Navratri Second Day – Brahmacharini

May 24, 2024

This second form of Maa Durgaji is going to give eternal rewards to the devotees and Siddhas. By worshiping them, penance, renunciation, renunciation, morality, and restraint increase in man. Even in difficult struggles of life, their mind does not deviate from the path of duty. By the grace of Goddess Brahmacharini Devi, they achieve success and victory everywhere. Their form is worshiped on the second day of Durga Puja. On this day the mind of the seeker becomes relaxed in the ‘Swadhisthana’ Chakra. A Yogi with a mind situated in this Chakra receives their grace and devotion.

Mata Brahmacharini Form

Brahmacharini means the one who practices penance. This form of the Goddess is full of light and extremely grand. This Brahmacharini Mata has a rosary of chanting in her right hand and a kamandal in her left hand.

Story of Brahmacharini

In her previous birth, this goddess was born in the form of a daughter in the house of Himalaya, and with the advice of Naradji, she performed severe penance to get Lord Shankar as her husband. Due to this difficult penance, she was named as Tapashcharini i.e. Brahmacharini. She spent a thousand years eating only fruits and flowers and for a hundred years, she lived only on the land.

Fasted rigorously for a few days and endured the harsh hardships of rain and sun under the open sky. She continued to eat Bilva leaves and worship Lord Shankar for three thousand years. After this, she even stopped eating dried Bilva leaves. She continued to do penance by remaining waterless and fasting for several thousand years. She was named Aparna because she stopped eating leaves.

Due to severe penance, the goddess’s body became completely emaciated. Gods, sages, Siddhagans, and sages all praised Brahmacharini’s penance as an unprecedented virtuous act and said – O Goddess, to date no one has performed such harsh penance. This could only be possible with you. Your wishes will be fulfilled and you will get Lord Shiva as your husband. Now leave penance and return home. Your father will be coming soon to call you.

Maa Brahmacharini Puja Vidhi

  • On this day, wake up in the morning and finish your daily routine, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.

  • After this, sit on the seat. Worship Mother Brahmacharini. Offer them flowers, Akshat, Roli, sandalwood, etc.

  • Bathe the mother with milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar. Offer food to the mother. Offer them pistachio sweets.

  • Then offer them betel leaves, betel nuts, and cloves. Chant mother’s mantras and perform aarti.

  • By worshiping the Mother with a true heart, a person gets the power to maintain self-control.

Maa Brahmacharini Mantra

दधाना कर पद्माभ्याम अक्षमाला कमण्डलू।

देवी प्रसीदतु मई ब्रह्मचारिण्यनुत्तमा।।

Worship Mantra of Maa Brahmacharini

वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्धकृतशेखराम्।

जपमाला कमण्डलु धरा ब्रह्मचारिणी शुभाम्॥

गौरवर्णा स्वाधिष्ठानस्थिता द्वितीय दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम्।

धवल परिधाना ब्रह्मरूपा पुष्पालङ्कार भूषिताम्॥

परम वन्दना पल्लवाधरां कान्त कपोला पीन।

पयोधराम् कमनीया लावणयं स्मेरमुखी निम्ननाभि नितम्बनीम्॥

Maa Brahmacharini Stotra

तपश्चारिणी त्वंहि तापत्रय निवारणीम्।

ब्रह्मरूपधरा ब्रह्मचारिणी प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

शङ्करप्रिया त्वंहि भुक्ति-मुक्ति दायिनी।

शान्तिदा ज्ञानदा ब्रह्मचारिणी प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

Maa Brahmacharini Kavach Path

त्रिपुरा में हृदयम् पातु ललाटे पातु शङ्करभामिनी।

अर्पण सदापातु नेत्रो, अर्धरी च कपोलो॥

पञ्चदशी कण्ठे पातु मध्यदेशे पातु महेश्वरी॥

षोडशी सदापातु नाभो गृहो च पादयो।

अङ्ग प्रत्यङ्ग सतत पातु ब्रह्मचारिणी।

Maa Brahmacharini Aarti

जय अंबे ब्रह्माचारिणी माता।

जय चतुरानन प्रिय सुख दाता।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

ब्रह्मा जी के मन भाती हो।

ज्ञान सभी को सिखलाती हो।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

ब्रह्मा मंत्र है जाप तुम्हारा।

जिसको जपे सकल संसारा।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

जय गायत्री वेद की माता।

जो मन निस दिन तुम्हें ध्याता।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

कमी कोई रहने न पाए।

कोई भी दुख सहने न पाए।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

उसकी विरति रहे ठिकाने।

जो ​तेरी महिमा को जाने।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

रुद्राक्ष की माला ले कर।

जपे जो मंत्र श्रद्धा दे कर।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

आलस छोड़ करे गुणगाना।

मां तुम उसको सुख पहुंचाना।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

ब्रह्माचारिणी तेरो नाम।

पूर्ण करो सब मेरे काम।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

भक्त तेरे चरणों का पुजारी।

रखना लाज मेरी महतारी।। मैया जय ब्रह्माचारिणी….

Wrapping Up

The word Brahmacharini is composed of two Sanskrit words. ‘Brahma’ means penance, a self-existent soul, the absolutely real and sacred knowledge. ‘Charini’ means to conduct, follow and behave. Thus Brahmacharini means one who practices penance. Brahmacharini Mata holds a chanting rosary in her right hand and a kamandal in her left hand. If you want to know more about the Navratri second day then you can take an online astrology consultation.

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