Murmu was elected as the 15th Maharaja.

Draupadi Murmu Birth Chart

According to Draupadi Murmu’s Kundli, Jupiter’s aspect on Mars bestows wisdom and a high position, such a person serves in the military police or is protected by them. In the horoscope, Mars and Guru Mangal create Samasaptak Yoga, position, prestige, and respect are also obtained from the 7th house only. Samsaptak means a person who does not leave any work without success, luck and circumstances also cooperate with him.

Wherein, Mercury is situated in the fourth house and establishes Raja Yoga called Bhadra, which comes in the category of five great men and strengthens their personality. Because of this yoga, a relationship is made with the public and the person works for the good. Along with this, the aspect of the Sun on the 10th house also gives a share in government and power. Rahu in the seventh house gives sudden gains and the alliance of Venus with Rahu gives brightness. The conjunction of Ketu and Venus gives spiritual gains and respect to the family.

Draupadi Murmu Astrology

Draupadi Murmu ji was born in Pisces ascendant and Cancer. Mars is sitting in the ascendant and it is being directly aspected by Dev Guru Brihaspati, due to which Samsaptak Yoga is being created and this yoga gives miraculous success along with struggle in life. In her Kundli, Sun, and Mercury sitting together in the fourth house are forming Budhaditya Yoga and Sun’s direct aspect is falling on the Rajdarbar place in the tenth house of the Kundli, where the Sagittarius of Dev Guru Jupiter is there.

In the horoscope, Moon is sitting in a strong position in its own Cancer sign in the fifth house while Saturn is sitting in the house of luck. Bhadra Yoga is also being formed in her horoscope and Raj Yoga is also being formed. Venus and Ketu are sitting in the second house in the horoscope and their vision is falling on Rahu sitting in the eighth house. Ketu also gives spiritual thoughts and the combination made of Venus and Rahu also gives shining and dazzling success in life.

As per Online astrology consultation, Mars is sitting in the Ascendant in the Kundli and that is the reason why despite the names of many bigwigs being discussed in the race for the post of President, Mars made him reach the highest position in the country and she also got the support of many opposition parties. Mars sitting in the Ascendant is being aspected by Jupiter, under whose guidance the country will hoist its flag on many fronts. During her tenure, she will be able to leave a different mark on the country and the world. Due to Mars sitting in the ascendant, her strong will continues to be reflected in her every decision, and the strength of India, which is called the world’s largest democracy, will increase.

Wrapping Up

Draupadi Murmu ji has been elected as the 15th President of the country and the first one to belong to the tribal community after independence and her planets have created such history. Starting her political journey as a corporator 25 years ago, he reached the highest position in the country because of the combination of planets in her horoscope. During her presidency, the country’s fame will increase in the world on many fronts. According to the prediction of astrologer Chirag Daruwalla, Draupadi Murmu sitting on the President’s chair will bring great benefits in certain things in India’s horoscope. As religious works will increase and holy rivers like Ganga will be cleaned. India’s prestige will be established and India’s respect and rupee will be strong. With this India will be more self-reliant.

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