Which Colour to Wear On Friday

December 1, 2023

In Hindu religion, Friday is considered the day of Goddess Lakshmi of wealth and planet Venus. Wearing pink color on this day pleases Goddess Lakshmi. Due to this a person never has to face money-related problems. In Hindu religion, Friday is dedicated to goddesses. Any kind of shade like pink colored clothes should be worn on Friday. One should avoid wearing yellow colored clothes on this day. 

The charm of Friday lies in the soothing grace of pink. The color of love and affection, pink promotes compassion and understanding. Adopt this gentle color to strengthen your relationships and bring harmony to your heart. Pink also encourages feelings of tenderness and emotional healing, making it perfect for resolving conflicts and strengthening relationships with loved ones.

Color For Friday – Pink Color

According to Vastu Shastra, it is auspicious to wear clothes of any color on Friday, but if pink-colored clothes are worn on this day, then it is considered best because this day is considered to be the day of the Mother of the World. By wearing pink colored clothes on this day, every wish of a person is fulfilled and if business people wear pink colored clothes on this day, then they have chances of getting more success.

This is the best day to delve deeply into all aspects of art as Venus is the planet of the creative arts. Embrace your inner rock star and get creative. Music, dancing, or creating art can all be considered ways to appease Venus. Due to Venus’s beautiful femininity and close association with love, Friday is also ideal for romantic dates. On Friday, you can add some pink, white, or light purple to your outfit.

What Colour to Wear On Friday

If students participating in competitive examinations wear pink colored clothes on this day, then their intellectual development happens at a faster pace and they have more chances of success in the field of education. According to Vastu Shastra, although it is auspicious to wear clothes of all colors on this day, still one should not wear black colored clothes on this day because wearing black colored clothes on this day generates negative energy inside the person. Therefore, one should avoid wearing black colored clothes on Friday.

Friday Clothes Colour

Friday is dedicated to Mother Lakshmi. The queen likes pink color. Therefore wear pink colored clothes. Apart from this, wear floral print clothes or colors like Pink, or dark blue.

Friday is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Shukra Dev. On this day, wearing white, pink, a mix of all colors, and printed colored clothes is considered very auspicious. By doing this, the position of Venus, the lord of material comforts, in the horoscope gets strengthened and one attains opulence, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in life. But keep in mind that one should not wear yellow colored clothes on Friday.

Friday Colour To Wear

Thursday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi, hence wearing pink colored clothes on this day will be very beneficial, and for Venus, if a person wears white colored clothes, it will be very beneficial. , If they wear it they will get a lot of benefits. Wearing pink colored clothes on Friday always brings blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and brings rain of wealth. Friday is considered to be related to the planet Venus. Venus is considered the planet that gives luxury i.e. luxurious life. To keep Venus in your favor, you should wear white, light blue, or floral-printed clothes on this day.

Wrapping Up

The color of Friday is pink. It is related to the planet Venus. This day is also associated with Goddess Shakti who likes white colour. That’s why Hindus wear any color these days. The favorite day of Goddess Durga is Friday and its lord is Venus. You will receive blessings from God. If you are wondering what color to wear on Friday, then bright white and pink colors are good choices for you. If you want to know which color will be beneficial for you on Friday, then talk to astrology.

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