Chaitra Purnima 2024 – Date, Importance, Vrat and Puja Vidhi

March 11, 2024

Purnima has special significance in our lives because Purnima is celebrated like a festival. The full moon of every month has a different significance. Today we are going to tell you about the special significance of the full moon of Chaitra month which is important for everyone to know. Chaitra Purnima is celebrated on the last day after the end of Chaitra. This Purnima is very special because Hanuman Jayanti is also celebrated on this day. Like other full moon days, there is importance of observing fast on this full moon day in which God is worshiped in various ways. Chaitra Purnima, also known as Chait Purnima, falls on Chaitra in the Hindu calendar. There is a full moon in the month.

Chaitra Purnima 2024 Date 

Chaitra Purnima on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Purnima Date Start – 23 April 2024, 04:26 am
Purnima Date Ends – 24 April 2024, 06:04 am

Chaitra Purnima Importance 

This full moon is considered to be the most important full moon as this full moon is considered to be the first full moon after the beginning of the Hindu New Year. Chaitra Purnima is celebrated as the birthday of Hanumanji. People observe fast and worship Lord Vishnu and Moon. It is said that donating to Chaitra Purnima destroys sins. This full moon is also called Chaiti Poonam because on this day Lord Shri Krishna celebrated the Raas festival in Braj which is known as Maharas. Thousands of Gopis participated in the Maharasas and Lord Krishna danced with every Gopi.

Chaitra Purnima Vrat Katha

Chaitra Purnima is an important day in the Hindu calendar and it is believed that observing a fast on this day is extremely beneficial. The story behind this fast dates back to ancient times when Lord Vishnu took the form of a fish to save the world from destruction.

It is said that on this day Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a Mistaya avatar and saved the Vedas from being destroyed during the great deluge. According to Hindu mythology, King Satyavrata was meditating on the banks of the river Ganges when he saw a small fish struggling to survive.

She took pity on him and decided to take care of him until he grew up. However, every time the fish grew larger, he had to transfer it to a larger vessel, eventually leaving him with no more container. At that time, the fish revealed his true identity as Lord Vishnu and asked King Satyavrata to prepare for an impending flood that would destroy everything in its path.

The king followed his instructions and built a ship that saved him and all other living beings from drowning. It is believed that observing fast on Chaitra Purnima brings good luck and prosperity in a person’s life. It is said that observing this fast with devotion and sincerity leads to salvation and brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in one’s life. If you want to know more information about Chaitra Purnima Vrat, then you can get the information by taking online astrology consultation.

Chaitra Purnima Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Chaitra Purnima, it is important to wake up before sunrise and take a bath.
  • After taking a bath, Hanuman ji is worshipped. There is also the importance of going to God’s temple on this day.
  • Both Purnima Vrat and Hanuman Vrat are observed on the day of Chaitra Purnima.
  • On this day, Lord Vishnu is worshiped along with Hanuman ji and people get the story of Lord Satyanarayan done in their homes.
  • Havan is performed on Chaitra Purnima day. So that the environment can be made clean.
  • Offering Ardhya to Lord Moon on this day is also considered a religious tradition.
  • On the day of Chaitra Purnima, people do charitable work. By doing this all types of pain and suffering go away.
  • Hanuman ji becomes happy by giving wheat, rice, food, clothes, etc. to the poor.
  • To please Lord Hanuman, monkeys should be tamed with jaggery and gram on the day of Chaitra Purnima. Also, gram pulses should be donated to the Pandit in the temple.

Remedies for Chaitra Purnima

  • According to religious beliefs, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Chaitra Purnima is considered very auspicious. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on Chaitra Purnima brings happiness and prosperity.

  • After worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on Chaitra Purnima, offering kheer or white-colored sweets at night pleases Goddess Lakshmi. All problems of life go away.

  • On the day of Purnima Tithi, Goddess Lakshmi resides on the Peepal tree. On this day, water should be offered to the peepal tree. On the evening of Chaitra Purnima, a lamp should be lit in front of the Peepal tree. By this one gets the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Worship of Moon God on the day of Chaitra Purnima also has special significance. On this day, at night, rice should be mixed with raw milk and Arghya should be offered to the Moon God. While offering Arghya, it is also beneficial to chant the mantra ‘Om Shram Shreem Shram Sah Chandramse Namah’ or ‘Om Ain Kleem Somaya Namah’.

  • If you are troubled by problems in marital life, then take some special measures on the day of Chaitra Purnima. On this day, husband and wife should come together and offer Arghya to the Moon God. It is believed that by doing this the problems in life go away.

Wrapping Up

Chaitra Purnima is an important and famous festival of the Hindu religion, which should be celebrated with pomp and show. By worshiping the Sun God, donating, and fasting on this day, we can invite righteousness, auspiciousness, and prosperity into our lives. Keeping this festival in mind we come together in society and enjoy the experience with nature.

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