Gautam Adani Horoscope

April 23, 2023

Whenever there is talk of business in our country, apart from Mukesh Ambani, another person’s name comes to the fore, who is the person who achieved success by working hard instead of cursing his luck. Gautam Adani has not inherited such a huge business empire, rather it is the result of his hard work. Today very few people will know that Gautam Adani, who is called the richest person in the country, once used to work in a diamond company on a nominal salary. But today his business is spread all over the universe.

Gautam Adani has become one of the wealthy men and the richest man in India, he has dethroned Ambani as the richest Indian. Here learn about some things related to the life of the owner, chairman, and founder of Adani Groups, we will learn about both the arduous work and success of Adani’s life, you may not know that in the initial times, Adani was only Used to work in a diamond company. And today he comes to the list of the world’s richest people.

Gautam Adani Birth and Education

Date of Birth: Sunday 24 June 1962

Birth Time: 12 PM

Place of Birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Nakshatra: Purva Bhadrapada

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Sun Sign (Western): Cancer

Sun Sign (Indian): Gemini

Gautam Adani was born on the day 24 June 1962 in a middle-class Jain family in Ratanpole, Ahmedabad. Gautam Adani’s father’s name is Shantilal Adani, he was a cloth merchant His mother’s name is Shantaben Adani. These are seven brothers and sisters. Gautam Adani’s wife’s name is Preeti Adani. She is a dentist by profession but is currently working as the chairperson of the Adani Foundation. Under the leadership of his wife, Adani Foundation is looking after works like education, health, livelihood, and rural development. Preeti Adani is also working personally with many organizations. At the same time, Gautam Adani both sons of Karan, and Jeet Adani are still pursuing their educations.

Gautam Adani’s early education took place at Seth Chimanlal Nagidas School. After this, he started further studies for graduation in commerce from Gujarat University. But due to some reason, he could not complete his graduation and had to leave his studies midway. After this, he came to Mumbai with 100 rupees in his pocket to fix the financial condition of his family.

Gautam Adani’s elder son’s name is Karan Adani, and Karan Adani was married to Paridhi Adani in 2013. Thus the name of Gautam Adani’s elder daughter-in-law became Paridhi Adani. Cyril Shroff’s daughter Paridhi Adani is included in the list of India’s biggest corporate law lawyers. Paridhi Adani is a lawyer as well as the head of the Amarchand Mangaldas Gujarat office. Paridhi has done her LLB from Government Law College, Mumbai. In 2016, Karan Adani and Paridhi Adani had a daughter named Anuradha Adani.

Gautam Adani Career

Gautam Adani was always attracted to business and wanted to have his own business but didn’t take over his father’s textile business.

In the year 1978, when Gautam Adani was a teener, aged 16 to 17, he moved from Ahmedabad to Mumbai to work as a diamond shorter in the Diamond Company of Mahendra Brothers. While working here, Gautam Adani learned the process and tricks of the trade and a few years later he started his own diamond brokerage firm in Zaveri Bazar.

In 1981, Gautam Adani’s elder brother Mansukhbhai Adani bought a plastic unit in Ahmedabad. And Gautam Adani was called to see its operation and management. Adani became a gateway to global business through Poly Vinyl Chloride imports.

In 1994, Adani Ji also got the currency board contract. After this Adani Ji expanded his business and established the first jetty in 1995. In the beginning, it was operated by Mudra Port and Special Economic Zone.

But later all its functions were shifted to Adani Ports & SEZ. At present, Mudra Port is the largest private-sector port in India. Which has the capacity to handle 210 million tonnes of cargo annually. Gautam Adani expanded the Adani Group with Adani Power in 1996 to expand his business in the power sector as well. Today Adani Power is the largest private thermal power producer in India with a capacity of 4620 MW.

The commissioning of Adani Power was followed by the commissioning of Abbot Point Port in Australia and Carmichael Coal in Queensland from 2009 to 2012. World’s largest solar bid was won by Solar Energy Corporation of India in 2020. To win this bid, Gautam Adani had to pay a price of about 6 million dollars.

Gautam Adani Birth Chart

Gautam Adani’s birth ascendant is Taurus and his Moon sign is Aquarius. In his Janam Kundli, Dashmesh (Karma) sitting in Bhagya Sthan and Navamesh i.e. Bhagyesh Shani is making aspect relationship with Venus sitting in Parakram Sthan i.e. third house of Kundli, due to which a tremendous Raja Yoga is being created. Along with this, a beautiful Gajakesari Yoga is being formed between Jupiter and Moon in the tenth house. In such a situation, at the time of the economic reforms that started in the 90s, Gautam Adani’s Kundli was in the Vinshottari period of 16 years of Mercury sitting in the Ascendant, in which he started business in large infrastructure sectors like steel, power, mines, railways, port, etc. Made a lot of progress. But the Shani who had made him sit in the sky at the time of auspicious yogas is now troubling him.

Saturn of Gautam Adani is retrograde and next year it will start retrograde motion towards Capricorn after moving on 5th June. While going to Shani, he makes the person rich according to his deeds. Being an exalted Saturn, he is continuously benefiting. But, as soon as the Dasha of Mars changes, they will get more benefits. Adani’s Mars is in his own house. That’s why it is natural for them to be benefited.

Venus in Cancer in the tenth house will be very energetic, in Navamsha Chakra only Navamsha of Libra, in which the fifth lord in fortune place and Navamsha conjunction of Shani-Buddha tells a big state yoga, this makes Adani a lucky personality. Venus in the 2nd house and Jupiter in the 6th house in Moolatrikona with each other, both the Acharya planets are balancing each other and making the cycle very beautiful, which is undoubtedly an indicator of getting much popularity and cooperation from the people around it. , Such people are very lucky and they get the support of others every moment, due to which they move forward very fast. At the same time, in Navamsa, the Moon being in its own house in the tenth house is an indicator of strong might, which has become the reason for his unexpected success.

Gautam Adani Astrology

According to online astrology consultation, Adani’s Kundli shows that his next year is going to be very satisfactory if only Ketu’s direct motion is ignored. Because, in his Kundli, Ketu is clearly 286 degrees in a simple way. Due to the ordinary state of Ketu, they will not be harmed. Due to Rahu being with Venus, the effect of Rahu will also be less. Due to the release of the list on Thursday, the effect of Rahu was less. After analyzing his unproven horoscope obtained from sources, it appears that his Navagrahas are currently making efforts to benefit him.

Ashtamesh’s relationship with the ninth house is very good. Such a person has special knowledge of his work. Ketu in the 8th house is of religious nature, due to which the person receives benefits from the government and Sun in the 3rd house is the lord of benefits, and makes good relations with brothers and other close relatives, but sometimes Defamation can happen because of a close person.

Wrapping Up

Adani Foundation is headed by Gautam Adani whose foundation works not only in Gujarat but also in the other states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. He contributed around Rs 100 crore to the PM Cares Fund in March 2020 through the philanthropic arm of his group to fight against COVID-19 situations. Also, contributed around Rs 5 crore to the Gujarat Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and Rs 1 crore to the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Social interests are always taken care of by Adani Group, many foundations are also run by Adani. For all these works, he was honored with the 3rd Annual Greentech CSR Award in the year 2014. According to the horoscope of Celebrity astrologer Chirag Daruwalla, the coming time is going to make Gautam Adani sit on the heights again.

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