What To Do If Parents Are Against Love Marriage

November 23, 2023

If parents are against love marriage, then it is not understandable that whatever step you take should follow your heart and take it responsibly so that you never have to regret the decision taken in the future. This advice will help you in your happiness. is for life, traditions, culture, and all that baggage.

How to convince your parents to love marriage? 

Spending quality time together builds a stronger bond with your parents.  Before considering the topic of marriage, focus on strengthening your relationship with your parents. Set aside a few extra hours every day to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. You don’t need to complicate it. Something as simple as having a family dinner once or twice a week can work wonders. It’s great to connect with each other’s lives and feel more connected. Make sure you stay in touch with them and maintain a close relationship with your parents. To really get a grip on where your parents are coming from when it comes to marriage, all it takes is a good conversation with them.

When they start bringing up their ideas, don’t put them off if their ideas don’t match yours. Everyone has their own opinion, and that’s absolutely fine; You should respect this and listen to them patiently.

How To Do Love Marriage If Parents Are Against

Start sharing your thoughts on marriage with your parents. If you’re absolutely sure about marrying the love of your life, it’s perfectly fine to bring up the topic of marriage with your parents. After all, every parent dreams of seeing their children happily married one day.

To discuss the topic, mention it casually during an ongoing conversation. This helps you indirectly express what matters to you when it comes to a partner, such as their education, compatibility, and support, while also highlighting what doesn’t matter. Like caste, creed, or community. However, avoid repetition and give them enough time to think about it. And most importantly, try not to be rebellious during these conversations but instead emphasize your views and philosophies on marriage and life.

It is a gradual process, and with patience and understanding, you can bridge the gap and find common ground with your parents to make them understand.

Parents Against Love Marriage

Are you wondering how to convince your parents to love marriage? When it comes to convincing your parents, it’s important to show them that you are responsible. So, wear your responsibility hat. Remind your parents of your past accomplishments that show your responsibility, such as when you graduated with honors. It is a proud moment for both you and your parents, and it clearly shows your responsible nature.

Talk about your dedication to your family. You may have been there for them during challenging times or taken on responsibilities to support them. This is a clear indication of your responsible character.

Next, talk about your job. Share your business success stories with your parents. Tell them about projects you’ve excelled at, promotions you’ve earned, or recognition you’ve received. This will give them a glimpse of your responsible work ethic and show that you are capable of handling your responsibilities.

Introduce Your Partner To Them

Now, how about introducing your partner to your parents? It is important for both your partner and your parents to take some time to understand and know each other. Before the big introduction, take some time to give your partner a brief introduction to each family member.

After meeting your partner, it’s time for both families to come together. Since family is of great importance to your parents, it is a good idea to introduce them to your partner’s family. Furthermore, marriage means marrying another person’s family, so it is important to meet your partner’s family and build a good relationship with them, as they will soon become your extended family too!

It is a bit difficult to convince family members to love marriage, but it is very important to be patient in such a situation. The work can be spoiled due to haste. In such a situation, along with creating a positive environment, you should wait for a while. If you talk about marriage in a negative environment then it is possible that things may get worse instead of better. In such a situation, talk about your love marriage only in a happy atmosphere and do not bring your partner in front of the family members in a hurry.

Why Parents Are Against Love Marriage – Astrological Reason

According to Love marriage predictions, most marital relationships in some Indian societies are done with couples arranged by family members rather than through love marriages. Therefore, the proposal of love marriage increases the worries of the boy or girl or even their family members, especially the parents and the parents are not ready to accept their love marriage.

Indians have been doing this horoscope matching for centuries. Due to horoscope matching, the divorce rate is decreasing a lot in India, and Indian couples take the help of astrology to avoid doubts in their future married life, astrology predicts the future of the couple by looking at their horoscope. And this may solve the problem which will increase further in future.

If the partner chosen by their child is facing problems like the horoscope not matching, then they cancel the marriage and marry the person with whom the horoscope matches.

In modern times children do not believe much in caste, education, and status so they choose partners easily but till now horoscope matching is necessary for Indian parents and only if successful they are allowed to marry.

 Wrapping Up

Time is moving fast but when it comes to marriage, parents do not trust children’s decisions in this matter. This is the reason they do not support love marriage and flatly refuse it. In such a situation, we can say that a love marriage is not completely valid even in today’s time. We have different types of people living in the society. Some parents easily agree to love marriage and become a part of their children’s happiness, while some parents do not agree to love marriage at all and keep interrupting their children for their choice. If the family agrees to a love marriage, then people can avoid making many mistakes. What to do if parents are against love marriage? Consult astrology to know more about it.

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