Vyasa Purnima 2024 – Date, Importance, Story and Puja Vidhi

March 11, 2024

The full moon of the month of Ashadha is known as Vyas Puja day. Traditionally this day is reserved for Guru Puja or Guru Pooja. On this day disciples worship or pay respect to their teachers. Guru means a spiritual guide who enlightens the disciples with his knowledge and teachings. Vyas Pooja is also known as Vyasa Purnima. This day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Veda Vyasa. Apart from being a writer, Ved Vyasa was also a character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Vyasa Purnima 2024 Date 

Vyasa Purnima on Sunday, 21 July 2024

Purnima Date Start – 20th July 2024 at 05:59 PM
Purnima Date Ends – 21st July 2024 at 03:46 PM

Vyasa Purnima Importance 

Vyasa Purnima has great importance in Hindu religion. It reminds us of the importance of Guru in our life and helps us to walk on the right path under the guidance of our Gurus. It is believed and explained in Hindu verses that a person can attain salvation only under the guidance of his Guru and only a teacher or Guru can show the person the path of truth and salvation.

Vyasa Purnima Puja Vidhi and Rituals

According to the age-old Hindu tradition, it is very auspicious and beneficial for you to pray to your Gurus and express gratitude towards them on the day of Vyas Puja. However, there are some other rituals that you need to perform on this lucky day to receive the blessings of God. So, we bring you the necessary steps and rituals to perform Vyas Puja at your home.

  • Wake up soon in the morning and clean the home thoroughly.
  • Take a bath and make sure you wear clean clothes.
  • When it is ready, spread a clean white cloth on the floor and make twelve lines on it with Ashtagandha powder and make a pulpit.
  • Make sure that those sacred lines are made in such a way that they go from north to south and from east to west.
  • Then take a pledge to fast for the whole day while chanting the mantra “Guruparampara Siddharth Vyas Poojanam Karishyasya”.
  • Sitting on the seat of Vyas, pray to Lord Brahma, Paratparashakti, Vyas, Shukdev, Govindaswami ji and Guru Shankaracharya.

Ved Vyasa Story

According to Hindu scriptures, Maharishi Ved Vyas was born 3000 years ago on the auspicious day of Ashadha Purnima. He was the son of Maharishi Parashar and Goddess Satyavati, the great-grandmother of the Kauravas and Pandavas. 

Maharishi Ved Vyas’s birth name was Krishna Dwaipayana Vyas and it is believed that he was the greatest sage and scholar of his time. One day, sage Parashara was in a hurry to perform a yagya somewhere, when he reached the other side of the Yamuna river. He searched here and there for a way to cross the river and found a man on a boat. 

He requested the man to drop him on the other side of the river. As soon as he boarded the boat, he came to know that the person driving the boat was a woman and her name was Satyavati. He was captivated by her beauty and covered the entire area around the boat with fog and created an artificial island with his powers to ensure that no one could see them. 

The sage proposed that they make love. When his work was completed, sage Parashar told the maid Satyavati that as soon as he left, a child would be born who would become the greatest guru and would enlighten the world with the knowledge of the Vedas. He also blessed her that she would remain a virgin even after the birth of their son. 

This removed all the foul smell of fish coming from his body and gave him the lasting sweet aroma of musk. After that Satyavati gave birth to a child and that child grew up to become Ved Vyasa. He told his mother that she had contributed to the fulfillment of the divine purpose by giving birth to him and there was nothing more for her to do and he promised her that he would be there whenever she needed him.

Wrapping Up

You know everything about Vyas Puja, we hope that you can perform the puja on Vyasa Purnima day in the month of Ashadha and get the blessings of your gurus. We wish you all the best and hope that this day brings you happiness, joy and prosperity. If you want to know more information about Vyasa Purnima, then you can get the information by taking online astrology consultation.

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