Why Importance Of Astrology

June 12, 2023

Today science is very advanced. But Astrology is more popular than Vastu Shastra. There are some people who do not believe in Vastu Shastra. This is because people have less knowledge about this scripture. Those who have information, that information is not correct. Astrology has misled people. There are some experts in astrology who have accomplished this difficult task.

Importance Of Astrology In Our Life

In this modern age of technology and science with contrasting ideas and concepts, do you think astrology is important? Astrology is an ancient concept, you can say as old as time. To a large extent astrology is used to forecast and predict future events and it is also used to get rid of any kind of mishaps related to planetary positions. Can also be used as a receiving medium. The concept that planetary bodies in the Solar System may actually provide a vision of the future has fascinated people for a very long time. This ranges from regularly looking at the zodiac signs in the newspaper to making important decisions in life related to marriage, finance, and career, and even making predictions on health.

It is the desire of every person to get information about his life and fate. Everyone wants their life to be full of happiness and if the time is not favorable in the future, then measures can be taken to make it favorable. It is also natural to increase the curiosity of every person towards astrology because the purpose of this science is not only to peep into the future but also to see and judge the present and the future. All the activities of the world – business, economic, religious, cultural, and marital life. etc. depending on the person whose astrology is capable of giving correct information.

By knowing astrology in-depth, these works, and businesses can be made favorable by remedies, the position of planets, etc. For example, if we take married life and matrimonial relations, then in our society there is a tradition of matching the birth papers of the bride and groom. Which is decreasing now, if the planets and qualities of both the bride and groom’s horoscope match, then it is believed that the married life of both will be happy. , Astrology shows their results like things kept in darkness. Astrology is capable of telling all this in relation to what auspicious and inauspicious deeds the person has done in the previous birth, and why the person is experiencing happiness and sorrow in this birth. Being a learned astrologer who reads and understands knowledge.

Sometimes it also happens that many people are not satisfied even after showing their horoscope many times, in such a situation, either the birth details of the person are not known correctly, due to which the horoscope is not made correctly or cannot be made or he has to find someone skilled and Knowledge of experienced astrologer is not available, due to which, according to the position of the person’s horoscope, he does not get the correct information about his past, present and future. In this way, through astrology, a skilled astrologer can not only tell the condition of the person Rather, according to the person’s adverse condition but his problem can also be determined through his horoscope, as well as can also tell which remedy will be beneficial for the person. If the correct astrological data is not made available to the person, he can never tell the correct result. Birth data means the correct information about the planets, constellations, planetary positions, Mahadasha, Antardasha, etc. at the time of birth by providing the correct information about the person to the astrologer. Correct information about past, present, and future by learned and experienced astrologers The native can be told everything about him.

Is Astrology A Science?

The answer is yes. It is basically the science of the time. Our guide for our journey through time is on the Personal Horoscope Earth Map. It is believed that the study of astrological charts or the preparation of birth charts is no less than the study of science as it involves a lot of astronomy. A birth chart contains various combinations of planets to describe a person’s various situations in life, including mental and physical abilities, profession, partnership, marriage, children, and difficulties.

Modern Astrological Hypothesis

  • A birth chart tells about our potential and what we can aim for.

  • The symbols in the birth chart have to be decoded.

  • All aspects of the complete chart are related to the current planetary movements.

Know What Is Astrology And What Is The Role Of Planets In Life

The Maharishis, the researchers of astrology, classified this cosmic energy flow into four phases, twelve signs, and twenty-seven constellations of nine planets. Astrology is the only medium through which a person gets the right direction.

Overview Of Astrology 

Astrologer Suryadigrahan Bodhkam Shastram i.e. the science which gives knowledge of the Sun, Planet, and Time is called Jyotish Shastra. It mainly describes the form of planets, constellations, events related to communication, travel time, eclipse and position, and auspicious results. The calculation and representation of the planets and Nakshatras located in the zodiac signs are important for human life and it is also an effective technique of personality test and can find out the future events of the person as well as find out Could should also be known It is known that what are the fatal obstacles in a person’s life that are going to block his path or at what time he will have to face the misfortune of fate and at such times astrology is the only medium through which a person can get success in life. guidance can be given. right direction. Have received.

People see astrology as a theology, but it is actually a science. The connoisseur of astrology and the connoisseur of spiritual knowledge both unanimously accept the truth that the status of a high-class creature like a human keeps on changing according to his deeds, thoughts, feelings, and resolutions, hence the special importance of the moment of human birth. Is. It is the moment that affects a person for the rest of his life.

Why is it like this? In this context, it can be said that every moment specific power currents of cosmic energy are found in some form or the other in one or the other magnitude. In these moments of meeting, man is born and at this moment it is decided in which order the currents of energy will meet in the future and what will be their impact on life.

The moment of a person’s birth stays with him forever. The moment of birth is of special importance because it tells with which Karmabeej, Prarabdha, and Samskaras and from which meeting point of energies the soul is born. The moment of birth gives a special place to the individual and his life in this vast universe. This is such a place in the cycle of time, which always remains unchangeable and due to their meeting creation, person, animal, plant, matter, event, etc. are born, in the same order their merger and immersion also take place. Place.

The Maharishis, the researchers of astrology, classified this cosmic energy flow into four phases, twelve signs, and twenty-seven constellations of nine planets. In these, he has seen the sequence of changes in the order of Vinshottara, Ashtottara, and Yogini constellations. The subtlety of the transformation sequence of these energy flows is understood in the sequence of their inter- and inter-transformation states.

If astrology is understood properly, then man can recognize his fundamental abilities and by recognizing them, he can also find out his religion, in such a situation, he can recognize the sequence of energy flows that affect his position in the time cycle. And thus can adopt accuracy. He should not be harmed by the sequence of energy flows that change according to time and only a qualified astrologer can give the knowledge of this timeline This is the special importance of the knowledge of astrology and the importance of this science. Qadi is only a qualified astrologer. Who can save you from the malefic effects of planets by telling mantras, methods of charity, use of gems, etc. in Mahadasha, Antardasha, and Pratyantardasha and can show you the right path to achieve success in life?

Vedic Astrology And Our Karma

According to the Vedic system of astrology, our karma is determined by the position of the planets at the time of our birth. The planets in our solar system represent Separate aspects of our personality and our karma. By studying the planetary positions at the time of our birth, we can gain insight into our past lives and understand our karmic code.

The Vedic system of astrology is based on the theory of reincarnation. This means that we all have lived many lives in the past and can continue to live many lives in the future. Each life is an opportunity for us to learn and grow and balance our karma.

If you are interested in knowing more about your karmic code, you can consult a Vedic astrologer. A qualified astrologer can be able to interpret your birth chart and give you insight into your past lives.

Wrapping Up

Man gets acquainted with celestial miracles through astrology. As a result, he can give correct and important information to the public about sunrise, sunset, lunar eclipse and Lunar eclipse, the position of planets, an alliance of planets, an alliance of planets, moonrise, change of season, ion, and weather. You can talk to astrologers online to know what is the importance of astrology. Astrologer can provide correct information according to your horoscope.

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