Indira Ekadashi 2024 Date, Vrat Khatha, Rituals and Significance

February 23, 2024

Ekadashi of Ashwin month, Krishna Paksha is called Indira Ekadashi. In the year 2024, Indira Ekadashi is falling on Saturday, September 28, 2024. This Ekadashi has special recognition because it falls during Pitru Paksha. Indira Ekadashi fast is considered to provide salvation and by observing this fast the ancestors attain salvation. This fast is considered to be the most sacred and sacred of all the fasts. According to the belief, by observing this fast properly, the afterlife of a person gets improved, if due to some reason his ancestors have not got salvation, then that also becomes possible. By the grace of Shri Hari, the sins of the ancestors are cut off and they are freed from the tortures they were suffering in the ancestral world.

Ashwina Krishna Ekadashi 2024

There is a tradition to observe the fast of Ashwina Krishna Ekadashi on the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. This Ekadashi falls in Pitru Paksha, hence its importance increases even more. Ashwina Krishna Ekadashi is celebrated on the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashwin. On this day, Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world, and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, are worshipped.

Indira Ekadashi Date

Indira Ekadashi on Saturday, 28 September 2024

Indira Ekadashi Start Time – 27 September 2024 at 01:20 PM

Indira Ekadashi End Time – 28 September 2024 at 02:49 AM

Indira Ekadashi Parana time

Indira Ekadashi (breakfast) time – 28 September 2024, 06:11 AM to 08:35 AM

Dwadashi ending time on Paran Tithi – 04:47 PM

Indira Ekadashi Vrat 2024

  • According to the story, Maharishi Narad, while explaining the method of fasting, had said that on the Dashami of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month, after taking a bath with devotion in the morning, going to the river, etc. and taking a bath in the afternoon.
  • Perform the Shraddha of your ancestors with devotion and eat food only once a day.
  • On the day of Ekadashi, wake up early in the morning, retire from daily work, and take a bath.
  • Follow the rules of the fast with devotion and also take a pledge that “I will observe the fast of Ekadashi by renouncing material pleasures. O Lord, I surrender to you and may you protect me.” In this way, by performing Shraddha as per the rules in front of the idol of Shaligram, a worthy Brahmin should be pleased by feeding him fruits and Dakshina, etc.
  • Worship Lord Rishikesh with incense, lamps, scents, flowers, Naivedya, etc. Awaken the Lord at night and on the morning of Dwadashi, worship the Lord feed the Brahmin, and eat in silence with the family. But our advice is that you should know the method of fasting and worship thoroughly from learned astrologers.

Indira Ekadashi of Rituals

  • On the day of Indira Ekadashi, be free from daily work take a bath in the morning, and wear clean clothes.
  • Take a resolution to fast by meditating on the Shaligram form of Lord Vishnu.
  • Take a post. Spread a yellow-colored cloth on it.
  • Make swastika on cloth with kumkum.
  • Salute Lord Ganesha and offer flowers and rice on the Swastika while chanting “Om Ganeshaya Namah”.
  • Install a Shaligram or a picture of Lord Vishnu at the place of worship during an auspicious time.
  • After bathing with Ganga water, offer Roli, sandalwood, Akshat, incense, lamp, sweets, etc.
  • Light a lamp and offer a garland of yellow flowers.
  • Be sure to offer basil leaves.
  • Perform puja.
  • Recite the thousand names of Lord Vishnu.
  • After performing Aarti, offer food to God.
  • After performing the evening aarti, light a lamp in front of Tulsi ji.
  • After that perform Aarti of Lord Vishnu.
  • Finally, pray to Lord Vishnu to liberate the ancestors from Yamalok and go to Vaikuntha Dham.
  • Ask for forgiveness for the wrong deeds done by your ancestors.
  • Perform Shraddha in the name of ancestors and feed food to Brahmins and give them Dakshina.
  • Perform Parana at the prescribed time on Dwadashi day.
  • Eat fruits during the day and stay awake at night.

Aja Ekadashi of Significance

Indira Ekadashi (Ashwina Krishna Ekadashi) fast is observed to pray for the salvation of ancestors and the peace of their souls. By observing this fast one gets salvation on Shri Hari Vishnu Chaturthi. On this day, by worshiping God, worshiping, and fasting, one gets the blessings of Vasudev and all his wishes are fulfilled. By observing this fast, a person attains happiness and prosperity, and along with it, he also gets the blessings of his ancestors. By reciting Vishnusahasranama along with fasting and worship on this day, both human beings attain happiness in this world.

There is a religious principle that by observing the fast of Indradradhi, the sins of many births are washed away. Also, the ancestors attain salvation. Apart from this, happiness, prosperity, and prosperity come to the house. It is said in the scriptures that if any ancestor suffers punishment due to his sinful deeds, knowingly or unknowingly, then by observing a fast on this day and giving donations in his name, one attains salvation. It is also said in Padma Purana that if the merit of this Ekadashi falling in Shraddha Paksha is given to the ancestors, then the ancestors in hell also get freed from hell and go to heaven. By observing this fast, all the souls are liberated from all their sins. By fasting in this universe, man does not have to face the journey to Yamalok and the person observing the fast in this universe goes to his ancestors up to the seventh level, and by observing the fast, he attains salvation.

Aja Ekadashi of Vrat Katha

According to the legend, King Indrasen of Mahishmati city in Satyayuga was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and a glorious king. Everyone lived happily in his Mahishmati kingdom and the people there had no problems. If there was any problem or difficulty, King Indrasen would solve it quickly. One day when the king was sitting in the court deliberating with his ministers, sage Narad Muni came to his court. The king saluted him and made him sit with respect and wanted to know the reason for his coming.

Then Devarshi Narad, while chanting Narayan – Narayan, said to him – O King! In your Mahishmati kingdom, everyone is living happily and without suffering. But due to some mistake your father made in his previous birth, he is forced to reside in Yamaloka. Your father has sent me here with this message so that I can tell you the complete story. On hearing this, King Indrasen became distraught and asked Devarshi Narad ji what other message he had sent. The sage told him that he had asked him to observe the fast of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month as per the rituals so that the sins of his previous birth are destroyed and he can proceed towards Vaikuntha Dham.

King Indrasen asked Narad ji about the method of fasting on Ekadashi, Narad ji said that just a day before Indira Ekadashi, take a bath in the river on Dashami Tithi and perform the Shraddha of the ancestors. On Ekadashi, worship Lord Shri Vishnu and eat fruits. By observing this fast, along with you, your father will also get virtuous benefits. After this, King Indrasen along with his brothers and slaves observed the fast of Indira Ekadashi.

As a result, his father got salvation and he went to Vishnu Lok riding on Garun and when King Indrasen died, due to the virtuous benefits of Ekadashi fast, he attained heaven.

Wrapping Up

On the day of Indira Ekadashi, people keep fast for the departed souls or their ancestors. It is believed that if their ancestors are going through some difficult time in their lifetime then they can get salvation on this day. To know in detail about the importance of Indira Ekadashi fast, you can consult an expert astrologer.

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