Which Colour to Wear On Saturday

December 1, 2023

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev, the god of justice, apart from this it is also considered to be the day of Shani. Include black color in your clothes on this day. With this, you will be saved from the cruel eyes of Shani Dev. Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev Ji. Shani Dev likes black and blue colors. On Saturday, one should wear dark-colored clothes like black, dark brown, dark blue, purple, violet, or coffee. At the same time, Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev in the Hindu religion. Black, blue, green and gray colored clothes should be worn on Saturday. It is believed that wearing such clothes increases self-confidence. Avoid wearing pink and black combination clothes on Saturday.

Saturday is influenced by Saturn’s heaviness and laziness, making it not ideal for business or charitable endeavors. This planet, which is often considered to bring harm and conflict, can perhaps be our greatest teacher. At the beginning of the week, Saturn asks you to think about clearing your mind and preparing for a new cycle. Today will be an ideal day for outdoor meditation. According to astrology, Saturday is the best day to play with nature and take advantage of the Saturn energy emanating from the mountains. Saturn is represented by dark colors i.e. black and dark blue, so wearing black and blue on Saturday can bring auspicious results for you.

Color For Saturday – Black Color

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev and Bhairav Maharaj. On this day, wearing black, navy blue, sky blue, brown, and yellow-colored clothes is considered auspicious. By doing this, the position of Saturn in the horoscope gets strengthened and courage and confidence increase in the person. Red or red color combinations should not be worn on Saturday.

What Colour to Wear On Saturday

Saturday is the day associated with the planet Saturn. If Saturn is in someone’s favor, then it does not take long for the person to reach the heights from the floor. To strengthen Saturn on Saturday, one should wear colors like dark black, dark blue, purple, violet, etc. which look like black.

Saturday Clothes Colour

On this day, a person should wear dark-colored clothes. Saturday is the day of Shani Dev, the god of justice, hence wearing dark-colored clothes on this day brings blessings of Shani Dev. Besides, wearing dark clothes for the sake of Rahu Ketu is also beneficial. Get. He says that one should not wear black colored clothes on Saturday.

Saturday Colour To Wear

Saturn is usually depicted as black, but in Scorpio, it can be dark blue. Saturn is definitely a planet on your good side. Saturday comes with the mysterious allure of black. Contrary to popular belief that black is unlucky, Indian astrology sees it as a color of protection and support. The color black helps you find inner strength and stability, allowing you to face challenges with a sense of security. Embrace the mystical energy of black on Saturday to delve deeper into your subconscious and explore the depths of your being.

Wrapping Up

You can also wear black, indigo, mauve, or dark brown colors, all of which are associated with the wrath of Shani (Saturn). Even in Indian villages, people visit Shani temples offer black oil, and black sesame seeds, and donate black clothes. Saturn is represented by a dark black color. Saturday is Shani’s favorite day of the week. It’s the last day of the week. The ruling planet of Saturday is Saturn and its color is black. If you want to know which color will be beneficial for you on Saturday, then talk to astrology.

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